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  1. Another former district rivalry is renewed this week as the Vikings (5-2, 4-1) travel to Jackson to face the Bruins (5-2, 4-2) in this key DII-A West matchup. Perfect football weather in the forecast this Friday will be welcome after the elements both teams faced last weekend. Both have suffered 1 point losses to NCS in each of the last 2 Fridays and the Bruins will really be looking to get back on track after consecutive region losses. USJ has been bitten again by the injury bug as a couple of key senior 2-way playmakers will be limited or questionable this week. The QB battle cleared up slightly on McClellan Road this week as a 5th string freshman added to the list of Jackson Christian defectors. Improved weather and playing conditions should restore the Bruins' advantage in the kicking game that they have enjoyed all season. By all accounts the FA QB is a true dual threat and USJ will have to game-plan accordingly and improve upon the tackling deficiencies from last week. I expect another close battle. Both teams have secured a playoff spot, but seeding implications abound. If the Bruins were to prevail, this could lay the groundwork for a 3-way tie in second place by season's end.
  2. Must be referring to the Catholics. They've converted so many folks in the last couple of years, they're making Joel Osteen jealous.
  3. The Bruins try to bounce back from their first loss of the season this week on the road against defending state champion Davidson Academy. Davidson Academy has won their last 4 games after a tough 0-2 start. The Bruins find themselves in a mid-season QB battle. The senior starter elected to forego ACL surgery (and miss his last season of football) and he played quite a few snaps in last week's narrow loss to NCS. Presumably, reps in practice this week will determine who gets the nod this Friday, but I would expect a fair number of snaps for both. USJ is nursing a couple of other key injuries and if those players are unable to go this week, it could have a significant impact on strategy, particularly on offense. These two teams seem to be fairly matched on paper and on film and the outcome of this game will have major playoff ramifications as both teams currently have a loss to NCS as the only blemish on their region record to date. I predict another nail-biter and the Davidson Academy Boosters have announced the "will sell us the whole seat, but you'll only need the edgeeee" {Tractor Pull Announcer Voice} Anyone have any thoughts? Any Bears fans on here?
  4. FINAL: NCS 28, USJ 27. It was a heavyweight fight tonight and NCS landed the last blow with 1:40 remaining to take the lead. After a PI call put them deep in Bruin territory, the TD came on a wacky tipped ball was brought down by a nearby NCS receiver. USJ then moved backwards in the 2 minute drill and ultimately turned it over on downs before time expired. USJ caught the breaks early, capturing the lead on holding it for about 44 of the 48 minutes, but momentum shifted in the fourth quarter and failing to capitalize on some earlier opportunities came back to bite the Bruins. These two teams were very evenly matched and a postseason rematch would be interesting to say the least.
  5. Both teams badly need another region win and holding the tiebreaker between the two may prove to be critical in regards to the playoff picture. They should be evenly matched in the trenches and I predict a close low scoring affair in the first half. Ultimately I don't think TRA has the horses to contain Davis and he'll break loose for at least a couple of scores. I would guess TCA by 10 or so.
  6. I think the prediction for both teams to score 25-35 points is very reasonable. Both teams have too many weapons to contain. I expect to see about a one score margin between these two teams one way or the other. Each team as really only seen one competitive 4Q game, with NCS grinding out a win v. Davidson and USJ battling from behind against TCA. Bold prediction: a special teams play or a defensive score will be the difference in the ballgame.
  7. I stand corrected on the DII timing, they did come over in 2017 and the last few came over this year (USJ is the one new to the region, thus the mixup). They certainly have not been quite as successful since the move and have nowhere near the athletes they had in 14-15-16, but seem to have adjusted and are faring better this year. DA has certainly been a formidable opponent for them since the move, but after losing so much to graduation, NCS bested them in their early season matchup. Those two teams will be USJ's opponents the next two weeks and those matchups should start to clarify the traffic jam at the top of the region standings. As to the statements of tradertwo, we have not had the pleasure of any postseason rematches in the first couple of years with this coaching staff. I am hoping that what you say is correct, as the rematch is always the more important of the two. This is a two way street as well. Beating a team once is one thing, but beating them a second time is a much bigger challenge. I still think turnovers are the key to this game. Every game to date for the Bruins has been heavily affected by turnovers, either for or against. The Bruin secondary has ballhawks, with double digit INTs through 5 games. If USJ is able to slow the ground game and force obvious passing situations, that can prove to be a major advantage.
