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  1. durdon

    Prep Slam

    You quoted my post and if you read my post I said that Frl (Flo Radio Live podcast) said it was one of the top ten high school in season tournaments this year. So this wasn’t an actual ranking per se but just the flo guys discussing the toughest Hs tourneys this season. But I trust what those guys think more than any website rating some guy throws up. I remember the top 4 were Ironman, Beast, doc Buchanan and then national prep. They listed the rest and I don’t remember them all or the order but prep Slam was one. They mentioned Reno and cheesehead too. Now one they didn’t mention but should gave was knockout down in fl that Cleveland went to. That tourney was legit. .
  2. durdon

    Prep Slam

    Doc Buchanan is the 3rd toughest tourney this year behind only Ironman, and Beast. They had some monster matchups in the finals. And just FYI, Flo stopped identifying which tournaments were FloMajors 6 years ago so Prep Slam wasn’t cut, Flo just stopped rankings tournaments as Flo Majors back then.
  3. durdon

    TN 8th grader wins NCAA college open

    You can have as many repeat MS or EL years as you want. Their is an 8 semester rule that you have to complete consecutively once you start HS nationwide. Every state has different rules as to how old you can be to compete in athletics. In TN, the rule is you can’t turn 19 before Aug 1st of your senior year. TN also has a rule that if you repeat 7th or 8th grade that you are not allowed to compete in MS or HS sports. Close to 1/5th of all HS kids in TN, will turn 19 in HS or before they enter college and the vast majority of those kids are not being held back for athletic reasons. There is significant research showing that some children especially boys mature socially and acedmically later than other kids so elementary schools, doctors, and therapists are starting to encourage the late bloomers to start school later or to repeat a grade early on. Now the majority of kids in TN that repeat in 8th grade are doing it mainly for athletic reasons but I would argue that repeating 8th grade is in most cases the best thing for most of those kids both academically and socially. The homeschooling program that most of the wrestling kids take when they repeat 8th grade is a very crueling program with heavy emphasis on developing the skills needed to prepare them for Act/sat and to excel in HS Academically. Basically, these kids are spending an entire year taking an extremely intensive Act/Sat prep course which the company that offers this program makes the claim that it will increase ACT scores 3-5 points which is massive. They also claim that they have a large percentage of kid that are using their program as they repeat 8th grade soley for acedmic reasons and not for athletics. Bottomline is that what is best for each kid is different.
  4. Cody Chittum the TN 8th grader who won D2 state last year for McCallie in his first 8th grade year won the Nuway College Open in Lexington, Ky at 133 pounds. Cody bracket was no joke either as he had to beat a NAIA AA who finished 4th at NAIA Nationals last year in the semis. He won that match 9-2. Chittum is going to Blair next year before you ask. Ok, serious question. Has any TN middle schooler or High schooler in our history ever won a college open tourney before?
  5. durdon

    Prep Slam

    Bond is here at Prep Slam but he is not wrestling because he is healing a nagging injury(groin/hamstring I think) and the other 3 have the flu. All 4 would be in the semis if they were here wrestling and they all would have pushed to win their brackets and this is at a tournament that FRL called one of top 10 toughest in season tourneys . I know all 4 of those boys and they love good competition so if they could have competed they all would have been here so let’s not be an #### ok?
  6. durdon

