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  1. I remember watching you. You weren’t very good, but you really tired hard. That’s the kind of grit these boys need.
  2. You guys just don’t get it. I have watched these teams for a long time. I never played, but I have watched this team and really believe they are in the highest of class when it comes to Tennessee football. When it come to Springfield transfers we have never needed or used them? Name one play who has been a great contributor who lived even near Springfield. You can’t. We can find a running back any day, but finding an O line that is what set other teams apart. The great teams at White House had an O line. Like I said the other teams besides the dates mentioned have been scrubs.
  3. Please get a real job.
  4. Ok, we know there are a lot of great teams in the state of Tennessee. We also know White House has one of the best if not the best history in the state. When are we going to bring the outstanding seasons of 1997, 2004, and 2008 together? We have had a crapshoot of teams besides these few. We should be celebrating the 97 team for the state championship and the other two teams for their greatness. When will White House learn?
  5. There is a video of a fight at the end of the game. Anyone know what happened?
  6. You just reiterated my point. You mentioned teams that had maybe one good player. Move those players to the 97,04,08 squad and they are just one of the guys. You have to have a good team to fill the stands.
  7. Of theose teams had athletes littered all over the field and White House hasn’t see that since then. Players need to learn it takes years to build a great team with players who have all grown together and competed at a high level. These guys since the 2008 squad just aren’t what White House is about.
  8. When you win games and play well the stands won’t be the issue. 2004 and 2008 never had an issue with fans.
  9. What happened after the game Friday night?
  10. Can we get a top ten list with statistics?
  11. When referring to sacrifice I am speaking of the body. For the coaches this is their job and although they don’t get paid much, it is their job and the one they signed up for. For the athletes who put their body’s on the line for maybe a scholarship to the esteemed university of TSU. I am simply trying to focus on the student atheletes. Porter deserves all of the respect in the world. He’s a great delegator.
  12. Specified it in the first post. I’m not sure why this is difficult.
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