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  1. I think they need to win the title first.
  2. With how Goodpasture has been playing I am surprised they were the 3 seed from their region. They’ve been playing great!
  3. I think McMurray on AC stronger in my opinion (than Fulton) after watching both.
  4. My prediction Kings will win the title fairly easily. They play 6 players, all strong, and 5 strong seniors. I have seen all teams play except BGA, who it looks like ND is currently winning, and Kings beat ND very easily. Goodpasture beat Concord in 3 but it wasn’t a blowout by any means. The first round game between Kings and Goodpasture will be telling.
  5. Yes, congrats to Maryville. My child doesn’t play for them but a great group of girls. Science Hill defeats Farragut in 4.
  6. Maryville over DB 3-0. Maryville advances to State tourney.
  7. Maryville has several quality wins, they lost a couple close ones early in the season but have dominated over similar talent getting even stronger late in the season. There are a lot of strong teams in the east and they play each other a lot but of course only a couple advance. I think Farragut/Science Hill will be hard to predict. Farragut’s defense is their strongest weapon in my opinion.
  8. My money would be on Maryville over DB, no question. Maryville is playing very strong ball right now. A lot of talent at all positions and with Chris Hames coaching this team will go far. Farragut and Science Hill is harder to predict. Farragut is playing strong ball late in the season and Science Hill has been strong all year.
  9. Maryville is expected to be very strong this year in the East. New Coach... Chris Hames, 2 new very strong transfers from California, and a very strong core group of talent.
  10. “Sunsphere” has been relocated to Gatlinburg this year and will be played at Rocky Top Sports World. It is now a 1 day instead of 2 day tourney on Aug. 22nd.
  11. I will pick Farragut over Daniel Boone. They are playing very well. The coach (finally) made some much needed changes in the line up and rotation. Their defense is very strong right now and finally playing their best front row.
  12. Maryville won District 3 in the East. They beat Farragut in the final 3-0.
  13. Yes, Knox Catholic is D2 this year... also Farragut beat Anderson County 2-0 last night.
  14. I disagree... they are a strong team but would definitely not say the best in East TN. I think the Heritage win was big for them, but I could see that going the other way on another day (went to 5 sets). Their schedule really hasn’t been too difficult. Farragut and Webb are not good this year. AC lost to Concord Christian, Maryville and King’s Academy as well. Catholic is without a doubt the strongest team in the East this year in my opinion (not a KCHS fan, but they are strong!!) would have liked to see AC play Hardin Valley this year. I am sure they will beat Farragut again tonight.
  15. Interesting convo. My daughter plays at K2, her team (13-1’s) finished 10th in Open. We’ve always been told K2 only enters their 1’s teams in Open level, regardless of finish, as this is where they will get exposure, and throughout the year get better. And I would agree. It was interesting seeing teams that beat us during the season enter Premier for Nationals, I don’t get it. I know it doesn’t matter as much when they are younger, however you just aren’t going to get the exposure as they get older in the lower divisions, or as one coach called them the “plastic divisions”.
  16. Why is AAA played at Siegel HS? Too bad they can’t have them play 1st round at MTSU and have AA played at Siegel so as not to potentially give Siegel a home court advantage.
  17. Nicklin was 2 years ago, she didn't play club last season. Kailey set for that team last year and will this year again (most likely).
  18. I have not seen Tori play, but Kailey Keeble, setter from Heritage, is unreal. She had a triple triple... 23 kills, 23 assists and 23 digs in tonights sub-state, and I would argue the top setter in the state. Playing for UT next year and setter for K2’s 18 Jota that took 5th at AAU’s last year.
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