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  1. SPA1

    Class AA State Tournament Thread

    Because they blew the call and they knew it
  2. SPA1


    The coach isn't the problem. . We are very young and we have our most talented kid out. I have a pretty good idea who the disgruntled parent is. Things will be fine
  3. SPA1


    White county vs Cookeville moved to Thursday
  4. SPA1


    Clarkrange is a very good team and sparta will get better in time. I know my previous post was very negative on their competition and I'm sorry for being that way, but I just want them to play some teams to get them ready so they can win the games like the clarkrange game.
  5. SPA1


    I might attend the championship game. . Only game worth going to watch
  6. SPA1


    Did you expect anything less? Our schedule has been weak ever since we switched districts. I'm waiting on more private schools being scheduled for next year
  7. SPA1


    Clarkrange will press and I'm not sure we can handle it. Hope so but we have to play much better than 30 turnovers
  8. SPA1


    They would win our district this year. .
  9. SPA1


    Totally different team than what we have been playing. ... They may be off sparta 's schedule next year
  10. SPA1


    We do have some great young talent,who are going to be great players. As far as our schedule as been. ..... it's helping our confidence
  11. SPA1


    White County has the youngest team in the district. They may scare a few teams. I'm ready for some AAA ball
  12. SPA1


    After watching the past 2 weeks, I agree with old eagle... white county looks good at times against mediocre teams. I think they can race for 2nd
  13. SPA1


  14. SPA1


    How's it looking this year?
  15. It is going both ways. Harriman is getting calls too