  8. The only two remaining undefeated teams in DII-A will face off this Friday when the NCS Eagles head west on I-40 the meet the host USJ Bruins. Despite both schools approaching their respective 50th anniversaries, this is the first ever meeting between the two schools to the best of my knowledge. Over the past 7-8 years NCS emerged as a perennial I-A powerhouse and claimed the gold ball in 2015. I was on hand when that team demolished Peabody in the state semifinals the week after the Tide had ended Union City's hot streak. They made the move to DII this year and have continued their winning ways. USJ has made a few trips to the bowl over the years in both DI and DII, but only brought home silver hardware. Both teams run a balanced offensive attack with NCS being a little more run-heavy than USJ. I have only seen NCS on film this year, but I believe these two teams will be well-matched on offense and defense. USJ may have a slight edge on special teams. NCS definitely has their share of weapons that the Bruins will have to work hard to contain. These teams will both score their fair share. I think this one will stay close on the scoreboard and the edge will go to the team who wins the turnover battle. Fun Fact #1: Two former NCS players represented their respective teams this past summer at SEC media days Fun Fact #2: Two current Bruins players have parents that graduated from NCS
  9. I love the open floor plan and farmhouse sink. I think I shall continue living rent-free in that head of yours.
  10. I am told that CA may have a stronger passing QB that will be returning in the next week or two from a preseason injury. From my POV, it seemed like protecting the passer was at least as big of an issue as the passer himself. On the few plays where he had time to read and throw, he hit a couple of out routes at the boundary to move the chains.
  11. Another underhanded jab accusation (yawn). Bruins continue to live rent free on Windy City.
  12. In all honesty, it was much closer than it appears. It was a battle in the first half, Bruins offense struggled to find its rhythm and the defense was on its heels against a well run wing-T by Columbia Academy. USJ led 7-0 at the half, with the TD coming on a scoop and score. Another fumble early 3Q resulted in a FG and then another scoop and score for USJ made it 16-0 after a failed 2 pt conversion. At that point, we had gained maybe 3-4 first downs the whole game. Offense then started to click and the game blew wide open. USJ has had a tendency all year to start slowly and this was no different tonight. I won't say they were the "toughest test to date" but they were no slouch and are certainly not your average 0-5 team. The are not big up front, but blocked their schemes well. They had a couple of kids that ran the ball really hard, but struggled in the passing game. Defense was well-coached, in good position, and tackled well until they finally got worn down the the second half. For the second week in a row, I would say USJ was the better team but I don't think they are 37 points better than either squad.
  13. Gary Parrish is an old Commercial Appeal writer that now writes primarily college basketball for CBS. Also does sports talk radio in Memphis and has some pretty good takes on college BB and the Grizzlies.
  14. Gary Parrish writes a weekly column in basketball season blasting AP voters for their lazy and inexplicable voting habits, perhaps we could do the same. I guess there has to be some sort of ranking system, if for no other reason than to generate clicks these days. To ask a sports writer (from the tri-cities for instance) to rank small private schools, some of whom may be 7 hours away, is pointless. They undoubtedly look at records or perhaps box scores at best. Fortunately it appears that nearly every II-A team worth its salt will face almost every other team on the list by season's end and the poll should look a lot like the DII-A west standings with FCS somewhere in the mix as well. Based on performance against teams inside TN state lines, I would personally rank them 1. FA, 2. NCS, 3. USJ at present and these guys will all get to sort it out between the lines over the next few weeks.
  15. Without mudslinging, I will just say that there was A LOT more motivating the unnecessary TD at the end of the game than just the 4Q of football played on Friday night. This rivalry goes back to the days when TCA was nothing more than a glimmer in their daddy's eye. The more recent move to DII for JCS and some of the behind the scenes moves that have taken place in the recent months have rekindled the rivalry as much as ever. JCS is "building" and could very well have the chance to return the favor in coming years, but only time will tell.
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