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  1. Cheatham vs. East tonight for the chip! Who ya got and why?
  2. Maplewood may be the most talented team in AA. They best #1 ranked East two times this season, although they lost to Cheatham buy 20+ they still have the size and athletic ability to win game late in the season. Be on the lookout for this Maplewood team.
  3. New Class AA Polls 1. Upperman 2. Meigs Co. 3. East Nahville 4. Cumberland Co. 5. Macon County 6. South Greene 7. Jackson South Side 8. Cheatham Co, 9. Westview 10. Crockett Co.
  4. Class AA is a toss up this year. No clear dominate consistent team. The previous years there was always a favorite. Any team that makes it to Murfreesboro has the chance to win it.
  5. I disagree. I think polls serve a purpose to let the state know who the best teams are (of course). It also shows all the hard-work and dedication that goes into these programs each and everyday. Let the kids have something to be proud about. Coaches, players, and parents could carless, but the kids that play earned the opportunity to be recognized as the top teams in the state.
  6. Class AA AP Rankings were released: Any thoughts or predicts on this list? 1. East Nashville 17-1 2. Macon Co. 17-4 3. Upperman 16-3 4. Meigs Co. 18-2 5. Cumberland Co. 15-4 6. South Greene 13-3 7. Jackson South Side 18-3 8. Cheatham Co. 15-3 9. Westview 15-5 10. Grainger 17-3 Nolensville should be in this Top 10 - I saw them play against East Nashville (who gave EN their only loss) and they can probably beat any team on this list. Also, I believe Maplewood or Marshall Co. can be 11or 12.
  7. This district must be weak, I went to watch some girls basketball games last week and East lit (AA school) beat both Beech and Mt. Juliet pretty easy. I understand that it's early in the season, but these are the top 2 teams... Pretty interesting.
  8. PC punched us in the mouth 5 seconds into the game. They "little brothered" us again. They simply outplayed East in every aspect of the game. Congrats to the kids, the school, and the coaching staff at PC!
  10. If we talking about history - said that Pearl Cohn has that hands down. That's not up for debate. As of this year - PC's defensive coaching staff is looking suspect. I'm sorry! It's a tie - East is 8-0 / PC 6-2. I think that levels out the coaching field for Friday nights game.
  11. Thanks for the research digging! Pearl has always had a rich history of football. No one is "down-playing" their success in the past. They have one the best football programs in the city of Nashville. Hands down. (Cane Ridge is next up) Comparisons of history has nothing to do with Friday night. The past is the past. According to THIS YEAR... It's a tie! Different year, different players, different circumstances. Focus on the now. Both team have a good staff around them. Managing young men to be successful on Friday and putting them in positions to win is a task. The records are evident! Combined 14-2 combined. Two good programs this year - should be a great game for the city of Nashville.
  12. Refs will be in for a long night for sure!
  13. I'm taking Rondarius Gregory over ALL three of those RB's. DL is cant be that good FB - ya'll allow 30+ points a game. East has at least 4 that apply the pressure! I know for sure he's a stud. OL I'll give Pearl that. Everything else is facts!
  14. I honestly think it comes down to the more discipline team. Emotions will be running high. It's the biggest game of the season/year. Whichever teams holds their composure and remains poise through tough situations will have the upper hand. Position/Skill wise I have this here: Offense - Pearl Defense - East D Line/O Line - Tie Special Teams - Pearl Secondary - East RB's - East LB's - East QB - Pearl Coaching - Tie I think and still believe East is going win this game!
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