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  1. He has a LONG way to go. Running the floor and blocking shots are his main tools right now. With some development and some weights, he could go higher than low level D1, but as of right now, that's the level I project him.
  2. AA top 5 in West Tennessee 1. Wooddale 2. Covington 3. Jackson South Side t4. Bolivar/Fayette-Ware 5. South Gibson (think they are gonna play through the big kids)
  3. Yes, the Westview freshman PG is special. West TN fans are in for a treat the next 4 years. College-level scorer RIGHT now, and some of the best vision you'll see. She will take lumps early, but I think she is no doubt at worst a high mid-major D1 player.
  4. dmm88

    Akira Levy

    Great high school player. Hope she gets it going at Vandy.
  5. Teams that impressed me this summer (That I saw) Peabody Gleason Westview obviously TCA Huntingdon Dresden Crockett County South Side (very encouraged about the future) USJ
  6. dmm88

    Memphis BB

    Seeing Houston play now at MUS team camp and to me, they look like the early AAA favorite out of Memphis. Strong PG play, shooting and they rebound well. Not too many weaknesses with this group. Also Briarcrest and Wooddale looked pretty good also. I don't take too much from summer camps, though. Still very early and lots of work to be done.
  7. Dresden's PG and post can play!!!! They will be a factor for sure.
  8. Jerry Peters Classic is tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. A few teams playing 5 days, which is too much.
  9. What I've heard is that the BCAT camp is taking the place of the MUS shoot out, at least for this year. Dead period is next week.
  10. BCAT camp is at Briarcrest and Briarcrest Middle this upcoming Friday and Saturday 21st and 22nd. Also at Arlington, Elmore Park Middle, Bartlett 9th grade gym, and St. Benedict at Auburndale. Looking at the schedule, if you're a basketball fan, Memphis is the place to be. Lots of big time matchups on hand.
  11. Got a chance to see South Side play Trenton Peabody today at Westview's team camp. And let me tell you, the pace of the game was fun to watch. South Side is young now after losing key players to graduation. Ditto for Trenton Peabody. Lots of mistakes, as you would expect working new players into starting roles. But I think come after the new year, both teams will be gradually improved. CeCe Johnson for Peabody (2021) Speedy, left handed guard who can attack in transition and is a solid passer, also gets after it defensively. Needs to develop her offensive game but the tools are there. South Side has a post in (2022) Sharneece Currie-Jelks who already has offers from D1 schools, athletic-long forward who is a willing ballhandler with a evolving offensive game. Also #12 for Peabody (heard she's a freshman) is gonna be a player to watch the next few years. She is one of the quickest players I've seen in a while.
  12. Dyersburg still should be solid. I know they lost Messer, Dyson, and Bre Howard. Pretty much bring back everyone else, and if KK Howard continues to evolve offsenively that takes them to a new level.
  13. 2 surprise teams from West Tennessee that I'm looking forward to seeing and I think both are gonna shock everyone. Madison Academic and Bolivar.
  14. Would be a good hire. She's been learning from Campbell and West and if she really wants the job, I would give it to her. If she can bring some of Dresden's stuff to Lexington that's a huge win. And Tipton Rosemark will get lots of interest.
  15. Lexington and Chester County are really good jobs
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