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  1. Just like all other national tournaments parents and kids find their way and should not have to opt in to all the other options that just inflate cost. I understand a cost for clothing and entry fees but if you will provide for yourself/kid why should you have to pay anything else. If you as a parent are supplying the transportation, food and hotel accommodations why would you need to pay these portions of the estimated cost as those items/cost should not be charged. Camps- if you are going to Fargo and you havent been training with some of the best in the state by the best coaches you may need to rethink going. We all know who to seek for training in TN whether your in Nashville or Chattanooga (not sure for Memphis or Knoxville). Also these kids are 15 to 18 years old, why am I giving money to someone to then pay out an allowance daily. How about I give the money to my son and he pays for his meals- just like 100% of the other national tournaments we enter every year. I am excited to see the final plan when completed. It's not that hard!! Just another national tournament.
  2. So why are we posting a $1500 fee if it was not voted on? Information should only be released when finalized.
  3. Ridiculous. Cost are outrageous and my boy will not go to fargo. Almost every state is cheaper. Really sad!
  4. Need to do an allstar event during the season (who's number 1) as I believe there will be more athletes excited about the event. Right after the season is hard and i know a handful of top kids in AAA and D2 that have said no way! Great idea but expect low turnout on the top kids.
  5. Great job Trae I call that a trend!! Go get you a state championship young man!
  6. BQ125


    This guy has lost his mind in the easiest weight class to predict. Palmer and no one is close. This post is funny not really.
  7. Understand. I would disagree if they were all the same weight on who would win. Either way all 3 of them have been traveling and competing nationally since they were very young (and have done really well). Great thing is that if you know these kids they are all great to be around and they get along with each other.
  8. Well that is your opinion which is probably in the minority. I would take Bates and Noah in that trade period. No knock on any kid but would take 2 over just one stud, lol.
  9. I wish them well too but I dont think they will show up even if they get weight. Great idea but I am not confident in a high level of participation right after the sesson. Especially for those that compete nationally and start preparing for the big national tournaments in Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco. Just my prediction.
  10. I agree, believe very little participation will occur with the top kids.
  11. I would like to see how you have Baylor and CB matched up in a dual as well to see where/why the change. If it's due to Baylors inability to actually have their full team participate in any tournament outside of the Cleveland Duals then I completely understand. Otherwise I am not following but it's all for fun and the real thing happens soon.
  12. Myles was caught but the better wrestler won just like he has the previous 5 times they wrestled. Caught is when someone has proven that thru competition (head to head) they are very close/equals. Not thru speculation that they are equals. At the end of the day I believe we will see a rematch and that will be the tell all.
  13. I am sorry but I have to say a pin is a pin. Lucky, got caught doesnt really matter it's a pin. All this other stuff is just ridiculous. Trae is the best 106 and i dont think he will be challenged. Maybe he doesnt pin "whoever" makes the final verse him but he will cruise to a state championship.
  14. No to a new #1 (dual or individual). Reaching on this one with 3 stud starters out. However good tournament for both teams and congrats to WC.
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