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  1. Summertown wins another State Championship in team tennis just saying / softball has to dig way out of losers bracket ( which is highly possible ) to repeat after play probably worse game of the year
  2. Loretto wins beat HDon 5-2 - same score as Summertown WV - both from same county -district -region and both went up a class this year
  3. Summertown wins but not pretty WV had multiple chance but no timely hitting - guess coaches get nervous also -6th straight times to the Boro
  4. Congratulations going to the big dance is always an accomplishment
  5. HDon will have its hands full w Loretto as will Westview playing at Summertown - safe travel both ways - most pressure of any game all year
  6. Pitch count works great for higher class schools that are blessed w a wealth of talent but as school size goes down pitch count becomes more critical and coaches ability to manage each game is harder
  7. Summertown hits with anybody but pitching average at best - not many shutouts like last several years
  8. Summertown on a roll hit 7 dingers last 2 games
  9. I kept telling everyone last year Wayne Co was sleeping giant - only needed a coach
  10. Saw TSWA posted all/state team with out Katie Burdette on it - what a disgrace
  11. Heard Westview had above average pitching
  12. Evidently nobody excited bout their teams well I am - well excited that they didn’t need to rebuild ( like I thought ) they just reloaded - may not win it all but got good chance to repeat
  13. Summertown losses to Giles Co 1st loss by Summertown to a district foe in over 5 years - guess all good things have to come to an end
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