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  1. this is all the kids I know.. let me know if I missed anyone 13 Semifinal - Cole Hunt - minion - will be top ranked 106 in Ga after Christmas when he drops vs Hector Arbos - Highly underrated North GA kid. The winner I think will win this weight 20 Semifinal - Griffin Jarrett -3 time Ga State Champ who only has 4 losses in HS vs Easton Bishop- former minion who is very good Semifinal - Riso Webb - North Ga Stud vs Jack Braman - TN State Champ Final - my guess is Griffin Jarrett vs Jack Braman but both Bishop and Riso are land minds 26 Semifinal - Emory Taylor - 2 time Tn state Champ and 2 time Nat Prep AA Semifinal - Colton Bishop - Easton Brother - Former minion stud and tough Ga kid This should be the finals Matchup 32 Semifinal - Nick Masters- Princeton Commitment- Fargo Champ vs Landon Galloway - Highly underrated GA stud Winner will win this weight 38 Semifinal - Caden Mccary #9 on flo UNC COMMITMENT VS Aj Riner - GA State champ - minion stud Semifinal - Michael Kilic #32 on Flo class of 22 board -Fargo Double AA vs Allen Stone - good GA Kid Finals - this weight is setting up for a Mccary vs kilic matchup. This will be a matchup between one of the top junior in Ga vs one of top Sophomore in Ga 45 Semifinal - Caleb Henson # 10 on Flo’s big board Semifinal - Vincent Manilla - Penn commitment vs Hunter Nolan - Major Ga wrestling and Football stud Finals - it’s Anyone’s guess who will win between Manilla and Nolan and finals between the winner and Henson will be electric 52 Mccoy Pace - Columbia commitment 60 Semifinal - Alex Whitworth- 3 time TN state champ 2 time Nat prep AA Semifinal - Cole Cochran - major Ga stud vs Mathew Singleton #12 on Flo’s class of 22 board - Finals - Singleton is absolute stud who should be on Flo’s Overall big board but Cochran is a stud also who been hurt most of last 2 years. This will be a great match and the winner gets Whitworth and that will probably be best match up of the day 70 Semifinal - Jaxon Smith super 32 AA - Maryland commitment vs Jebb knight - Former Minion Semifinal - Malaki Wiley Solid north Ga kid vs Gavin Cagle - Nat Prep and Nhsca AA Finals - should be Cagle vs Jaxon finals but Cagle has had 3 days of wrestling since helping to lead McCallie to state championship in football last weekend. To say he looked winded last night is an understatement HWT James Howard - Double Fargo AA NHSCA Champ who Just picked up SEC offer this week when Tennessee offered him for football
  2. Baylor is really going to in really tough for anyone to beat this year. Once Manilla and Alvarez drop after Christmas, that will allow them to put Gunnar Garriques at 70 so they will be much stronger at those 3 weights. Baylor’s only weak spots are 20,26, 45 and Hwt which are the 4 weights they lost to against Bradley. Baylor is really hard to beat at all of the rest of their weights. Baylor lost 20 against Bradley since Bond isn’t quite big enough to beat really good 20’s but against most teams they will still win 13 and pickup points at 20 by bumping up Bond.
  3. I’ll post the full list once they release it but just off the top of my head. Nick Masters - Princeton Jaxon Smith - Maryland Caden Mccary - North Carolina Vince Manilla - Penn Mccoy Pace - Columbia some of the top Sophomores in the country Who are on Flo’s big board for class of 22 Michael Kilic Caleb Henson Matty Singleton James Howard plus you have a bunch of other high level kids cole Hunt Hunter Nolan Jack Braman Emory Taylor Alex Whitworth Gavin Cagle that’s just off the top of my head.
  4. Don’t forget that the McCallie Invitational wrestling Tournament MIWT is thIs weekend too. Historically, year in year out the MIWT is the toughest Individual tournament in TN and this year it looks to be one of the toughest MIWT tournaments ever with as many nationally ranked wrestlers and D1 commits that have ever been at a tournament held in TN.
