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  1. BQ125

    Pound for pound rakings

    I agree, believe very little participation will occur with the top kids.
  2. BQ125

    CK'S Top Teams: week 1/14/19

    I would like to see how you have Baylor and CB matched up in a dual as well to see where/why the change. If it's due to Baylors inability to actually have their full team participate in any tournament outside of the Cleveland Duals then I completely understand. Otherwise I am not following but it's all for fun and the real thing happens soon.
  3. BQ125

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    Myles was caught but the better wrestler won just like he has the previous 5 times they wrestled. Caught is when someone has proven that thru competition (head to head) they are very close/equals. Not thru speculation that they are equals. At the end of the day I believe we will see a rematch and that will be the tell all.
  4. BQ125

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    I am sorry but I have to say a pin is a pin. Lucky, got caught doesnt really matter it's a pin. All this other stuff is just ridiculous. Trae is the best 106 and i dont think he will be challenged. Maybe he doesnt pin "whoever" makes the final verse him but he will cruise to a state championship.
  5. BQ125

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    No to a new #1 (dual or individual). Reaching on this one with 3 stud starters out. However good tournament for both teams and congrats to WC.
  6. BQ125

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    No Bond, Duffy and Chambers! They will be ok. Congrats Wilson Central.
  7. BQ125

    Bruin Duals

    Trey will be in attendance. He is feeling better!!
  8. BQ125

    TN 8th grader wins NCAA college open

    Baylor fan made his profile yesterday and started taking shots at multiple kids and teams on different post. Not sure who his team is as I am sure it is not Baylor as he took shots at those kids as well. Good job Cody as you are a good kid and your family has done good things for TN wrestling. There will always be haters, so who cares what they say or think.
  9. BQ125

    Prep Slam

    I agree Durdon! The previous guy posting obviously is an ### and either doesnt know wrestling or is a fan/parent of a team that is not really good! Those 4 boys love to compete and to say they are sick of losing is rather funny since these kids have been traveling getting competition at the national level since they were little. Anyone that makes a profile right before positing to hide their identity is a joke anyway!! In addition, since he brought up losing you may want to check those kids records. I believe they have lost very few matches over their high school careers and I would bet that the combined 4 kids have less losses over their career than your sweet Johnny has this year. Good luck !!
  10. BQ125

    Prep Slam

    4 wrestlers for Baylor out sick, Bates, Horst, Bond and Dendy. Been a rough month for Baylor but will be fun when everyone can get healthy.
  11. BQ125

    2019 Johnny Drennan Invitational Preview

    It is correct. Haney is a good kid. Sleeper at 120.
  12. BQ125

    Ok. I will do it.

    Merry Christmas
  13. BQ125

    TN Coach's Poll for 17 December

    Lol, would love to see who those two wrestlers are and if it could have been as big of an impact like Dendy and Harper ranked number 1 in the state. Needless to say it will be a great state dual and state championship!
  14. BQ125

    KC Stampede

    Some made comments that Baylor lost by 70 points last week to Christian Brothers when they had 4 kids out sick. Baylor is stacked so for those that dont really know wrestling good luck with your comments. In addition not really sure Baylor got their butt handed to them this weekend as some suggested. Good showing this weekend by Baylor with a top 6 finish.
  15. BQ125

    KC Stampede

    Baylor had 2 studs out just saying