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  1. Substrate should be cakewalk for the 2 that come out of regional so I’d say who wins Summertown or Hdon probably go back
  2. Summertown beat Richland handily both time ( 20 to 40 pts ) toooo much depth for raiders but should be closer this time we’ll see
  3. If you’ll look at my post early on Greenfield still one to beat / been there before done that / makes difference ( and my grandkids play at Summertown )
  4. Let’s get it on - Eagle up
  5. Got to get there to win it all / just a process / not satisfied but proud / go Summertown Lady Eagles
  6. Loretto shot 26 fouls stown 5 theier fans were embarrassed too
  7. Loretto up 2 half 16 - 5 fouls omg
  8. Maybe clay huh clarkrange
  9. Very seldom seen a game where refs won or lost game but sure it could happen / should been up by 30 before that sequence of events
  10. That was then this is now let’s keep it current
  11. See where Summertown ranked # 1 on coach T can we get our trophy now lol / lot of ball to play / don’t crucify me just having fun w polls
  12. Saw where Richland beat Pickett Co / Summertown beat Richland twice by 30 what’s going on
  13. Summertown starting pg back now after key cog from last years state tournament run / may take while get back in game shape but can’t help but make team better
  14. Jaychapman

    Summertowm Christmas Classic

    Cascade should be good test for Summertown
  15. Always wonder why same teams are represented at state do other teams just not get kids go out or less important or bad coaching any comments