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  1. Excitement will be short lived i am afraid! Sad how expectations are so low in recent times!
  2. So is it DA or GP that we are playing? As stated before, we need a coach for the long term. Many factors go into that! Dr will get a good one! GO JACKETS!
  3. MUST be too RUFF on those eagles! Abner had TUFF teams! GO JACKETS!
  4. Rankin could/would never work under DR SATT! BOTH egos too BIG! FACT! Posty, from what I saw last year yall could use ALOT! HA,HA GO JACKETS!
  5. If they wait to long, all good coaches will be gone! How many will he get to bring. STILL smells funny to me! GO JACKETS!
  6. Who is Mark Wilson? Have known him for many years, he is one that needs to be back on staff. A good one for sure!!! Unfortunately for Gallatin, they dont play 1A/2A as do the Jackets! They have had trouble beating lower class teams the last few years like Springfield! Sources say not all that much talent coming, per freshmen last year! We needed a big name coach whose name would bring in some talent. Watson is not that and evidently was way down the list according to coaching circles! I HOPE he does well, but we will probably be going thru this again sooner than later! Wave can put on the rose colored glasses if you wish! Question is What has changed? At one time coaches would have been fighting for this one! GO JACKETS!
  7. See POSTY is back, havent heard from you since the second H2O beatdown! Well yall always have basketball, OH wait your bad in that too. well theres girls BB, but then you cant beat Macon, Cheatam or Metro schools, well at least you have a good BAND!
  8. Too bad Gallatin has NOT looked like big boy football for nearly 25 years! The more things change the more they stay the same! GWAVE1, looks like you could help em out with your college coaching experience! Well its baseball season isnt it! I admit he (Watson) talks a good game, just have to wait and see. I know lots of oldtime supporters STILL not happy! GO JACKETS!
  9. IS this no longer a FOOTBALL school? NOTHING on HERE! Hired any coaches? ANYthing? BDP DEAD? GO JACKETS!
  10. Portland getting better, but still way down. How much did they lose last season? GO JACKETS!
  11. Dr SATT will get a GOOD one, but question is how long will he stay. WE NEED continuity as much as anything at this point! $$$ needs to be there, fans be supportive less abusive (only a handful) but a BIG negative week after week! A GREAT JOB, but room for improvement! GO JACKETS!
  12. I am sure he did, but the WAVE have numerous problems! Biggest being they will go 6A in two years, barring a TSSAA screwup, which is due! Can't win in 5A, will not in 6A! Doubt he will be there long, as his defense at East was porous at best. Gallatin being Gallatin! GO JACKETS!
  13. NOT IMPRESSED! DC could not win at East, OC Wilson decent in lower class, Watson has done nothing special! Most of those I am around just see more of the same. Only time will tell. GO JACKETS!
  14. TSSAA should have done right by Eagleville! Should be 1A! They rarely get it right thou! GO JACKETS!
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