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  1. Boy you really got me there. I will wait for you to start a new thread in 2019 TC VS H2o, and you can call me a hater or obsessed again. No sense in continuing under Peabody, etc now that they have won. The entertainment value here has been as high as most of TC.
  2. I don't remember TC's band, but I think all bands add to the experience!
  3. No, I think most of my points have been unfiltered, but spot on. Your program has had the "Trash" classification for some time. You brought that on yourselves. My only baseless claim was that the waste from TC went directly to the Creek Bank, but now i confirmed in town there are septic tanks.
  4. Poop away brother, it's what ya'll do. 2019 might be the year you fall back in it.
  5. I think not. Watertown runs a much classier program that TC does or will. I have not seen our players dancing on your sideline when we beat you at the Excrement Bank. Can't say the same for yours. My comments have not been baseless. Save the Pot and Kettles for some of TC's finest, they will make good use of both someday.
  6. Far from ashamed HeadMouse. I was having more fun pointing out the excrement in the room!
  7. I don't dislike any players from TC that are trying, playing hard, winning, losing, etc. I dislike the arrogance, dancing, taunting, etc. I dislike the fans that make baseless comments, name calling, etc. I am not a sore loser and recognize when we get beat, whether it's by another team or ourselves. Football is supposed to be tough, but trash is trash. Own it, you deserve that title!
  8. "If he plays" seems to be the trend over there. More suspensions or dismissals from the team coming?
  9. I'm going to say we beat ourselves against you in the playoffs. I think the game could have went a very different direction and I know your crowd in attendance would agree. Yes I am a Watertown fan. Classify and flame away.
  10. I would have no respect for a region MVP dancing on the other teams sideline.
  11. I will own the "Hater" title from you, because your football program lends so many avenues to take. I am far from jealous, weak, or delusional. I have jabbed fun at TC after all of the smack talking I found here. You then resort to name calling. Thank you for proving my point that TC takes the low road every time.
  12. I pick Watertown for 2019 region champs. I don't think TC makes it past a much more prepared Tyner. I like Tyner about as much as TC. You can try calling me delusional after 9/6/2019.
  13. Not delusional here. I predicted the Peabody win, but I was off by some points on the spread. Who did you predict to win? I know Watertown has lost the best player in 2A, and he could never be replaced. I also know H2o will probably be stronger next year in some aspects than they were this year. I think ER will be a 7 point game for TC next year. They have a lot of young skill and got a good look at what it's going to take. Westmoreland wasn't a consideration of mine.
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