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  1. I like the idea of a "super-sectional". For instance: West TN A super-sectional: UT-Martin West TN AA super-sectional: Oman Arena West TN AAA super-sectional: FedExForum OR Mid-South Coliseum
  2. I love the idea of a "super-sectional" at a larger venue. For instance: West TN A super-sectional: UT-Martin OR Bethel University West TN AA super-sectional: Union University OR Oman Arena West TN AAA super-sectional: Elma Roane Fieldhouse OR Canale Arena (CBU home gym)
  3. Saw some film of Upperman. Reminds me of South Gibson, but bigs are a little better. Can shoot the basketball. Can they take care of the ball against SS's pressure???
  4. I've loved the Westview and South Side matchups over the last 2-3 years because we ALWAYS get a great game. And I don't expect this one to be any different. The contrast in styles. Westview wants to play at a slowww pace and just kind of wear you down methodically and with precision. South Side wants to get out in the open floor and attack the basket and wear you down with defensive pressure. Few keys: Westview -No live-ball turnovers -Find SS shooters -Yancey has to be aggressive offensively South Side -No Westview second or third shots -Win the rebounding battle -Gotta finish layups and make FT's
  5. Gonna be a tough uphill battle, but I will say this. If GC takes care of the ball (no more than 15 turnovers), Rebounds well (+10 or more would be good), takes good shots, and has a strong physical presence on Chloe and Tess anything's possible. One thing I've learned it that you can't count anyone out.
  6. Peabody wins this one 76-68. Trenton's athleticism and quickness was too much for Bradford to overcome. Peabody and Madison, round 3 on Monday lol should be a very good game. Bradford started out hot, but after Peabody slowed down and start hitting shots it was downhill for the Red Devils.
  7. End of 3 and it's Peabody up 54-43. Bradford has went cold. Peabody pretty much has cut off the 3-point line and contained Bradford's backdoor action. Offensively Peabody is getting whatever they want. Bradford probably needs a great 4th to have any hope, because as long as Peabody takes care of the ball and continues to rebound and execute I don't see them losing this game.
  8. At half: Peabody up 39-35. Totally different team out here, making shots, getting to the rim, more active defensively. Bradford is back on its heels trying to get back some momentum in the 3rd. Peabody is the quicker team, and it's showing now
  9. End of 1 here and Bradford is up 22-13. After the slow start, Peabody finally settling down and getting good shots. Key players for Peabody need to get going offensively.
  10. After the first timeout, Bradford with a quick 6-0 start. Bradford's defense really causing Peabody some early issues. Slew of turnovers here for Golden Tide.
  11. I'm at Peabody-Bradford. I'll drop some in game updates as they go along here. 13 minutes until tip-off.
  12. I don't. Bolivar doesn't rebound well enough, and that's critical against a team like Wooddale when your offense goes dry, and you need to find ways to score
  13. Raleigh-Egypt over Covington by 2 (I may go here Saturday) FW over Mitchell by 3 in a low scoring game Wooddale over Ripley in a running clock by the 3rd Craigmont over Bolivar by 3
  14. South Side over Westview by 16 Crockett County over North Side by 24 Dyersburg over McNairy by 10 South Gibson over Lexington by 17
  15. Honestly in Region 7 and 8-AA, whoever comes out and plays the best is gonna win that night. Yes South Side should cakewalk through the region, but honestly it's FAR from a sure thing. South Gibson, Dyersburg and Crockett County are very good basketball teams. Just like in 8-AA, everybody expects Wooddale to blow out everyone. Covington is a very good basketball team, so are Fayette-Ware and Bolivar.
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