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  1. It was posted earlier that any regional would work as a qualifier. Is this no longer accurate?
  2. So, here is the problem, Bowers made this survey to see who interested in going to Fargo without telling people the cost. Cost is the determining factor in whether or not people are interested in going to Fargo. So until people know what the cost is they can’t make a decision as to whether or not they are going. So the the results of thus survey will be so incredibly flawed that it makes it worthless. And before you say it’s $1500, that’s a number Bowers has thrown out there as a maybe and it has never been voted on by the board. Right now, there is an offer out there by a board member and a major wrestling booster to cover the cost of Fargo so that every kid that wants to go can go to Fargo for $500. If people knew the cost was only going to be $500 then there would be a tremendous amount more interest in kids wanting to go to Fargo and this survey would reflect that. Isn’t that something we want. Considering that we only had 9 TN wrestlers go to Fargo last year and do both styles, TWF should focus on taking in every donation dollar of support they can get to reduce the cost of the Fargo trip. AGAIN 9 Total kids!! I’m sorry but that’s was an abysmal failure by the TWF last year.
  3. No John, Bowers rewrote the charter rules after he was elected to extend his term to a 3 year term.
  4. Big shoutout to Garrett Bowers for finishing 3rd at FloNationals Junior Freestyle at 65KG and Aiden Bowers finishing 8th FloNationals Cadet Greco at 60kG. Here all the TN wrestlers that competed 55KG Dayne Dalrymple 60KG Aidan Bowers 65KG Evan Anthony 65KG Garrett Bowers 70KG Joey Ahern 80KG Mario Robledo 80KG Theo Sewell
  5. One of the TWF’s board members and a prominent booster of wrestling in TN have gone to Bowers made him an offer. Let all of the kids, coaches and parents make their own travel arrangements like they have for past 20 years, Keep the cost to $500 per kid, get the kids a real gear package that includes shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, singlets, shorts, let the RTC SOUTH coaches and athletes run the Fargo camp; and training of coaches, officials, and athletes statewide, let all of the coaches and kids that want to go to Fargo go. Allow for a Juniors coordinator and a Cadet coordinator that will manage all of the kids and coaches the entire time at Fargo so that Bowers can concentrates on his USA meetings. This wrestling booster and TWF Board member have agreed to donate whatever money to the TWF that is needed to cover the shortfall from this trip. So a real solution that solves the TWF’s money issue has been presented to Bowers, one that will unify and satisfy all of the parents and kids that want to go to Fargo this year. The question is whether or not Bowers will accept it.
  6. Practice and coaches clinic is at Maclellan gym at UTC. Kids that are coming to the RTC have to bring a valid USA card. All kids coming to RTC have to meet the USA wrestling criteria. http://content.themat.com/CoachesCorner/RTC-criteria.pdf
  7. “Please pass the word around: RTC South is hosting the coaches clinic at 1 this Sunday. FR and GR technique and a referee corner. Also, they will have practice from 4-6. Hope to see a bunch of friends there. The room will be filled with college kids and studs from the tri-states. ”
  8. No, Luke Belcher is a homegrown Bradley Bear. He will be a freshman for Bradley Central next year and he is going to be a stud for the next 4 years for them.
  9. James Howard of McCallie wins Freshman Nationals at 285.
  10. Just been debating this tonight with some of the GA guys here... if you look at the results from Nationals, Ga has double the population and twice as many kids wrestling as TN except GA only had 6 finalist compared to TN 4... and 11 placers compared to TN 8... our ratio of producing AA per wrestler IS MUCH HIGHER so TN > Ga.. lol
  11. Here are all the TN All Americans We have 4 in the finals this year! Seniors Mason Reiniche Finals Brayden Palmer Finals Grant Lundy ⅞ Juniors Skyler Coffey ⅚ Sophomore Cooper Flynn Finals Gavin Gagle ⅚ Trae Mcdaniel ⅚ Parker Peterson ⅞ Freshman James Howard Finals Ashton David ¾ Brayden Ivy ¾ Kodiak Kennedy ⅞ Medal Rounds start at 8am tomorrow
  12. There is a lot more TN kids wrestling this weekend at NHSCA but this is the number of kids that got seeded this weekend. I iwould guess that 22 is by far the most seeded kids that TN has ever gotten. Really impressive the respect that TN kids are starting to get on the National level.
  13. TOTAL OF SEEDED KIDS BY CLASS Seniors 8 Juniors 1 Sophomores 9 Freshman 4 Schools with Seeded kids McCallie 4 Cleveland 4 Baylor 3 Greeneville 2 Beech 2 Clarksville 1 Alcoa 1 Blackman 1 CAK 1 Smrya 1 Father Ryan 1 Mcdonogh, MD 1
  14. Freshman Nationals 106 #4 Jackson Bond 132 #3 Kodiak Cannedy 182 #4 Ashton Davis 285 #2 James Howard
  15. Sophomore Nationals 106 #1 Trae Mcdaniel 113 #1 Cooper Flynn 113 #9 Trey Bates 120 #13 Jackson Bradford 120 #14 Christian Morris 126 #7 Emory Taylor 160 #8 Alex Whitworth 160 #14 Gavin Gagle 170 #14 Parker Peterson
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