  5. humm.. ok... let’s look at the final end of the year results which are the only results that actually matter. Maryville Results 2019 DNP at state dual tournament finished 1-2 35th overall team finish at state individual No wrestlers made the podium 2018 Did not even qualify for state dual tournament 53rd overall team finish at individual state No wrestler made the podium 2017 DNP at state dual tournament- finished 1-2 44th overall team finish at individual state no wrestlers made the podium 2016 Did not even qualify for state Team duals 57th overall team finish at individual state no wrestlers made the podium So by all three metric by which a wrestling program can be judged, the results show that your program has been year in year out not just below average but near the bottom of all programs statewide. So for you to say that your program is not below average is simply laughable.
  6. You lost to Cleveland 78-0 and you lost to small school Pigeon Forge 58-14. I’m sorry, but in what world do ‘not below average’ teams lose a dual 78-0 and get blown out by a team in a lower division than them? Your school is a very big high school that has one if the strongest if not the strongest overall athletic programs in the state and one of the strongest football programs in the state with a solid youth wrestling presence. Why is that? . The only logical answer would be coaching but what do I know...
  7. And I’ve heard the same about you.
  8. Ok Samson, why are you trying to imply that I put together and coach those middle school travel teams?
  9. Fair enough.. but none of that will matter soon. Mark my words that within the next 5 years there will be an independent wrestling school in the state that will draw all the top kids if the rules aren’t changed soon. There will be a Hamilton Heights for wrestling or even maybe they will expand into wrestling.
  10. Purple wrestler beef is that Christian Brothers doesn’t have boarding and because Baylor does CBHS won’t win a state dual title while his son is there or for the foreseeable future. Boarding is advantage and it does hamper the D2 programs that don’t offer it. But, I could give a rats behind that Baylor is getting all the Minions travel kids in their wrestling program. The reason I’m a big advocate of 100% open transfer rules is because of Hamilton Heights High School in Chattanooga. If you have never heard of them then google them. My guess is that most of you have never heard of this school. Hamilton Heights has more current active D1 and NBA Basketball players than the rest of all the school in TN combined. The reason most of you haven’t heard about Hamilton Heights is because they aren’t part of the TSSAA and they don’t compete in our state tournament. The AAU Travel Basketball circuit developed first before the rest of the youth sports and it also was able to continue during the high school season. As elite level kids started to running into issues with state organizations restricting their ability to compete and transfer these independent schools like Hamilton Heights formed. This is starting to happen in all high school sports across the board. There is now independent High school leagues for soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc abd it’s not going to be long before there is one for wrestling too. There is already a number of National independent programs out there lead by Blair and Sem and all of the National High School tournaments are now letting these programs in. If the state doesn’t go to open transfer rules then we are going to see a Hamiton Heights open up for wrestling in Chattanooga or Atlanta that will suck up all the top elite level kids soon.
  11. Yeap a bunch of them. I put together and coached teams at Wildwood, Vac, Tryant, Mcdonough, west Penn, etc. The Crook Brothers were on the Minion team that I coached at Wildwood by myself mind you that finished 3rd in silver pool. I picked and coached both basile and Kia on a couple of the hydrasport teams.
  12. Tampa Jesuit is becoming a powerhouse program. They are starting to get all the top talent in South Fla and they have some amazing coaches. Crooks, Kia, Basile etc are all studs and were big names on middle school travel circuit. I coached them all on several of our travel teams at different tourneys. They are all major talents and now they all have ended up at the same school. They got some good freshman in this year and they have more coming in next year and they will be a top 20 program like Baylor. Just like Baylor in that they are starting to get all of the kids who all compete together on these travel teams for years to all attend the same school.
  13. Cooper Hilton went 10-0 in the Gold pool and was named OW of the VAC Gold Pool by Willie Sailor. Cooper also went 10-0 at the Ohio Middle school Duals in the Gold pool. Cooper is ranked 39th and was one of the Two TN kids on Willie’s Junior high board before VAC. Expect to see Cooper rise in the next rankings!
  14. Ootlewah is a jv tourney. Both McCallie and Baylor Varsity will be at Tullahoma this weekend but they won’t wrestle each other. McCallie still won’t have any of the football players which is all their upper weights since they are playing in State championship Game tomorrow night.
  15. Getting the rust off. This was his first match since his knee surgery and he weighed in at 60 but was bumped to 70.
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