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  1. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions, this camp is now canceled. sorry
  2. Josh is coming back down to TN to run a preseason camp. It will be at the Jones Center in Cleveland 8/27 through 8/29. Friday 8/27 will be 6pm to 8pm. Saturday 8/28 will be 3 sessions, 9-11, 1-3, 6-8pm. Sunday will be 2 sessions 9-11, 1-3pm. Some of the top High school and Middle school kids from TN, GA, and NC will be there as Josh has a huge following with the top kids in the south. My son learned a lot from Josh and I highly recommend Josh and this camp. There will be more talent at this camp than any preseason camp in the south this year. cost is $200. You can pay Josh through Venmo at @joshkindig Keeping things moving! Tune up with NCAA Finalist and Pennsylvania great Josh Kindig. This will be an intensive folkstyle training camp. Big folkstyle competition within the coming weeks of this training camp. Community is welcome, coaches, clubs, referees. KINUDIGIT! Attention all my Southern friends August 27-29. I will be running a pre-season jump start camp at Jones Center in Tennessee including my @boom_ranch peoples and open to ALL OTHERS‼️This camp will be a banger including hard drilling, fast pace transition from one position to the next, high tempo technique turning stalemates into scores, on our feet/top/and bottom, mindsets with short time left, losing/winning by so many points, from all positions. LFG #preperation #mentality #confidence #effort #energy #intensity #hardwork address Jones Center 850 Raider Drive, cleveland, Tn
  3. USA Today just held the Inaugural Statewide High School Sports Awards. The Tennessee Male Wrestler of the Year award winner is… Alex Whitworth of McCallie Here were the other nominees for Male Wrestler of the Year: Trey Bates, Beech; Thomas Borders, Wilson Central; Kodiak Cannedy, Greeneville; Cody Chittum, Cleveland; Dayne Dalrymple, Christian Brothers; Garrison Dendy, Baylor; David Harper, Baylor; Hunter Mason, Greeneville; Trae McDaniel, Cleveland; Emory Taylor, McCallie; Daniel Uhorchuk, Signal Mountain
  4. Congrats to Kodiak! Big pickup for Little Rock as he has a huge D1 upside.
  5. Here are the Fargo Champs from TN. 4 of the six were from Christian Brothers which is darn impressive! Junior Freestyle Tennessee (1) – Elijah Oliver (113/2013) Cadet Freestyle Tennessee (1) – Nicholas Boykin (285/2015) Tennessee (1) - Nick Marable (145/2002) Junior Greco Tennessee (1) – Tommy Brackett (170/2016) Tennessee (1) - Dayne Dalrymple(132/2021) Cadet Greco Tennessee (1) – Nicholas Boykin (285/2015)
  6. We have a Fargo Champ!!!! Big Shoutout to Dayne Dalrymple for bringing a Fargo Championship home to TN!! Dayne dominated his Junior Greco Bracket at 132p. A bracket that was absolutely loaded. Christian Brothers has become a Greco producing machine. They just seem to keep producing these Greco Champs. Big Win for UTC wrestling as Dayne will be reporting to UTC in a couple of weeks. Also, big shoutout to Ashton Davis of Cleveland who finished 4th in Greco at 220p and is bringing another stop sign for him home!
  7. Cooper wins and finishes 3rd overall. Hunter Mason did get a FF in medal round and finished 7th. Congratulations to both!
  8. According to Flo Arena, Hunter Mason’s kid he had in ⅞ just FF out, so Hunter finished 7th. Congrats young man! Getting a stop sign is a Big accomplishment !
  9. Cooper is in the ¾ and Hunter Mason is in ⅞. They will compete in the medal round tomorrow. I thought with the boys that went that TN was going to do better this year but Fargo is just such a gauntlet with so many land mines. Plus, this year the injury bug really hurt us losing both Chittum and Cooper Hilton who would have both been 1 seeds. Here how we have done the last few years… In 2020, TN had 2 Fargo Placers. In 2019, TN had 5 Fargo placers. In 2018, TN had 5 Fargo placers.
  10. Not a good year so far as no Cadets from TN placed. Both Omaury Alvarez and Caden Roark did make the blood-round.
  11. Chittum is out for Fargo. He separated a couple of his rib at practice on Friday. Sucks…
  12. durdon

    Noah Horst

    Palmer is at UTC now.
  13. Yes, your right. My bad, not sure why I was thinking he was at Hixson and not Whitewell.
  14. I couldn’t edit my first post, so I reposted adding Bryce Barton who is going to UTC. Question for the old timers on this forum. Is this the best 2 year run in Chattonooga Area School history? Class of ‘21 now has 8 D1 wrestlers from Chattonooga area Mccallie Cagle – Virginia Taylor – Pitt Whitworth – Harvard Cleveland Bradford - Citadel McDaniel - West Point Signal Mountain Uhrochuck - West Point Muschel – Campbell Hixson Barton - UTC Class of 22 has 4 D1 Commits from Chattonooga area schools so far: Baylor Corday – West Point Dendy – Wyoming Harper – Wyoming Cleveland Chittum – Minnesota (he has reclassified for class of ‘22) Even without the 4 potential kids in the Chattonooga area Schools in ‘22 class who might wrestle D1, that’s 12 D1 wrestlers coming out of the Chattonooga area Schools over the 2 classes. Has anything close to this ever happened before? I would also guess also that this is the best 2 year run in TN State high School history too. Statewide Class of 21 has 13 D1 Wrestlers with the Addition of: Beech Bates – Central Michigan Christian Brothers Dalrymple - UTC Dobyns-Bennet Watkins – Campbell Hurst - UTC Committed for Class of ‘22 Lakeway Roller – Virginia
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