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  1. Summertown beats good Huntland team but boy hard to watch after last several years : guess just expect tooooo much
  2. Fine line on big players from overdoing and not calling enough / she’s had it both ways ( especially at State last year ) got to play with what refs give you - hope she’s finally figured it out
  3. Our girl Ansley had big 2nd half -hopefully get leg back in shape
  4. Summertown handles HDon fairly easy but nothing to brag about / Burdette showed out
  5. Burdette gets in foul trouble early Summertown wins but it was UGLY
  6. Shows how coaching can help program progress - she getting middle schoolers excited to build up feeder programs/ Summertown looking forward to kicking off new season w lot of new faces
  7. Summertown plays Wayne Co tonight and Huntingdon Saturday
  8. Summertown played Blackmon and BGA over weekend lost one won one ( bet you can guess who we lost to ) but looked better second game - work in progress
  9. Very balanced w outstanding QB / RPO his specialty / as w most A-Aa squads limited reserves / but no superstars
  10. just getting a rise out of y’all no disrespect intended / now let’s go play some ball
  11. Must be they not very good in the others
  12. Summertown will show up - haven’t backed down from anybody yet - we know where Riverside is ( taken care of business in other sport when been there ) hope both sides play up to expectations and nobody is hurt -good luck to which team wins going further
  13. Don’t know what to expect from Summertown / hard to lose what they lost think be like HDon be better as year goes on - home court advantage be big
  14. Not loser talk would say same if the other way - no disrespect to SG or their fans they were great and student section was great/ great competition between 2 quality teams to bad one had to lose
  15. Similar thing happened in 1A basketball this past year where all region winners were in one bracket and all region losers ( although they won sectionals ) were in the other
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