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  1. I knew coming into this that Alcoa was going to be good but my god … we are not helping ourselves by no means but holy crap . F5 your team is the real deal . Go Bobcats !!!
  2. Does anyone know if the game will be streamed anywhere ? Go Bobcats !!!!
  3. I am just glad that I have the opportunity to watch my son play on this thanksgiving weekend . There are not many parents (except for Alcoa lol) that get this chance . Most work their butts off all year and if they are lucky, make it to the playoffs . Whether we pull off the miracle and compete or get “boat raced” as so many of you have predicted, I will still be proud of my team . Go Bobcats !!!
  4. We know The F5 is the king of the mountain and it’s gonna be a tough hill to climb . Like you said we will have to be PERFECT in every aspect of our game to even have a remote shot at playing with them . All these folks on here complaining how good they are … heck it’s everyone else’s job to get better and compete with them . Trust me Giles has nothing but respect for Coach Rankin and his team . All we wanted was a shot to see the F5 in person and now we got it ! Go Bobcats !!!
  5. WKSR out of Pulaski is going to broadcast it on the radio and they do an awesome job
  6. He sure is Roostet ... He has the chance to play big time ball . Go Bobcats !!!!!!!
  7. If Pearl can eliminate the penalties and costly mistakes they should be able to take care of Tullahoma . They played terrible in the first half of regular season game and still had every chance to win it . Good luck 26 & 80
  8. If Giles plays like they have been I think we will be just fine . Go Bobcats !!!!
  9. I thought the Oc was named the head coach?
  10. Thats Right !!!! GO BOBCATS !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Appreciate it . We just taking it one game at a time and trying to go as far as we can go ! Go Bobcats !!!
  12. Are you forgetting about Giles Co ? Assuming we care of business this Friday of coarse . Go Bobcats !!!!
  13. Yea I thought one of the back judges was gonna throw a flag at halftime because the buzzer sounded !Go Bobcats !
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