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  1. FreePressPatriot

    "A" Regionals

    Agreed! All the girls should be excited and proud to make it this far and if they play their best anything can happen. Look no further than the boys A tournament last spring. The Highlanders of Gatlinburg-Pittman were not district or region champions but they do call themselves reigning state champs.
  2. FreePressPatriot

    "A" Regionals

    Looks like a really tough draw in the top half of the bracket. Any of the four teams could go all the way based on their records imo. I'm picking SM and Alcoa to meet in a rematch of last year's final with Signal coming out on top this year. Grace and Merrol Hyde should meet in the semis and I'll pick Grace to edge them out to meet SM in the finals. Signal takes the title in a close one and takes full advantage of being the biggest little school in TN. (They lucked into being just below the A/AA line)
  3. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Congratulations to all the young men who achieved a goal they will remember for a lifetime. I would especially like to recognize the Highlanders of Gatlinburg-Pittman who keep battling when down. They're not district or region champions but they are the '18 state champs. And to battle back against the Eagles who had a run of 6 shutouts against the best in Div1A in the championship game. KUDOS! !
  4. FreePressPatriot

    AA State Championship Game

    My call is Devils win another one over the Redskins.
  5. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Good luck Eagles and Highlanders in the finals Friday. Beware the Iceman. Defense wins championships.
  6. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Gatlinburg Pittman survived the last 10min onslaught. Wins 1-0. Well played Highlanders!
  7. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    GP up 1-0 12min left
  8. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    CSAS - GP no score at half SM up 1-0 at half
  9. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    I agree with everything you said AlcoaDad. I just realized playing Signal Mountain this year is like fighting Iceman in "Top Gun". Just waiting for you to make the smallest mistake. Let's see if Grace Franklin has a little Maverick in them. Should be a good game tomorrow. Great season Tornadoes!
  10. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Booger did you pick Columbia Academia because you thought they were better or because you wanted to get one last ding on the publics with an all private final?
  11. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Signal parent was heard saying that Alcoa had the run of play but their goalie stepped over the line and the Eagles scored on the free kick near the end of the game. I have a van load of teens so unfortunately I won't be able to give match reports for the other games I wanted to watch. Go get 'em Hustlin' Tigers. ARRIBA! ARRIBA!
  12. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Very true! ! Senior Ben Greenwell pulls the trigger for the win. Columbia was tough and had their chances but our defense held strong again with help of good midfield possession
  13. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    30 min lightning delay SM-Alcoa 0-0 half CSAS -CA 1-1 60th min GatPitt up 4-0 Grace 8-1 half
  14. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    CSAS and Columbia Academy are warming up in Murfreesboro. It's almost time for some soccer! !⚽
  15. FreePressPatriot

    2018 State Tournament

    Looks like the bottom half of the draw may be the tougher path in Div1A I've got to watch the inner city rumble between Stratford and Howard in AA If you look at the records ( which are often misleading ) AAA draw has paired the stronger teams together on the first round but not all on the same side. I think I'll watch DB v Blackman. At this point in the private schools season all the teams are strong but I like the chances for Nooga to bring home some hardware from either A or AA or if the stars align both.