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  1. Dave, the working together as a collective has made all of middle TN better over the past decade. Anytime that you can train together instead of isolation there is a huge benefit to everyone. Bradley county and Chattanooga area kids have been training together for decades. The exact same thing has been happening with all of the top GA kids as regardless of the HS they go to they all train together. The only difference being that you will see less than 10% of the joint training being live and the majority being hard drilling, play wrestling and rep after rep. I’ve seen this exact model nationwide in the areas that are dominate in wrestling. My point is that if you guys want to go to the next level and start dominating the state you guys need to move away from the heavy amount of live that you guys are doing when your kids get together to train and move to more hard precise drilling and play wrestling model instead. If a major training center were to open in the Nashville area like Compound, Young guns, level up etc that was not tied to any specific school that focused on hard drilling and play wrestling instead of live where the majority of middle TN kids could go train together nightly then within two years Middle TN would dominate this state. In my opinion for what it’s worth, it is the reliance on heavy live is what is holding Middle TN back.
  2. When it comes to training, 90% of training at the HS level should be technique driven and 10% should be live. Actually that 90% might be low. Hard drilling with a purpose is how kids develop and get better in this sport, not live matches in practice. Fight night and practices that focus mostly on live Matches in my opinion are completely worthless
  3. I can verify that there is going to be some very high level High school wrestlers at this camp.
  4. I was going to post that I thought that the 2011 Baylor team was the best of the teams that I am aware of. 2010 is about as far back as I go but I remember how dominating the 2010 and 2011 Baylor teams were and I thought they might Have better than the Ryan 2015 and 2016 teams but I didn’t have the numbers verify that. It is still darn impressive that those 2 Ryan teams had 7 champs, but I didn’t realize how incredible the 2011 Baylor team was. And then when you add in 2008 and 2009 Baylor and Ryan teams it shows that while this years Baylor team was really good and dominate this year, historically their has been multiple other teams that were actually more dominate. And, while it’s not D2 no team will ever be as dominating as the Red Bank teams of the early 60’s were.
  5. It’s now been posted online so I’ll mention it here. Christian Brothers Evan Anthony maybe the toughest kid in Tennessee. He won his state title yesterday and wrestled the entire State and region tournaments with a torn ACL. He is having surgery this week to get it repaired. Big kudos to Garrett Bowers for moving up a weight class so Evan could drop and have an easier path to get his state title.
  6. That is not a stat that is actually kept but talking to some guys that really know TN wrestling history, they said there been multiple times that teams have placed all 14 weights. If you look at just D2 since the spilt this wasn’t even the most points scored by a team. You have to remember just how dominate the Father Ryan teams of the mid teens were.
  7. The calendar mistake by TSSAA wasn’t intentional this year. It was simply an over-site. National Preps is one of the Top 5 HS tournament and getting TN kids exposure at this event is something I am sure that the TSSAA knows is a good thing even if it’s only a select few of our TN kids that are eligible to go.
  8. Yes, Father Ryan had 7 state champs in both 2015 and again in 2016.
  9. TN finished with 4 top four placers at National Prep today. 1st Cooper Flynn 120p Mcdonogh 2nd Cody Chittum 138p Blair 3rd Keveyon Roller 113p Lakeway Christian 4th Braden Ivy 120p Lakeway Christian Pretty amazing showing for TN. Just imagine if TSSAA hadn’t screwed up the schedule this year and all the Preps had been able to go how impressive our results could have been.
  10. All Individual sports should have one single Tournament for Individual Championships! Have as many divisions as you want for team Duals, heck I would add a third division to Public and a small school to private so that for the team duals there were 5 divisions but for the Individual championship there should only be a single tournament for every kid that competes for HS. If you did that then you wouldn’t be able to hold the individual tournament in the Agcenter anymore because there would be to many fans so you would have to move it to Bridgestone!
  11. Here what’s most stupid about this whole thread. Cleveland and Baylor are not a Rivalry at all in any sport including wrestling. 99% of the Cleveland fans that were cheering including their cheerleaders could careless about Baylor and they certainly wouldn’t know that Baylor has a better team this year. Theres only maybe 30 total hardcore fans of both schools that even care about a possible Cleveland v Baylor match up. So these Baylor fans that are posting that they heard Cleveland fans chanting ‘we want Baylor’ is laughable.
  12. At no point, did anyone chant We want Baylor! I was there until it was over sitting dang close to that section.. only thing I heard the cheerleaders chant was We are Cleveland, we are Cleveland a couple of times.
  13. At no point did anyone from Cleveland chant we want Baylor.
  14. MBA is a much better team than any realizes and McCallie while they are a great individual tourney team, they aren’t a very strong dual team this year. MBA is also a bad match up for McCallie as they are good at the weight McCallie isn’t strong so they were able to bonus at some of those weights. McCallie won 7 weights they are good at and bonus in all 7 and that was the difference. Looper didn’t wrestle so that caused the FF at 52 but even if he does I’m not sure McCallie wins 8 and at most the points might improve 3 if they don’t get that 8th win. Both teams are very evenly matched in a dual match. MBA should be ranked much higher than they are. They should be ranked ahead of Bradley and be sitting at 7th. They lost to FR by 2 and wrestled McCallie very close. With the way that FR and CBHS beat Bradley then MBA should be ranked ahead of them. The other anomaly is Christian Brothers. They are a really exceptional dual team but they aren’t a very strong individual tourney team this year. As a dual team they are solid at every weight and they can move kids around. If this poll was just strictly dual team strength then I would have them tied for 2nd with Cleveland. I’m not sure who wins a CBHS vs Cleveland match right now especially with the injuries Cleveland has. But, since you guys factor in individual tourney team strength in this poll then CBHS should be 4th overall. The other question is how does Baylor not have the maximum 168 points? Who is not voting for them. This is as bad as idiot who didn’t vote for Jeter. The only way that Baylor loses to a TN team this year, is if we put together a TN All Star team to dual them. Even then it would be close as Baylor could still win 6 weights and bonus at most of those. Before Baylor boys get all excited about how great they are. Do the math, Woodland of Cartersville, Ga would beat you head to head this year, so while you dominate TN this year you couldn’t win head to head against GA’s best.
  15. I listed Higher Calling for Piper, just like I listed Boom Ranch for Carolyn. Had you guys attacked Higher Calling because Piper moved here this past summer from Nashville, I would have defended Higher Calling just as much as I defended Boom Ranch. Over the past few years, I have boosted and defended Higher Calling, Cleveland wrestling and their high school kids a thousand times more than I’ve ever even mentioned Boom Ranch. Higher Calling and Josh are the reason why my son is in wrestling still today. I always have and always will give Josh credit for everything he has done for my son. And just FYI, my son still trains some with Josh and I talk to Josh every few days.
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