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  1. At WB their HC is calling the basketball players to come out for football. He prefers kids with no knowledge of football fundamentals because he keeps the illusion of being the guru. The kids that have played a season or two know he's a goofball and are looking to transfer to Maryville Greenback or Alcoa.
  2. Quit crying CrossState and Welcome To The Jungle, it gets worse here everyday until a new young no nonsense coach is hired. Talk of kids transferring for new facilities, new found pride and big changes y'all are dreaming of are not possible until a NEW HC is hired. All the ingredients are at hand now short of leadership. The current situation is akin to The Skipper & Gilligan being at the helm of CVN77 The USS George H.W. Bush. (By the way you spelled "schtick" incorrectly its shtick. You'll not be attending the CoT spelling bee this year.)
  3. Pretty sure Ol Shad is irritated a delay in the start of the season will mess up his Bye Week Vacation.
  4. Top Tier Coaching Fair competition challenging for a position Chance to play 15 games instead of 10 Attention from coaches at the college level Winning Tradition REAL Booster, Parent, Admin support STRONG Community and Sponsor support New up to date school and football facilities If your child is missing some or all of these things its your fault. Real change is YOUR responsibility. Start your journey now and thank yourself later.
  5. Currently Vacant:  Camden  Clinton  Green Hill Goodpasture  Lincoln County Loretto  Memphis Overton  Milan  Red Boiling Springs  Siegel  Station Camp Head Coach open positions. My way of helping Shad with his every off season job search. Please feel free to add to the list. Every job search lead helps!
  6. Perfect night for a Shad Out. Wear your black gear to show your support for a coaching change. A fella called MLK said: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." WB adults silence (except in private) is deafening and seen as acceptance of the only thing holding the program down, the HC.
  7. Coach Shad back, rested and ready to drop the beat down on BC's Homecoming.
  8. Get to the concession stand EARLY before Barney buys the last burger. It can get ugly at William Blount!
  9. WB coaching staff working on Fridays play list figuring out what works and what doesn't.
  10. Lets make a story up that'll help you understand. A few years back in a far away land was a Ferrari dealership. The Sales Manager could do no wrong. Sales were off the charts. Sales ability mattered not. He was selling Ferrari's for shadsake. Things were going along swimmingly until whispers and rumors caused an audit of the company books. As Law Enforcement dialed in the Sales Manager quickly left the area. No hard feelings by the dealership and stock holders the problem was gone. Before long the Sales Manager interviewed at a new dealership. They sold Yugo's and Daewoo's. The Manager convinced the CEO he could turn them into a powerhouse dealership in a very few years. The CEO listened as he sipped a Cupp of coffee. He knew several of the other applicants but was mesmerized by the Ferrari salesmans promises of the future and dreamt of the glory and adulation that would come his way for making such an astute hire. Several years have passed since that day and the results are abysmal. The CEO has painted himself into a corner by his inaction and failure to take the reins and restore order. The dealership is now the town joke and all who know the management know them as weak and ineffective as they watch their key employees leave for other dealerships. The Sales Manager sees the writing on the wall again and wishes to use his charlatan skills to dupe another dealership but alas the word is out and he finds nobody ready to entertain him or his services. Did that help GWAVE1?
  11. BarneySox & Otis agreeing on 8-2
  12. OK Ofellow, I know you're new here so I'll tell you on the downlow That Barney fella is a dangerous man. He was a consultant for The Propaganda Ministry in Pyongyang as a young man. Take his posts with a grain of salt. Pinoccio007 however is generally considered here on this thread as the oracle of truth. His riddles contain the hidden messages of the parallel universe. You'd be wise to heed his prophecies.
  13. I'm a Plus Member and have contributed >1000 words of BS. Am I a qualifier or a DQ?
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