    Bruin Duals

    I believe Baylor will be at SE Pools tourney that weekend..
  7. Holy Cow.... The McCallie Invitational is absolutely loaded this year. This is going to be the toughest Tourney in TN this year and it is not even close. It also has to one of the top 5 tourney's in the Southeast this year. Look at the wrestlers coming this year based off the preliminary seeds... sorry I don't know the credentials of the big kids that well 106 1. #1 Trae Mcdaniel #17 nationally Fargo AA – TN State Finalist 2. Cole Hunt - Minion Black Freshman 3. Dawson Thompson – Morris Fitness Freshman Well known Ga Kid 4. Ryan Summerland – well known Alabama kid 5. #5 Caleb Uhrochuck 113 1. Griffin Jarrett -2 time GA state Champ Only lost 3 times in HS 2. Gavin Nix – multi-time GA state placer who just signed with USMMC 3. #1 Daniel Uhrochuck – TN State Champ and State Finalist as 8th grader 4. #2 Jack Braman – McCallie Invitational returning Finalist 120 1. Kyle Gollhofer- Ranked #8 Nationally – Multi time GA state Champ – signed with UNI – Super32 AA and Fargo AA 2. #1 Emory Taylor – TN State Champ – National Prep AA 3. Jacob Predrazza – GA State Finalist Minion Black Kid 4. Ryan Craft – GA State Finalist 5. #1 Jackson Bradford – Big Public School Number 1 126 1. Caleb Henson ranked 5th Nationally – Fargo AA - Super 32 AA 2. #2 Christian Morris – TN State Champ – National Prep AA 3. Mathew Glenn – 2 time Ga State Champ 4. Sullivan Tipton – AL State Champ 132 1. Caden McCary – Ranked 3rd Nationally – multi-time Fargo AA 2. Hunter Nolan – GA State Finalist – Minion Black 3. Logan Skeen – GA State Champion 4. Jackson Whitmire – GA State Finalist 138 1. Tyler Hunt – ranked 15th Nationally – Signed with Navy - Super32 AA 2. #2 Logan Whiteside TN State Placer 3. #3 Zach Ward – TN State Finalist 4. Jordan Hughley – GA State Placer 5. Cole Cochran – Minion Black kid 145 1. Jaxson Smith – Ranked 5th nationally Fargo AA- Minion Black - 2. Stone Barden – 2 time AL State Champ 3. Jaxon Wells – Ga State Placer 4. #1 Grant Lundy – SE Regional Champ 152 1. #1 Alex Whitworth 2 Time TN State Champ – National Prep AA 2. Jacob Mariakis 3 time GA State Champ 3. #1 Austin Sweeney TN State Champ 4. Cale Land – AL state Champ 160 1. CONNOR CALFEE Muli-time Al State placer 170 182 1. KOLTON CLARK multi time AL state champ – Won SE 2. #1 Thomas Sell – TN State Champ – National Prep AA 5. #2 Dylan Jones – Tn State Placer 195 1. Logan Hawthorne – GA State placer 6. #2 Isaiah Perez 220 1. Alex Mears – Ga State Finalist 2. #3 Wilson Benefield 3. #2 Chase Looper 285 1. Luis Medina – Ga State Placer 2. #2 Titus Swafford - 3. Bowie Eisenberg Ga state placer
  8. 106 #1 Jackson Bond (Baylor School) over #6 Michael Mercante (Wilson Central) (TF 15-0 0:00) #6 Ellis Haney (Mccallie School) over #6 Michael Mercante (Wilson Central) (MD 13-3) #4 Keyveon Roller (Christian Academy of Knoxville) over JACOB SILKA (Cherokee) (Dec 6-1) #5 Brooks McAfee (Father Ryan) over #6 Michael Mercante (Wilson Central) (MD 13-3) 120 #1 Emory Taylor (Mccallie School) over #1 Thomas Borders (Wilson Central) (TF 18-2 0:00) #1 Trey Bates (Baylor School) over #1 Thomas Borders (Wilson Central) (Dec 6-4) #1 Thomas Borders (Wilson Central) over #3 Paul Killian (Father Ryan) (MD 12-4) 126 Steven Fisak (Wilson Central) over #5 Frank Perazzini (Montgomery Bell Academy) (Dec 10-4) Liam Elam (Blackman) over #5 Frank Perazzini (Montgomery Bell Academy) (Dec 9-6) 132 #1 Christian Morris (McCallie School) over #2 Dominic Williams (Lawrence Co.) (Fall 1:35) #2 Garrison Dendy (Baylor School) over #2 Dominic Williams (Lawrence Co.) (Fall 2:27) 138 #2 Michael Cannon (Arlington) over #4 Sean Pitts (Father Ryan) (SV-1 6-4) #4 christian isbell (Clarksville) over #2 Zachary Ward (Mccallie School) (Dec 1-0) Prentice Belcher (Wilson Central) over #3 will Higgins (Montgomery Bell Academy) (Fall 0:00) #2 Michael Cannon (Arlington) over #3 will Higgins (Montgomery Bell Academy) (Fall 0:00) 152 #1 Alex Whitworth (Mccallie School) over #3 Alex Pergande (Wilson Central) (Fall 0:00) #2 Levi Condy (Christian Brothers) over #3 Jalen Brown (Blackman) (Fall 5:09) 182 #1 Thomas Sell (Mccallie School) over #5 Gabriel Smith (Clarksville) (Fall 6:34) 195 #3 Austin Antcliffe (Arlington) over #5 Henry Hagey (Father Ryan) (Fall 0:59) 220 #1 Bradley willliams (Clarksville) over #3 Riley Looper (Mccallie School) (MD 14-5)
  9. *McCallie 45.0 Wilson Central 22.0 McCallie 53.0 Clarksville 11.0 Baylor 66.0 Lawrence Co. 18.0 Baylor 76.0 Tullahoma 6.0 *Baylor 44.0 Wilson Central 35.0 Christian Brothers 63.0 Houston7.0 *Father Ryan 38.0 Arlington 28.0 Father Ryan 69.0 Dickson Co 6.0 Father Ryan 78.0 Fairview 0.0 Father Ryan 72.0 Northwest 9.0 *Father Ryan 43.0 Wilson Central 31.0 Father Ryan 57.0 Archbishop Moeller, OH 14.0 Father Ryan 42.0 St. Xavier, KY 33.0 Mcgavock, TN 45 Brentwood Academy, TN 24 Rossview, TN 64.0 Brentwood Academy, TN 7.0 Sevier Co 51.0 Grace Christian Academy (Knoxville) 24.0 Grace Christian Academy (Knoxvillle) 60.0 Karn 6.0 Grace Christian Academy (Knoxville)51.0 Union Co 10.0 East Hamilton 66.0 Boyd Buchanan 12.0 Memphis University School, TN 39.0 Bolton, TN 21.0
  10. durdon

    2019 Cleveland Duals

    Teams Attending Carrolton GA, Arlington TN, Heritage GA, Pope GA, Baylor TN, McCallie TN, Father Ryan TN, Bradley TN, Cleveland TN, Gilmer GA, Mt View GA, North Gwinnett GA, Summit TN, Bartlett TN, Cass GA, Vestavia Hills AL
  11. durdon

    (Opening) Pat Welsh Day of Duals at Tullahoma

    This was the first wrestling action of the year for both Baylor and McCallie so both teams just wanted to get some action in. Plus, McCallie, Baylor and Cleveland will all most likely wrestle each other this weekend at the Cleveland duals.
  12. durdon

    Ooltewah Invitational Ranked Wrestlers

    Signal is not wrestling this weekend.
  13. durdon

    Black Horse Invitational Ranked Wrestlers

    Just FYI at 106 It’s Justin Bradford at Blackman. And not Jackson Bradford who is 113 at Cleveland.
  14. durdon

    TSSAA past brackets issue

    Im not sure why they haven’t updated the TSSAA website to add last years brackets but you can find them on track.