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  1. Uhhhmm no hot rod....not a " very good player" She's a very great player and you'll probably get the chance to see what I'm talking abt 1st of March
  2. Oh and btw everybody, this back and forth abt the miss basketball is gettin kinda dumb...... I can honestly say I know nothing abt the young lady from TCA but as a Summertown dad. 1) Chloe Moore is an absolute stud. Totally took over the 2nd half of last yrs state championship against us and is well deserved if she wins it. 2) Karly Weathers may be the best player in TN (all classes) shes not averaging her pts on 30 attempts. It's usually like 10-14 from the fld and makes everyone around her better. Whoever wins it, it'll be deserved!
  3. Dude....we may have to forfeit the dang district semis!!! Lol Campbell-torn calf muscle Brazier-Strep Burdette and Burleson-Flu
  4. If you're making the trip to summertown tomorrow night, you'd better get there very early! Single A basketball at its best tomorrow night! Should be a fun night!
  5. Not1toFwith

    State poll

    Well...we got our butt beat by Loretto
  6. Not1toFwith

    State poll

    Amen! We play Loretto tonight and win or lose and what we're ranked tomorrow, won't matter 1 bit come march in MBoro!
  7. Should be rowdy at the barn tomorrow. If u wanna watch 2 great teams that should both be in MBoro come march this a good one to see. In the end tho, it's just bragging rights till feb 1st. And then till district championship and then till region championship hopefully!
  8. Well after last night I can honestly say that Summertown and Loretto are behind the 8ball in comparison to probably everybody else in the remaining schedule. District 12A has 2 studs and the rest are horrible! Summertown and Loretto will not be pushed other than playing each other until possibly region. Gonna have to get a lot out of prac and when they play each other for sure......I've always liked beefing up our sched early and playing district games only after new yrs but it sucks this yr! Either way, Go lady Eagles
  9. Wondered where u been Rebelman! Mckenzie has been playing pretty well without Bennet haven't they? Should be nothing but a positive going fward. Good luck tonight
  10. I don't know anything abt them or any of those teams or have any idea who might represent the east this yr. IMO I'd have to say Greenfield, Gibson co, Clarkrange, Pickett , Loretto and Summertown should be the front runners to get to MBoro at this point in the season but as we all know , anything can happen in Feb & March
  11. So how u really feel abt um? but I did notice they have played 0 teams in top 25
  12. Not1toFwith

    District 12A

    U can Like the rankings or hate um but it's pretty cool that this district has 3 teams ranked in the top 10!
  13. Just bored and out of curiosity, looked up east TN teams and Tellico Plains only have 1 loss to a team from PA in a xmas tournament and have boat raced everybody else they've played! Anyone know anything on them or east teams. May need to add them into the mix?
  14. Holy cow .....that's a terrible way to lose a game. But since it was in Richland and probably with officials we're used to seeing in our area, im not shocked. Pickett must've had a bad night too tho cause Richland isn't on their level. Sounds like a bad night and a fluke which happens
  15. Oh to get back the 4th qtr of that game buddyball! What a ride tho!