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  1. Clemmons pinned Fisak in the first meeting and then lost to him at Regionals.
  2. Smith is at the FR tournament. Beech whole team
  3. Yes he will be at FR tournament at 126
  4. Like I said those items should be communicated via either Noah or his family not friends unless told to do so by the family (sorry i have this code thing). I cant speak for Whitworth but i know Noah is being looked at so i will leave it at that.
  5. I am positive that these boys have received looks as their options in most cases should not be publicized as this should be kept in house with family and friends. In addition , just because a kid signs with a college doesnt mean that money for wrestling was given as academics or other circumstances may play a large roll. My vote is still Noah-my opinion .
  6. My money is on Noah. I dont count/compare the Whitworth and Palmer match as that was 2 years ago, different styles and Palmer flat out gassed with a 3 point lead going into the 3rd period -then gave up 2 sets of back points. Again all good kids but my vote would be Noah based on his style and coaching both Noah and Palmer for a few years. Just to be clear Whitworth is a bad boy as well.
  7. Placement from previous year is how he lays it out , correct me if I am wrong
  8. Scott I disagree as Super 32 is the toughest. Fargo is a great accomplishment but with cadet and the Junior along with multiple extra weights it comes in 2nd to me. Great list but you have a ton of Fargo placers that never place at Super 32. My opinion.
  9. Just like all other national tournaments parents and kids find their way and should not have to opt in to all the other options that just inflate cost. I understand a cost for clothing and entry fees but if you will provide for yourself/kid why should you have to pay anything else. If you as a parent are supplying the transportation, food and hotel accommodations why would you need to pay these portions of the estimated cost as those items/cost should not be charged. Camps- if you are going to Fargo and you havent been training with some of the best in the state by the best coaches you may need to rethink going. We all know who to seek for training in TN whether your in Nashville or Chattanooga (not sure for Memphis or Knoxville). Also these kids are 15 to 18 years old, why am I giving money to someone to then pay out an allowance daily. How about I give the money to my son and he pays for his meals- just like 100% of the other national tournaments we enter every year. I am excited to see the final plan when completed. It's not that hard!! Just another national tournament.
  10. So why are we posting a $1500 fee if it was not voted on? Information should only be released when finalized.
  11. Ridiculous. Cost are outrageous and my boy will not go to fargo. Almost every state is cheaper. Really sad!
  12. Need to do an allstar event during the season (who's number 1) as I believe there will be more athletes excited about the event. Right after the season is hard and i know a handful of top kids in AAA and D2 that have said no way! Great idea but expect low turnout on the top kids.
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