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  1. Our girl Ansley got 27 last night against a decent Columbia Academy team
  2. Fine line between playing difficult teams too often - kinda wears you down - so it is good and not so good at times - got to have lots of depth which most top teams have but some don’t
  3. You move at least 3 very good teams up to 2A ( all State caliber teams) with other established teams doesn’t hurt - kinda waters down 1A but give some of those teams a shot that they wouldn’t have had otherwise and that’s what it’s all about
  4. I would love to see some of east Tn teams and compare but probably have to wait for Boro / they seem to not take it that seriously ( probably hear flax on that but what’s new )
  5. All teams have weaknesses others can expose but got to be smart enough to do it
  6. I probably wouldn’t call that an upset but you can
  7. Bout what I thought Loretto Summertown - got to establish Burdette earlier they had no answer for her
  8. Again no adjusting / Summertown with out starting power forward but probably not make that much difference /adjust —adjust -adjust
  9. 1st 4 minutes probably give insight as to how game will go / hopefully be like last year as Loretto kept getting closer & closer as season goes on ( horses on mustangs side )
  10. Never want to lose but sometimes a loss this time of year not all that bad - alleviates some of the pressure -
  11. Summertown without Brazier in that one / Coach trying different combos ( which none worked ) / Summertown has limited bench help this year compared to last several years - player rotation can’t vary much or same thing happen w Loretto - I agree if Burdette wants it bad enough she’ll get hers - and Summertown hitting 3s could be interesting but have to play near perfect
  12. Probably bout right ( Summertown -Loretto) until proven otherwise - might keep it close for a while but Loretto to good for now
  13. I will say this about WC they have an up and coming program and good feeder program now which they have lacked in last several years - wouldn’t want play them in next few years
  14. Wayne Co can try to win or try to keep it closer with no chance to win either way not enough good ballers to help
  15. I can say Gleason guards ( from watching them play Summertown ) can handle the ball really well - their motion offense is really effective also - would like to watch the game but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it here
  16. Adjust - adjust - adjust - somebody else may beat me by I guarantee she wouldn’t
  17. Summertown takes 1st lose by 3 to hot shooting Creekwood / I would say outcoached but not much adjusting - got to stop the girl that’s beating you but never did / Burdette almost single handed won game
  18. HDon must have improved drastically since 1st of year or So Gib not as good as advertised
  19. Can’t make your FTs at the end game can go either way / we lucky / I’m sure there are 1A teams that can beat Gleason but they won’t be easy out / good coached team but got some weapons that weren’t utilized very effectively
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