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  1. Summertown would’ve been going for 2nd State Championship in 3 years ( came in 2nd last year ) had been played - what a shame
  2. Evidently you didn’t read my 1st sentence
  3. No guarantees at this level but if Loretto played average game be no brainer / I witnessed there ability all year and they were clicking on all 8 Cylinders ( that’s how deep they were ) won’t have that many cylinders next year but they and Greenfield were definitely 1and 2 this year
  4. Hope golf and volleyball resume in fall Summertown defending State Champions and odds on favorite to win again
  5. On side note the older Brazier ( Reily ) got female athlete ( intramural ) of the year at MTSU this year
  6. Be interesting see how G-Field does w the big 2 gone / I see where everyone says they be good but couldn’t be that good
  7. Case of getting burned out w sports had several offers ( some called me about her ) yea theY should won state 2018 led at half against Greenfield - changed our MO and couldn’t get it back
  8. 3 and youngest could be the best if wants to play basketball / she loves volleyball and best softballer around just got to find time for basketball
  9. Not at big sister’s abilities yet but she can help ( youngest Brazier handled her in middle school before she called up to varsity last year )
  10. sports so important at young age / have only few that make it in hs but they are well schooled in their chosen sport ( basics already there ) and most play travel ball - that’s why if look at their lineup the cupboard rarely bare ( course have superstar every once in a while - like Weathers at Loretto ) that takes team to another level
  11. They better not have caused this because Summertown would have won softball state championship and that would make me mad oh wait wrong thread lol
  12. Collinwood and Waynesboro should be improved in 12A
  13. Summertown defending champion and favorite to win tennis- golf - volleyball and ranked # 1 in softball - lots of gold missing from trophy case this year but it is what it is
  14. Just give Gold Ball to Summertown you know they’re gonna win 1A softball
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