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  1. Little Ricky did it at Shelbyville for years / some years nobody born there even played
  2. Don’t matter much on districts probably be same core teams come out of sectionals as always - most schools put marginal emphasis on volleyball so can get more basketball time in
  3. Saw them play last week - pressure be their undoing but get in half court good as anybody
  4. Well they finally got 1 playing 2 from each bracket - guess better than nothing
  5. Seems odd to me as well - probably both shouldn’t have gotten in knowing it probably was going to end this way
  6. Summertown and Loretto each won their side of bracket in Cornersville tournament but decided not to play each other this early - guess gonna see each other enough later - not that it gets old but let’s just say we’ve met before
  7. We’ll get back on 2AA thread / lost to good Page team by 1 / haven’t gelled yet as a team / too much individual play and too many fouls / big post getting better but got long way o go to replace Burdette
  8. Our girl Ansley played about 2 minutes in 1st half - 2 quick fouls - Summertown probably not beat good team without her
  9. Wayne Co solid probably step above last year / Summertown still getting legs under them after Volleyball Championship - both teams will be in the mix
  10. Wayne Co playing Summertown tonight - get idea on both teams - should be goodun
  11. Summertown wins 2 at play day ( Lipscomb and Richland ) but needs to shake the rust off from volleyball - be better hopefully as season progresses
  12. As we talked about before some schools have extended seasons ( Summertown for example ) were players concentrate on that sport before have time to on another sport ( is winning a state championship in that sport worth getting late start in another sport - I think so ) is a 30 and 2 record in regular season more important than 25 and 8 if go farther in tournament- does that make sense
  13. What bout Libero never let anything hit the floor / let’s don’t always give to hitters - 27 digs in finals - ask Coach Kelly who she hugged first was it Ans no AJ no her daughter no it was Em
  14. Probably not be many from Summertown after all we’re not very good and our kids are just runts but as mustang1 said we got pretty good coach and tradition ( again been their done that - hope you don’t get tired of me saying that - not on my watch ) Sale Creak no way we beat them way to big for the runts but hey we did - so don’t look for many individuals on that list from Summertown maybe they give them best team award - oh wait they just did
  15. Summertown has won State Championships in golf - tennis and now volleyball looking now at basketball
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