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  1. TNscout2499

    AAU clarification

    So it doesn't violate any TSSAA recruiting rules???
  2. TNscout2499

    AAU clarification

    3 from the same school
  3. TNscout2499

    AAU clarification

    Is it a violation for a high school head coach to coach an AAU team made up entirely of players from the middle school that feeds into their program?
  4. TNscout2499


    I figured with each team having the same district record (6-2) they would decide 1st on a coin flip or at least that's how I've seen it done before.
  5. TNscout2499

    Jets vs panthers who wins

    Absolutely.. Going to be the same story every year until SM values possession of the basketball (way to many unforced turnover) and develops a team basketball approach.
  6. TNscout2499

    AAA Regional Top Teams

    Bradley will take region 3AAA. No question
  7. TNscout2499

    CCHS or SMHS

    If anyone has a D1 guard it's Cumberland. Dishman ended the night with 37 points, and in my opinion is one of the best 2019s out there. Eldridge was only able to put the ball in the basket four times. With my years of basketball knowledge as a coach and spectator an 8 point performance isn't D1 material, especially if they have more turnovers than points. As for the post players, Stone has height and a lot of potential inside but the question is will they be able to develop it? Cumberland has taken players off the bench and made them threats in the game.. Maybe Stone should take notes..
  8. TNscout2499

    Jets vs panthers who wins

    Bradley played one of their worst games that night and the refs didn't help the situation. Bradley has been unstoppable ever since. The two teams are on completely different levels. Stone has young talent but the coach doesn't untilize it well. They have to learn to value the possession and cut their turnover rate before they can compete with the big girls.