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  1. http://herald-citizen.com/stories/la-principal-releases-statement-on-lesley-riddle,41004?
  2. LOL! It's rare, but I have seen a couple of times where someone has replied to something from over a decade ago. It still amazes me! It's fascinating that all of these old posts and conversations are still here and that someone would dig that far back to find them. And if 15 years on here is incredible, I wonder what 17 years for me means?
  3. Class AAA Maryville at Science Hill Dobyns-Bennett at Oak Ridge Oakland at Bradley Central Stone Memorial at Riverdale Ravenwood at Lebanon Mt. Juliet at Dickson Co. Whitehaven at Arlington Dyer Co. at Houston Class AA Gatlinburg-Pittman at South Greene Grainger at Northview Academy DeKalb Co. at McMinn Central Meigs Co. at Macon Co. Creek Wood at Cheatham Co. East Nashville at Marshall Co. Mitchell at Westview Jackson South Side at Covington Class A Oneida at Cosby North Greene at Midway Moore Co. at Clarkrange Clay Co. at Eagleville Summertown at Richland Jo Byrns at Loretto Hillcrest at Greenfield Memphis Business at Gibson Co.
  4. Wasn’t in regards to Henry County’s chances at beating Rossview. It was in regards to the odds of winning a first round Region Tournament game. They have been the only team consistently doing that the past few years.
  5. Not sure why your reply is directed at me. I didn’t place any blame on anyone for anything going on at Moore County. I only stated a statistical fact that this is the worst Moore County team in as long as I can remember (a look at their past records from the past 30 years supports that). And answered the question asked by ECU about whether they could beat the #1 team from 7A, which is Grace Christian (and after seeing both play this year, I firmly believe they can beat them, easily in fact).
  6. Both will be in Murfreesboro. I see no potential roadblocks for either of these teams in the Region Tournament or Sub-State, unless they just have an off night.
  7. In terms of overall records, this district is a strong as it has been in a while (6 of the 8 teams have won at least 10 games). Stewart has the experience (tons of seniors) and depth to win the district. They were patient and overcame the loss of Shephard for the first half of the season, which honestly probably helped their depth. They are coming big back-to-back wins over Creek Wood and East Hickman at home. They have the best shot to knock off Creek Wood for the District Tournament title (Creek Wood has won the past 6 years), especially since the tournament is at Stewart County. With the amount of seniors they have and with the tournament on their home floor, it literally may be this year or never for them. Same can be said for Lewis County. Another senior heavy team that if they are going to make a long post season run, it needs to be this year. Talent level drops off significantly after this senior class, so they may be enjoying their last winning season for a while. They have overcome the coaching drama of the past couple of years, and they are in the mix thanks to the play of their point guard and their posts. Creek Wood goes as the 3-ball goes. When they are hot from the outside, they can beat anyone. When they are limited from out there, then they have to count on their defense to even give them a chance. This appears to be one of the least athletic teams Creek Wood has had in a while. In my opinion, Hohl is the district MVP. The question is can she carry them to their 7th district tournament title in a row, especially when it will require them to beat Stewart County on their home floor? It's shocking East Hickman is even in the discussion this year. That team is nearly all freshmen and no one on the roster had much high school varsity experience coming in to this season. Seen them during the summer and they played extremely hard and shared the ball well, but thought they would be lucky to win 7 or 8 games, max. Other district teams probably should be worried if their upperclassmen led teams are already being pushed and beaten by East Hickman this year. Might be a group to watch the rest of the way and in the next few years. Camden has been hot as of late, but took a 20+ point loss to East Hickman this week. This is another rather youthful team (sophomore heavy if I am not mistaken?) that could be one to watch the next couple of years. Seen them early in the season and they struggled with turnovers and ball security. If they have shored that up recently, I can see them making some noise as well. Fairview, Hickman, and Waverly all appear to be improved from last year. Just not sure they have enough to be in real contention with the others.
  8. A - Chloe Moore (Greenfield) AA - Gracee Dishman (Cumberland County) AAA - Jayla Hemingway (Houston) I think Dishman wins easily in AA. Other classifications could go a variety of ways, but those are my favorites.
  9. Rossview's district to lose. They are also the only team with a chance to win a Region Tournament game, which has been the case for a while now. Henry County has enough to keep it competitive with Rossview and stay attached in a first round Region game, but they don't have enough to win, in my opinion.
  10. This is the worst Moore County team in as long as I can remember (and I've been around a LONG time), but to answer your question: yes, they can beat Grace Christian.
  11. Hickman County defeated Santa Fe. Unsure of score.
  12. Forrest is in 12AA. As far as 11AA, it should be a three-way race between Creek Wood, East Hickman, and Stewart County. Preseason 1. Creek Wood 2. East Hickman 3. Stewart County 4. Waverly Central 5. Lewis County 6. Hickman County 7. Camden Central 8. Fairview
  13. They have to be on opposite sides, because they are from the same district. While both are certainly capable of getting to the Championship Game and meeting for a 5th time this season, I think the odds are slim that they both make it. Lots of high quality teams in that AA field.
  14. I have seen Huntingdon a couple of times this year. Love the way they play. They always seem to play their game and never let what the other team is doing take them out of what they want to do. They have great balance with a strong, and sizable, inside game to go with sound guards that can hit from the outside. Looking forward to seeing them in Murfreesboro.
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