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  1. Smart money says victory is decided by the kicking game.
  2. Prob for Shad is everybody knows he is just mailing it in and more than anyone HE wants the season over. Only coach in the galaxy that lights a candle at church at the beginning of the season and prays NOT to make the playoffs.
  3. Students and fans should be yelling "Lets Go Shadon!!!"
  4. Hope Ol Shad is working on some fundamental tackling drills this week instead of adding 9 new pass plays.
  5. BYE WEEK 28 GOVS 21 FINAL Synopsis: After leading BW all night WB gave up a pick six and xp with 00:49 left in the game. Film At 11
  6. Sorry Czar. You are a mere neophyte in comparison to the men listed on my post. You post nothing that has depth, fact based research or historical content. I will include you on the Participation Trophy List but only if you can improve the quality of your content. I am sure you'd be a tough guy legend on a Pokemon Board in no time.
  7. *Disclaimer Not wishing to commit a faux pas or hurt anyone's feelings and not wishing to forget or include anyone that deserves to be listed. Nor include somebody that has gone to victory, is currently incarcerated and unable to respond. To anyone who takes umbrage to this post I apologize in advance (Don't mistake my kindness with weakness). I was thinking how this thread became so anemic and bland. It dawned on me that the posters with the most local football knowledge rarely or never post here anymore. Maybe because each year looks like the previous year and the same conversations as were had in 2017. I miss The Prophets whose posts were well crafted and thoughtful. I miss The Jesters that could see through the discontent and make us smile. Hopeful for the return of 32Hammer Crow StrongX Yeti Sweetscience orngnblk BarneySox Feel free to add to this list of All Stars
  8. Sooo.... You lose a chance at the playoffs. You lose to a first year team (out coached). You lose to your hand picked Homecoming opponent. You lose a key player for next week because of poor discipline. You have an 0-4 start vs struggling teams on a cinch schedule. All because of a HC that is just putting in time calling the plays from yesteryear that a peewee level DC could defend. Those WB players were way stronger and should have won that by 14. Another observation: For 5+ years Shad has played his DB's 5 to 8 yards off the line. An absolute invitation to be carved up by a passing team.
  9. Shad's statistician crunching numbers looking for high percentage successful pass plays that won't include West Ridge's safeties or dbacks for tonight's game.
  10. Seriously? It's up to Old Shadroach to start the WB thread now? I can remember not so long ago on a Friday night when the clock hit 00:00 someone in the stands would be posting the thread for next weeks game. nobody being interested in starting a thread on CoT is a sign of emotional surrender that even the great defenders of the WB Football status quo have had enough of the coaching malfeasance. I remember WB threads being 10 pages easily. Now 4 is about the average. CoT is more popular than ever with over a MILLION fanatical users and 14 of them are people that tune in to WB to see whats what at the Freak Show known as WB Football. Someday we will not be a consideration preseason for opposing coaches to declare WB as the homecoming opponent just like somewhere there is a young coach honing his craft not knowing someday soon he will lead WB out of the abyss.
  11. Currently Vacant:  Camden  Clinton  Green Hill Goodpasture  Lincoln County Loretto  Memphis Overton  Milan  Red Boiling Springs  Siegel  Station Camp Head Coach open positions. My way of helping Shad with his every off season job search. Please feel free to add to the list. Every job search lead helps!
  12. Perfect night for a Shad Out. Wear your black gear to show your support for a coaching change. A fella called MLK said: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." WB adults silence (except in private) is deafening and seen as acceptance of the only thing holding the program down, the HC.
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