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  1. Sequatchie County would have hit they would have wiped the floor with Lexington and we did wipe the floor with Jackson South side to put them out, the Sequatchie will be back next year and returning every starter with exception of one
  2. Mackenzie Turner is the best pitcher in AA period
  3. Mackenzie Turner Sequatchie
  4. Whoever has to play Sequatchie or Marion better bring their A-game that's all I'm going to say
  5. Sequatchie County falls in that category they're 20 - 1 right now outscoring opponents 170-30 they are well rounded, I think they lead the state in several offensive categories including batting average,And steals and probably one of the best pitchers in the state on the mound
  6. Well it's for fans to discuss their team if they feel their team is one of the top 10
  7. Mackenzie Turner Sequatchie ranked number one unapproved website in wins with 15
  8. A bat must be asa stamped to be used in high school ball
  9. No not my daughter but she also had a few errors behind her and had most stikeouts against meigs than any pitcher they had faced per your head coach
  10. Mackenzie Turner Sequatchie Co. on that list for sure im not sure if there is one better in AA in Chattanooga area
  11. Not unless they have a whole different team than I saw at Soddy Dasiy judging off of that they must be really playing some bad teams
  12. Like I said I watched them play this weekend they didn't score a lot of runs they scored 23 and gave up 25 thru 5 games and lost in silver bracket to Sequoyah so I don't see them winning the district
  13. Meigs will not compete for a title they'll be lucky to make it out of the district unless they improve alot , more than the era is going to be higher so are the numbers in the loss column. Just my opinion from what I seen of them playing this weekend and Athens
  14. I think Sale Creek and Whitwell with Sale Creek winning the title
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