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  1. name is Jackson tatum maybe 6'2 ish skinny guy. jumps fairly well. promising player
  2. i didn't think so. Even if he ddi hes more of a football player.
  3. surrat is a good player but always gets into foul trouble. I don't see anyone being able to stop Hensley or wood or reeves, not even surrat. brilee harris? I wouldn't consider him a top player at wayne co. one to look at is junior carson ray. 6'5ish who can play almost anywhere. I don't see PC or S'town being able to compete with loretto or c'wood even with trotter
  4. Moore Co. is a great team but no match for huntingdon. Collinwood held them to 13 points in the second half. Moore does have a good runningback but Friday night it looked as he was having some knee problems. Huntingdon 42-12
  5. The only one out w injury is Jeremiah. The others (noah sanderson, Michael holt, cort Robertson) failed a class and are ineligible to play. everyone else is healthy
  6. Every year they make a 1A team. I think it might've been just western teams. 3 people were chosen from Collinwood(Blake Thompson, Carson Ramson, Jeremiah Tidwell) and Waynesboro (Dalton Jones, Avery Davis, I forgot the other one. I wanna say it was Corey Mathis)
  7. Tidwell is a great player. He was chosen to be on the 1A starting team
  8. Huntingdon, if they play like they have been, wins every playoff game by 14+ and gets a ring. They're too good of a team this year to stop.
  9. Great game for the cats last night. I haven't seen them play so focused like that all season. Prayers go out to Collinwood's Jeremiah Tidwell (QB) with a broken leg
  10. who is the senior out? its not harris is it?
  11. Collinwood is being underrated coming into this game. They play hard and if they play right it'll be a good one to watch.
  12. Collinwood does struggle with depth I agree, but the games you are talking about where they came behind is one you have to watch to talk about. When they played Mt Pleasant (who Wayne Co. lost 34-14) they had 5 fumbles and I don't know if they would've won but I think it would've been a lot closer of a game without them. When they played Summertown (Wayne Co. beat 37-7) Collinwood's defense showed up and made a statement. They held summertown to 3 point all game and shut them out the second half during their own homecoming. Of course I wont leave out the bad games either. When Collinwood played Loretto (Wayne Co. beat 45-10) Loretto started the game off almost returning the kickoff for a TD. After that it was a close game and Collinwood made a slip up on defense and let Loretto run away with it. I think if they had that one back their defense would step up like they have been recently and easily taken it. Collinwood played Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central this past Friday( Wayne Co. beat 40-24) It was a close game all throughout. Carson ramson a sophomore stepped up for Collinwood and gave them breathing room making play after play. It was tied 14-14 at halftime but penalties were killing Collinwood in the first half. I'm not sure how much they had, but they were shooting themselves in the foot for the majority of the game. Collinwood's defense stepped up in the second half and had 6 passes batted down to keep themselves alive(most should have been interceptions but the Trojans couldn't catch it). Collinwood also held the Tigers offense to 5 offensive plays in the 3rd quarter alone. That's impressive for any team to do to anyone. The game tomorrow may be closer than people think. It will be a good one
  13. I feel like Collinwood is being underestimated coming into this game. They have the same record as Wayne County and a pretty good season on their hands. Collinwood has one of the best line in 1A no doubt. Wayne County is pulling off a slightly worse season than they've had the years before. Both teams coming into this want home field advantage first round and I think the winner will definitely deserve it.
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