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  1. 100% correct Croppy.... Won't shock me a bit for these 2 to play each other again. CA better be ready today!
  2. Are u referring to Summertown and cascade from state tournament a yr ago cause they haven't played each other this yr. CA, Whitwell, Sale Creek, Cascade and Summertown are the favorites in my mind but wouldn't be shocked for a sleeper like Loretto to throw themselves in the mix either
  3. That's all I'm saying with Bababa.... we lost 7 games all to teams who played in state championships (Loretto, GC and westview) U wanna say we're not as good as GC , or Greenfield or Loretto I'll agree wth u. Just don't throw shade at a team that starts 4 sophomores and a freshman and especially a team who's 3 off the bench are 2-8th graders and a sophomore. And, if we can play together and look like GC next couple of years....I'll be tickled pink!
  4. What abt Pickett, TCA , Clay and Peabody? Dk what all they lost to graduation Also, I look for Huntingdon to throw themselves back in the mix
  5. My point was they've got role players that are good players. Not average as u stated. Don't throw shade at Lorettos players just because they got beat by a better team. Congrats to GC
  6. Not disputing... I'm sure Karly would rather have a gold ball herself
  7. Yea that's a low blow..... other 2 guards had a rough night tonight but did u not watch the rest of their team against Greenfield? Cmon man
  8. Sorry Vandy , GC deserved the gold ball and Karly deserved the MVP. Not a better player in the tournament
  9. Well 2 gold balls staying east of the river, will it be a 3rd? I still got Loretto in double OT but this should be a war!
  10. Hey Water boy! Been wondering where u went. And for the record, I get paid to troll idiots on here by an anonymous donor and ur at the top of the list right now......... idiot!
  11. Kaley Campbell and Claire Woods from Summertown Maci Birdyshaw from Law co. Thats 3 of the best in state all from one county
  12. Loretto in 2 OTs...... as a Summertown fan it's a little relief that the 2 teams that beat u this yr are playing for it all!
  13. Summertown dad here and I'm not blaming officiating GC was better both times we played this yr. They played our style better. I do think they got to shoot to many foul shots or maybe we didn't get to shoot enough but give GC credit, they only missed 3 out of 28 and that's what it takes Should be a good un tomorrow
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