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  1. Siiiiiigh.... I'm super tired of the "No-win situation' line. It comes in the book of excuses on the page following "We just don't have the same quality players". As far as a victory over WB being used as a "Sales Pitch" puuuleeze! WB schedules lower division schools EVERY season but prefer ones with losing records. It is not the wins and losses its HOW the losses occur. Players WANT premium coaching. It is not available at WB. There is no plausible reason local teams do not play each other. I am totally down with your enthusiasm for the Govs but please quit sounding like a brainwashed cult follower with why the world is against you and the team. Truthfully its people LIKE YOU that hold the team back by buying into the excuse stock and propagating your theories to the next generation of fans. Winners are led by winners not whiners.
  2. Team looked impressive in the jamboree!!! Tons of effort and some fantastic individual performances. Can you imagine the results they're capable of with some top rated coaching? I've said for 5 years the talent is there just not utilized. Keep working hard fellas. Better times on the horizon.
  3. Buck up fellas. Chins high. It certainly could be worse. You could be a 6A team with a sub .500 record the past FIVE years in fact your high water mark is 3 wins in 1 season. You could have a coach that the past 2 years has not had any practices during the bye week because he takes a FAMILY VACATION! You could have a coach that hires his cronie bootlicker pals as assistant coaches instead of skilled coaches. You could have an AD that is way more interested in other sports and fat boosters than the welfare and future of the football program and players. When I read this thread It comes to mind how the William Blount Gov players and parents would jump at the chance to trade places with you! Hang on to your storied traditions. The foundation is still there. Bow your necks, put your shoulders into it and rebuild! Trust me! It could be WAY worse!
  4. Shad Consults The Oracle For Advice On The 2019 Season D-O N-O-T P-L-A-Y T-H-A-T S-O-F-T C-O-V-E-R T-W-O W-I-T-H Y-O-U-R C-O-RN-E-R-S B-A-C-K T-W-E-L-V-E Y-A-R-D-S. Y-O-U H-A-V-E G-O-T-T-E-N K-I-L-L-E-D U-N-D-E-R-N-E-A-T-H T-H-A-T W-A-Y F-O-R T-H-E P-A-S-T F-I-V-E Y-E-A-R-S! A-W-A-K-E-N F-R-O-M Y-O-U-R C-O-M-A! G-O-O-D B-Y-E
  5. Lets make a story up that'll help you understand. A few years back in a far away land was a Ferrari dealership. The Sales Manager could do no wrong. Sales were off the charts. Sales ability mattered not. He was selling Ferrari's for shadsake. Things were going along swimmingly until whispers and rumors caused an audit of the company books. As Law Enforcement dialed in the Sales Manager quickly left the area. No hard feelings by the dealership and stock holders the problem was gone. Before long the Sales Manager interviewed at a new dealership. They sold Yugo's and Daewoo's. The Manager convinced the CEO he could turn them into a powerhouse dealership in a very few years. The CEO listened as he sipped a Cupp of coffee. He knew several of the other applicants but was mesmerized by the Ferrari salesmans promises of the future and dreamt of the glory and adulation that would come his way for making such an astute hire. Several years have passed since that day and the results are abysmal. The CEO has painted himself into a corner by his inaction and failure to take the reins and restore order. The dealership is now the town joke and all who know the management know them as weak and ineffective as they watch their key employees leave for other dealerships. The Sales Manager sees the writing on the wall again and wishes to use his charlatan skills to dupe another dealership but alas the word is out and he finds nobody ready to entertain him or his services. Did that help GWAVE1?
  6. Need to work on that blocking. This is game film from last year.
  7. BarneySox & Otis agreeing on 8-2
  8. OK Ofellow, I know you're new here so I'll tell you on the downlow That Barney fella is a dangerous man. He was a consultant for The Propaganda Ministry in Pyongyang as a young man. Take his posts with a grain of salt. Pinoccio007 however is generally considered here on this thread as the oracle of truth. His riddles contain the hidden messages of the parallel universe. You'd be wise to heed his prophecies.
  9. I'm a Plus Member and have contributed >1000 words of BS. Am I a qualifier or a DQ?
  10. Happy Mothers Day to all you MUTHA'S!!!
  11. PSA Quit humoring and quoting Douchenoccio. He is keeping the "Who's Shadroach?" drama alive to entertain himself at a good guy, great coach and straight shooter's expense. I've said it before but for MentalMidget007 I'll say it again He's NOT El Roache'. Say what you will about me but leave a guy that isn't involved ever with this thread but to state his innocence alone. In reality NOBODY honestly cares who I am. I'm the car wreck you don't want to look at but you just can't help but to peek. Carry On.
  12. Haters Gonna Hate. Celebrate Fellas, It's almost football season! Don't worry bout your neighbors just keep choppin' wood at your place.
  13. 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited) An open letter to all the dads with current or future ballplayers:   Gentlemen,  YOU are the CEO of Your Son Inc. This position bestows on YOU an enormous weight and burden. There is no one to help you with your decisions, YOU are an island. The decisions YOU make will be part of the formation of YOUR son for the rest of his life. YOU are the wind in his sails YOU are his navigator most importantly YOU are his rudder to steer him in calm seas and gales as well. He is blessed with all the knowledge YOU have shared with him. His heart and mind are strong and his eyes are clear. He looks up to YOU and observes and stores away to the tiniest detail of YOUR actions. He will certainly be the man YOU form him to be. He has generally only four years of High School eligibility. As the CEO of Your Son Inc. YOU MUST guide him YOU MUST put him in the best situation to be successful! Anything less is abject failure. If YOU decide to stay in an abysmal situation then throw away your scabbard and stay and FIGHT for him to your last breath. If YOU decide to journey to a different land, run don't walk. They're are great adventures to be experienced on the other side of the mountain. YOUR young warrior will be welcomed by the army there.  The sand in the hour glass ebbs away even as YOU read this. Make haste make a plan. Make the decision that ensures YOUR son, YOUR flesh and blood the best opportunity to be successful. Listen not to the fools that would call YOU a coward. Remember, The weak and the timid will stay back and defend the past while the brave and aggressive charge headlong into the future. I wrote this post some moons back on another thread. It is relevant here as well I feel. Hope this helps with YOUR decision. 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edi 155 posts Report post 155 posts Report post P 155 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited)
  14. Driving The Money Changers From The Temple. It appears they ended up in the Maryville office selling tickets.
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