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  1. No transfers per se, but a couple of freshman newcomers, both big kids with big bats. Most importantly, they didn't lose anything to graduation last year. They have 5 seniors this year that were all major contributors last year as juniors, including their biggest bat and top 2 arms. None of the above have seen 95 at the plate this season, so would make for an intriguing matchup.
  2. TCA beat Peabody 3-2 in 9 innings tonight and will face GC in the championship game tomorrow.
  3. Parking will be a big challenge. I've had to park 3 lots away for a middle school game. They may even have to arrange a shuttle from Union or something or cars will be parked a mile up Country Club Lane. They have a reasonable amount of seating for a small school but "standing room only" will be an understatement for a game of this magnitude. With all the local teams already eliminated, the opening of duck season may be the only thing that thins the walk-up crowd. Best of luck to both teams. Haywood seems to finally be living up to some of their lofty preseason hype and that duo of RBs will be hard to contain on turf.
  4. Middle TN schools did not feel it was fair to all play each other, since clearly they are the best. They had the votes and bullied everyone else into this absurd 2 region scenario. Agree with ReitzFan, all these long travel games will mean awful gate revenue for all parties involved. Eight region games gives you very little flexibility in scheduling (fall break for instance). USJ struggles to find out of conference games as is, and the limited flexibility makes that even more challenging. We will open with Southside next year and sounds like our other will probably be Crockett Co. Regular season road trips to Nashville and Clarksville. Even worse travel for the other teams on the far ends of the "region".
  5. ECS scored two TDs late in the first matchup, making the box score look more competitive than the game. I expect Lausanne to roll this time around. SGIS may have enough weapons on offense to put some points on CPA, but their QB is hot/cold and time will tell which one shows up tomorrow. Lions can name their score and I don't think this one will be close either. Next week's de facto championship game will be hard fought and it's possible that CPA is the more complete team. They are most definitely better coached and have better quality depth. The Lions' field was a muddy mess last Friday (but well short of the above photo thankfully) and by next week may look more like a rodeo arena than a football field after 6 straight home games. I don't think that necessarily helps one team more than the other. That one will be worth the price of admission for sure.
  6. Trust me, no one is happy with the drop in enrollment. The current freshman class has always been a small class, but graduating our largest class ever (100+) and replacing it with a class of 45 is a pretty fast way to affect overall HS numbers. The classes to follow are more average sized and we will likely move back to D2-AA unless the numbers change again. But you are correct about the large number of privates in Jackson, with a growing 4th school in the mix now. USJ also has been losing a chunk of would-be freshmen to the academic magnet school every year which, while it doesn't have much impact on athletics, does affect overall enrollment.
  7. USJ likely moving to DII-A as well due to 20% drop in enrollment
  8. USJ won the turnover battle. Hardegree had a solid game plan to bottle up #7 and prevent big plays. Offense ate the clock by pounding the rock with only one big play early and the rest being small chunk yardage. The freshman kicker mixed it up nicely, keeping it away from the deep threat and even forced a couple of turnovers on squib kicks. I believe both teams have much more potential to unlock and am hopeful that both will finish their seasons strong. The biggest winner of the night was RIFA with nearly 55,000 pounds of food collected between the 2 schools this week.
  9. USJ is still a little hard to read. We saw some good things from Reynolds at QB against Crockett when he was forced into action after losing our starting QB for the season. Some of the timing issues, etc. I expect to be cleaned up after taking 1st team reps for a week or two. To be honest, we were so outmatched at Haywood on Friday, I didn't learn much more about our team. Our D is solid but lacks a little top-end speed, so containment of Davis may prove to be a challenge. We don't have that Buie/Miller tandem of course, but we have a variety of weapons and I expect us to score points. I anticipate a fairly high scoring but close rivalry match on Friday night. It will be SRO crowd as always over on Windy City and we are looking forward to it.
  10. I am well aware because I took several of our boys over there to watch after our decision to cancel was final. It seems it could or should have been played, but officials make the call and these 2 officiating crews obviously saw things differently. That being said, there was no reason they couldn't have come back on Friday night when the game was initially scheduled. Oh well, on to the Crockett game.
  11. Chester County is 30 minutes from USJ, so distance is not a factor. Before the officials made the final decision, CC had declared they were not coming back the next day and would not reschedule. Not sure exactly why. I suppose they didn't want to waste any more time and energy on a non-region game. On a related note, the weather was perfect tonight. Such a waste.
  12. Bellsburg2


    Man I loved Coach Seig when he was at NCS back in the 80s. Always one of my favorites. Hopefully he can right the ship. I only follow from afar these days, but sounds like things have gotten a little messy of late.
  13. Lausanne offensive analysis: 1. Lausanne cannot throw a forward pass 2. Lausanne doesn't have to throw a forward pass LCS has a ton of speed in the secondary but not necessarily the tightest coverage. BGA will move the ball well. I suspect this will be a decent matchup and a fairly high scoring affair, but Lausanne will have to make some mistakes for BGA to win. Side note: Lausanne is a pitiful visitor experience. Parking is a nightmare. Be ready to walk half a mile even if you take the shuttle. They have 3 row risers and visitor seats for maybe 100, of which 60 are directly behind your players and you can't see over them.
  14. Not sure about Bitili, but Givens' family are friends of my family and he's been here all his life. Believe it or not, he didn't start out 6'6".
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