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  1. BREAKING NEWS as we get near the first practice day: Haywood has relieved Oliver Simmons of his coaching duties, effective immediately. Rodney "Duke" Chatman is named interim coach for 2019-2020 season. This is BIG. I knew Haywood would make this move eventually. I didn't think it would be 3 weeks before the first practice.
  2. Gonna be a rebuilding year for the Vikings. I actually see the Lady Vikings being the best basketball team in the school this year.
  3. Both will be lucky to sniff 10 wins.
  4. 1. Houston 2. East 3a. Whitehaven 3b. Southwind 4. White Station
  5. 1. Wooddale 2. Bolivar 3. Covington 4. Fayette-Ware 5. Mitchell
  6. 1. Covington 2. Mitchell 3. Fayette-Ware
  7. Whitehaven is gonna run this region, White Station is trending upward. And never count out Memphis Central.
  8. I think this is gonna be for Hillcrest and MBA to lose. I think one of them, could get to state. Definitely two of the better A teams Memphis has had in a LONG while. Also watch for MAHS and MASE with Ciara Taylor. BTW should still be near the top as well.
  9. Realistically this is how I see it: 1. Westview 2. Dyersburg 3. Crockett County 4. South Side 5. South Gibson 6. Chester County 7. McNairy 8. Scotts Hill
  10. The Harville kid is gonna be pretty good too. Also some solid other kids coming back
  11. Arlington Bartlett Dyer County Brighton Cordova Munford Kingsbury Hardin County Liberty
  12. If UC can figure out the fumble issues, and the defense comes to play, they win by three touchdowns.
  13. South Side South Gibson Dyersburg McNairy Milan
  14. Madison Union City Bradford Peabody Greenfield Middleton
  15. Greenfield (obviously) Gleason Gibson County Dresden/Bradford/Humboldt/Peabody
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