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  1. Summertown tall and talented take very good team to compete with them
  2. But don’t feel to bad they beat Greenfield- Nashville East - Briercrest - Shelbyville too
  3. Summertown beat Gleason in team camp as much as they wanted w leading scorer absent / just saying
  4. Thanks ( America 198 ) as my mom said “”I was just carryon “” trying to get a rise ( sometimes when go ever year you can’t get too excited bout second place ) I would hate to play us next year got everyone back but one
  5. Thanks just carrying on as my mom use to say
  6. Good game CA / timely hits good pitching great defense / hope can carry on in private school class
  7. Two heavyweights both contenders ( I do give kudos when deserved ) duke it out but can only have one winner
  8. Oh no we not forget / they tooo good to forget / know most of girls on that team / play on same travel team as lots of kids ( my granddaughter one of them ) from Stown - all 3 teams win with play here and there go their way
  9. Ain’t over till fat lady sings / take away ur senior no contest / but y’all got us tonight
  10. Another pretender 10-0 Summertown
  11. Stown 13-0 this big time ball now no place for pretenders
  12. Can’t be #1 till you beat # 1 Summertown Lady Eagles last years State Champs going back - you better have your A game on now ( both Huntingdon & Houston Co quality teams ) edge goes to LE been there done that
  13. Summertown always late jelling / they’ve played in basketball state tournament last 3 years don’t specialize in one sport / if you saw them early your in for a shock : just as last years champs peaking at right time / hit 9 hrs in weekends Muscle Shoals tournament - scored 40 gave up 6 against some highly ranked ala teams
  14. Let me get this straight didn’t Summertown beat Cascade
  15. Oliver springs - Coalfield - whitewall Houston Co ranked above Summertown you got to be kidding
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