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  1. dmm88

    West TN Coaching jobs

    Would be a good hire. She's been learning from Campbell and West and if she really wants the job, I would give it to her. If she can bring some of Dresden's stuff to Lexington that's a huge win. And Tipton Rosemark will get lots of interest.
  2. dmm88

    West TN Coaching jobs

    Lexington and Chester County are really good jobs
  3. dmm88

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    I guess @coachzero is gonna have to explain why his "can't nobody beat Manassas team" couldn't execute any half-court stuff against CA???? Or why his overhyped team got outplayed by a better coached team. Waiting on his reply LOL
  4. dmm88

    Manassas vs Columbia at State Tournament

    Run and gun rarely works at state, against a disciplined team at that. Then shooting 4-19 from FT line and getting killed on the glass doesn't help matters
  5. I'll do the West top 5: 1. Westview 2. Covington 3. Lexington 4. Chester County 5. Dyersburg
  6. dmm88

    Head Coach Openings

    Liberty in West TN used to be a great job. With the championships and the great players that came through, it was a place you could win. Now, looking for another coach, in AAA with little to no support from administration.
  7. dmm88

    Class AA Sectional Matchups

    I don't think Crockett scores over 32 against Mitchell. Crockett's only hope is to try to get out in transition with Hannah and try to put pressure on Mitchell's bigs. Otherwise Mitchell is gonna clamp down on Shelton and make it very difficult for them to run any offense. South Gibson has a shot, a very small one. Try to sit in a zone and force Wooddale to slow the game down.
  8. dmm88

    Region 7 AA Tournament...who ya got?

    Great game for South Side. And hats off to Covington for advancing to state. I think the Lady Hawks have a VERY bright future. Yes, losing Miller and Transou will hurt, BUT you have 2 outstanding posts to build around.
  9. dmm88

    Southside vs Westview Rd 2

    Hey @Salami what does Covington like to do??? I know #3 Howard is solid, and #12 Taylor is too. And the posts aren't bad. I assume from past Covington teams, they are gonna try to play inside-outside. And with zone and press. Or am I wrong???
  10. dmm88

    West Tn Class A

    Completely ashamed of some of Greenfield's fans to heckle and boo Macey Lee. She's a great player and that was completely out of line. I hope the admistration takes care of that.
  11. Chloe just makes plays when they need them. She's a big-time player, and never gets rattled. Not a stretch to say she's probably gonna end up as the greatest player in Greenfield's history.
  12. Very good game. Greenfield came out firing up 16-3. After Gibson County settled in, it got very interesting. I think down the stretch it came down to a few second chance opportunities and GC allowing Greenfield to pretty much win the game from the line. I'm still pro-shot clock. But teams need to adjust to the stall tactic.
  13. I think Mitchell kills FW on the glass, I think FW has over 20 turnovers. And I think Mitchell keeps it in the 50's.......
  14. dmm88

    Region 7 AA Tournament...who ya got?

    Keys to the game: South Side HAS to make the game a track meet, Westview doesn't want to run at all. Make them have to call for subs. Westview HAS to keep South Side out of the paint. Westview needs Gadlen OR Yancey to have a big game South Side HAS to defend Callins well (Lexington did a good job at this) and rebound the basketball And for both teams: LAYUPS, LAYUPS, and LAYUPS lol the game may come down to this. I think in the end: whoever sets THEIR pace controls this game. Gonna be fun to watch.
  15. I think Wilkins has done a great job at South Gibson.........from where they started to now winning 20 games and going deep into region. I think SG fans should be excited for the next few years. Now with that said: Keys to the game: South Gibson CAN'T have more than 15 turnovers, South Side will get points off those. South Side HAS to know where Hicks is (#5) the best shooter in our region. And faceguarding wouldn't actually be a bad idea. South Gibson CAN'T get rattled when South Side goes on runs. Stay composed, and continue to do what got you to this point. South Side HAS to feed the post players. I don't think you wanna make this a jump shooting game. Force the Hornets to have to defend in the half-court.