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  1. Keeley Carter from Macon is also having a great year. Not scoring as many points as some but rarely plays an entire game due to the score. Assists are up and rebounds better than most guards. Warren is a great scorer, but Carter is a great all-around player and makes everyone around her better.
  2. What recent changes at Upperman? Haven't heard anything about it.
  3. It all begins tomorrow morning. Which team does everyone think got the worst draw...or the best? Will DeKalb Co. make some noise and prove the doubters wrong? Will Macon get to the championship game again? AA is wide open this year and any team that can string together 3 games of playing well has a great shot to win it all. If Macon plays well and stays out of foul trouble, they have a great chance IMO, but wouldn't count out a few others as well.
  4. Does Meigs have a large fan base. Just wondering what kind of crowd they will bring Saturday night. If you are waiting to eat until you get to Macon, we have a few fast food places and a good BBQ place right before you get to the school on Hwy 52. Bring cash, they don't do debit or credit cards.
  5. Don't know much about Meigs other than they are young, like to play up-tempo, and good. Who earns a trip to the big show?
  6. Agree totally. The loss of Bullington has hurt more than most will admit. Anyone that knows the game should have realized that her presence alone in front of the rim is what allowed the guards to be able to pressure the ball as much as they did. If they got beat up top, big deal. There was a 6 foot long- armed girl they had to contend with before they got all the way. All the gambling has cost them at times and created a number of 2 on 1 situations for layups against better teams. Without her all of the defense has to be on the same page at all times to pick up cutters and make sure backside help is there. And will also agree that they are not a better team than last year. They play too fast at times and force too much instead of working for the best shot they could get. Although that has improved since Christmas. I will say that Macon seems to be playing well lately and look better when all of the girls are contributing. The Ashburn girl has really began to shoot the ball good lately and they have been doing a good job of finding her. Just hope it continues. If it does, they will be a tough out for anyone.
  7. In no particular order: A - Chloe Moore, Tess Darby, Karly Weathers Will probably come down to Moore and Darby, but their votes could split and Weathers win it as a Freshman. AA - Keeley Carter, Gracee Dishman, Braelyn Wykle Have watched all of these play and depends on everyone's definition of Miss Basketball; could see any of them get it. AAA - Jayla Hemmingway, Jada Guinn, Courtney Whitson Again, have watched all three play and depends on voter's definition of Miss Basketball.
  8. Actually, Macon boys have been to the state tournament twice, once with Coach Welch a couple of years ago and with Gary Carter in the mid 80s. They also went to the sub-state in the 90s when Joey Tuck was a senior.
  9. Summer camps are just a memory now but how did everybody do. I saw almost everyone and the district will be more competitive this year. Upperman was without the Shrum girl and it made a difference in what they could do on the court. Coach will have them ready by the time season begins. Macon looked good at times but got beat by a couple of teams that they should have beat soundly. Cannon and DeKalb are both improved and will contend with both Upperman and Macon I think. York will also have a chance to upset someone during the season. Livingston looks down from last year but Riddle is a good coach and they will be better by November. Didn't see Smith or Watertown play but when Smith gets West back from knee surgery, they will be much improved.
  10. I also think it comes down to Macon and Upperman, with the edge going to Macon. Macon could have depth issues and we will see how LAL (life after Levy) goes for Upperman. York could also sneak in there as well. And in response to another posters comment, it would be nice to see Carter from Macon nominated for Miss Basketball. Way too early to tell for any of it though.
  11. Hold on now with your widespread generalizations. I, and my family, while we did not agree with the leeway the Upperman coach was given at the end of regulation, did nothing but stand and applaud both Upperman's team and coach when they received their awards at the end of the game. And I can promise you, no Macon fan wanted to win the game more that I did. And, please do not act like the Upperman fan section always acts like a group in church because they do not. I can appreciate fans getting behind their team, but rabid fan bases, which both teams have, cross the line on occasion. Your fans are not the exception.
  12. I agree. I think Jones playing, and to what level, will be a key factor. If she plays and is close to 100%, Macon's press will not determine the outcome. However, if she either doesn't play or is very limited in what she can do, Macon's pressure will bother Westview and limit the post touches.
  13. Could be a good semi-final game. What are Macon's chances against Westview. Hope the guard from Westview is ok.
  14. Forgot about Hendersonville, you are totally correct.
  15. I too believe this could be a good game. From my limited knowledge of Cheatham, I would guess our teams are more alike than they are different. We have played common opponents, Westmoreland and Watertown, and have beaten them by similar margins. I know you can't put a great deal of stock in that and more often than not it comes down to individual matchups, especially when a man-to-man defense is played. I do know that Macon will press and play man-to-man. How each team responds to the defensive pressure will be the key to the game, IMO.
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