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Everything posted by Shadroach

  1. Willie Here's an angle worth your time to contemplate that addresses the WB excuse makers that speak of transferring for athletic reasons and wanting to play for championships which in WB's case isn't always true as the school is rundown like a third world school facility. At anytime I wouldn't be surprised to see Sally Struthers begging for money on TV to help the children of WB as they try to study in squalid conditions. Sally looks like she has been eating the starchy chow in the WB cafeteria a little to much the past few years. Anyway on with the explanation..... Let us compare the HS player to college players who once were HS Seniors. And lets compare football programs in the same sphere of thought in choosing a HS program that meets the needs of said players. Much as a HS college prospect evaluates a college teams Coaches, facilities, amenities, traditions for their best fit so to might a HS sophomore or junior also evaluate an area HS. They would certainly grade poorly the Coaching, Facilities, Amenities and Traditions at WB and desire an upward change. Most obvious the lack of coaching stands out followed by a cornucopia of other issues. At bare minimum a change to a Gung Ho young hungry coach looking for a chance to prove himself at the 6A level quickly followed by some capital improvements in the facilities is the obvious start on the road to success. In summary Willie, Quit being a victim playing the "it's everybody else's fault" and bow your neck, put your shoulders in the yoke and get to work plowing the tough 40 acres of change. Nothing worthwhile comes from complaining and excuses. Complaining and excuses are the currency of the weak and timid. Hope I was able to pinpoint a few things.
  2. Currently Vacant:  Camden  Clinton  Green Hill Goodpasture  Lincoln County Loretto  Memphis Overton  Milan  Red Boiling Springs  Siegel  Station Camp Head Coach open positions. My way of helping Shad with his every off season job search. Please feel free to add to the list. Every job search lead helps!
  3. No dog in the fight but may I suggest an act of goodwill by the home team? I think a special reserved seat provision be made for Roy, OldPirate and their posse of body guards.
  4. As a connoisseur of premium cage rattling I am appalled a grizzled vet of CoT you GHSBH would have such a weak and mentally challenged imbecile such as O.B.P. in your Top 10 Rattlers unless you are judging on a curved scale taking into account his fourth grade education and the fact he projects signs of schizophrenia by always communicating his fears of a dark force that is out to get him, in his case he is fixated on Greenback as his tormentor. It is a shame his wife Roy Dillard doesn't take him to a mental health facility for evaluation.
  5. Perfect night for a Shad Out. Wear your black gear to show your support for a coaching change. A fella called MLK said: "In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." WB adults silence (except in private) is deafening and seen as acceptance of the only thing holding the program down, the HC.
  6. Coach Shad back, rested and ready to drop the beat down on BC's Homecoming.
  7. Get to the concession stand EARLY before Barney buys the last burger. It can get ugly at William Blount!
  8. WB coaching staff working on Fridays play list figuring out what works and what doesn't.
  9. Lets make a story up that'll help you understand. A few years back in a far away land was a Ferrari dealership. The Sales Manager could do no wrong. Sales were off the charts. Sales ability mattered not. He was selling Ferrari's for shadsake. Things were going along swimmingly until whispers and rumors caused an audit of the company books. As Law Enforcement dialed in the Sales Manager quickly left the area. No hard feelings by the dealership and stock holders the problem was gone. Before long the Sales Manager interviewed at a new dealership. They sold Yugo's and Daewoo's. The Manager convinced the CEO he could turn them into a powerhouse dealership in a very few years. The CEO listened as he sipped a Cupp of coffee. He knew several of the other applicants but was mesmerized by the Ferrari salesmans promises of the future and dreamt of the glory and adulation that would come his way for making such an astute hire. Several years have passed since that day and the results are abysmal. The CEO has painted himself into a corner by his inaction and failure to take the reins and restore order. The dealership is now the town joke and all who know the management know them as weak and ineffective as they watch their key employees leave for other dealerships. The Sales Manager sees the writing on the wall again and wishes to use his charlatan skills to dupe another dealership but alas the word is out and he finds nobody ready to entertain him or his services. Did that help GWAVE1?
