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  1. DawgNation05

    District 8-A

    Cornersville is gonna be a tougher test than you think. They always play Eagleville close in the more important games and the team can hit the ball very well this year.
  2. One of your big guys came from Giles County last year and another one played for Santa Fe in middle school. I’m sure there are a few more than that though. I’m not hating, I was rooting for CA to win it all anyway, but all but one I know ain’t true.
  3. Don’t forget about the big guy down low for Fayetteville either. But Julius Dixon is a mismatch for any team he plays, that’s for sure.
  4. Fayetteville can seem to never hold onto the lead when they play Eagleville for some reason.
  5. What does Clay County have? Fayetteville is as tall and athletic as they come and Eagleville can shoot 3s whenever and however they like..
  6. I like Huntingdon over LC with LC losing Johnson and Huntingdon not losing key players
  7. that really didn’t answer what his comment meant thanks for the insight though also sorry for us cornersville fans saying our team was gonna win. most people with no dog in the fight was 50/50 but with as many cornersville fans are on here, more than likely we will root for our team lol also it was a lot closer on the talent level than what you are talking lol
  8. Sorry I made a comment about your brother lmao #NotMyCoachTPost
  9. Next year might be down, but year after I’ll almost bet another region title. Sophomore-senior class will be heavy that year.
  10. You’re bringing up us holding because we’re bringing up y’all holding lol y’all won. Congrats. Was 3 also the one with the horsecollar at the end up the game? Also the Clinton comparison was terrible, this ain’t college football and UCF. Congrats on the victory, you shouldn’t care what everyone else has to say. Whitwell proved they belong, but this post doesn’t show much class
  11. Good to know we’ll probably beat y’all with the class of 2049 leading the way as well
  12. We were much better this year than we were last year and greenback was much worse this year than they were last year without Gilbert.
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