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  1. well i did say i dont follow softball much, so yeah, im really not aware
  2. Don’t follow softball a whole lot, just went and watched Sweetwater at state and also watched meigs while I was there. I should have clarified myself. Meigs will definitely be a solid team, could probably beat Sweetwater, I’m just not sure who they have returning besides reed and the b-ball player (Kenny). If they make it to state, those two will have to carry them
  3. Two nominations for men that I believe deserve it. Dominique Oggs from sweetwater. Averaged abt 22 ppg 11rpg which was before tourney play. Best pure athlete in our area without a doubt Brantley baker from meigs. Don’t know his stats, not a fan of his team. But he’s one of the best pure scorers around, no doubt in my mind
  4. Fantastic season Sweetwater. Nothing but proud
  5. Couldn’t catch a game tonight unfortunately. Flooding in my basement bad. All day cleaning it out. Sad for the chiefs but now to root on the wildcats!!
  6. sorry i did not mean to put words into your mouth. Meant just as a compliment towards hampton. i agree 100% with your assessment of the game!
  7. Pennington game plan was masterful. Ball just didn’t go in the hoop!! Congrats Sweetwater!!
  8. dont sleep on hampton. can score on anyone, any night!
  9. Yes!! The Chiefs with a HUGE win tonight. Whew!! Great game.
  10. my predictions remain the same for tonite. Loudon and sweetwater as the winners. should be a good night of basketball. cant wait!
  11. Big win for polk. Came to watch. Baker and Burrows played pretty evenly, both defenses had good gameplans for them. Polk role players outplayed meigs by a lot outside of newman. If you were there, you got a glimpse of what meigs would be like without baker at the end. It was ugly
  12. thought u guys played great. was just a really good game. congrats on a great season logcabinman
  13. One of us will get in the win column tomorrow as you have meigs and I am sticking with my polk pick. Anything can happen tho!!
  14. The CHIEFS with a big win over the chargers. Wiggins was a beast!!
  15. Congrats to the all district team. Wiggins and grant from seq. Burrows and lairmore from polk. Thacker from central. Baker and newman from meigs. Small thaxton and Blankenship from loudon. Billinngsley and Kyle from Sweetwater. Congrats to Oggs for winning MVP. Best player on best team
  16. Interesting. Not often do good basketball players play anything else, especially baseball considering it cuts into aau season. Wiggins from seq also plays but he’s the only other one I kno of
  17. I agree. No one matches well with the big guy. But with baker working so hard to get the ball, one would think he is going to try to score when he gets some of his limited touches. That’s why I believe the others will have to get newman the ball. Do these two play any other sports? I kno newman plays football
  18. If chiefs shoot well they can keep it close. Just not the year I expected them to have. Central by 15+
  19. Question. Did McMinn co just play a man to man? If so, that is where they lost. You cannot play a man against meigs or Baker will tear u apart. I would say polk will box and one him forcing the others to feed newman and beat them. Watching meigs this year, Baker is the only one who consistently can feed newman. That is why I am taking Polk. Just my opinion tho
  20. I expect you’re chargers to handle the chiefs with ease on Wednesday my friend. No worries for you
  21. not sure about a full 10.. but sweetwater should be pretty good. they have a really nice pitcher coming back. meigs lost rogers and reed so not expecting much from the defending champs
  22. You could be right but polk shooters are prob too much in my opinion. I was on meigs train all year thinking they would get it together but just seems like they never could
  23. Consolation games start this week. Taking central over sequoyah and Polk over meigs. Loudon and Sweetwater meet in finals. Prediction for that will come later
  24. Sweetwater vs Polk and then meigs vs central. Thinking abt traveling to meigs tonite because I don’t think the other game will be too good
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