  10. BarneySox & Otis agreeing on 8-2
  11. OK Ofellow, I know you're new here so I'll tell you on the downlow That Barney fella is a dangerous man. He was a consultant for The Propaganda Ministry in Pyongyang as a young man. Take his posts with a grain of salt. Pinoccio007 however is generally considered here on this thread as the oracle of truth. His riddles contain the hidden messages of the parallel universe. You'd be wise to heed his prophecies.
  12. I'm a Plus Member and have contributed >1000 words of BS. Am I a qualifier or a DQ?
  13. Happy Mothers Day to all you MUTHA'S!!!
  14. Haters Gonna Hate. Celebrate Fellas, It's almost football season! Don't worry bout your neighbors just keep choppin' wood at your place.
  15. 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited) An open letter to all the dads with current or future ballplayers:   Gentlemen,  YOU are the CEO of Your Son Inc. This position bestows on YOU an enormous weight and burden. There is no one to help you with your decisions, YOU are an island. The decisions YOU make will be part of the formation of YOUR son for the rest of his life. YOU are the wind in his sails YOU are his navigator most importantly YOU are his rudder to steer him in calm seas and gales as well. He is blessed with all the knowledge YOU have shared with him. His heart and mind are strong and his eyes are clear. He looks up to YOU and observes and stores away to the tiniest detail of YOUR actions. He will certainly be the man YOU form him to be. He has generally only four years of High School eligibility. As the CEO of Your Son Inc. YOU MUST guide him YOU MUST put him in the best situation to be successful! Anything less is abject failure. If YOU decide to stay in an abysmal situation then throw away your scabbard and stay and FIGHT for him to your last breath. If YOU decide to journey to a different land, run don't walk. They're are great adventures to be experienced on the other side of the mountain. YOUR young warrior will be welcomed by the army there.  The sand in the hour glass ebbs away even as YOU read this. Make haste make a plan. Make the decision that ensures YOUR son, YOUR flesh and blood the best opportunity to be successful. Listen not to the fools that would call YOU a coward. Remember, The weak and the timid will stay back and defend the past while the brave and aggressive charge headlong into the future. I wrote this post some moons back on another thread. It is relevant here as well I feel. Hope this helps with YOUR decision. 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edi 155 posts Report post 155 posts Report post P 155 155 posts Report post Posted February 26 (edited)
  16. Driving The Money Changers From The Temple. It appears they ended up in the Maryville office selling tickets.
  17. MWBGA!!! Barney bringing a friend to the game for a burger.
  18. Have YOU joined the Secret Society yet? You know who I'm talking to.
  19. Are we going with the same old playbook again this year? Its the equivalent of watching Joe Paterno's play calling for 25 years. Same old kerrap play calls whether its working or not and as soon as we get a lead take the foot off'n the gas and bump the tranny into neutral.
  20. Sleepers? William Blount should be very sleepy.
  21. Reuters & Associated Press Dateline: Greenback Tn President Trump has declared a state of emergency in this area of Eastern Tennessee. He has provided emergency funding and has instructed FEMA to assist The American Red Cross in setting up shelters to assist in the influx of refugee families in a mass exodus from WB's Football Program. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee has activated the Tn National Guard to manage the highways and keep order. Lieutenant Governor Rand McNally has been assigned to form a committee to discuss the possibilities of a curfew and petitioning the Federal Government for assistance from The U.S. Border Patrol. At the Dollar General located at 6555 Hwy 411 in Greenback a woman who wished to be kept anonymous said "These poor families! Forced to flee from a man made disaster is a crying shad. My heart just breaks for them. Hopefully soon a new coach is appointed there and they can return to their homes and prosper. Until then Those young men will be welcomed by The Cherokee Football Nation". Locals have named the tent settlement Shadville. -Reporter: S. Roach
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