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  1. 113 Nick Corday - 152 Anthony Manilla - 160 Omuary Alvarez - 170 Porter Faulk - All 4 of these kids are major hammers. Add them to Noah, Dendy, Bond, Harper, Duffy and they are loaded.
  2. Uh? Bradley won’t win a match against Baylor this year. Baylor is going to be absolutely loaded with the 4 new guys they are adding.. Baylor will finish this season this season ranked in the top 10 teams in the country. They are going to be at a completely different level than the rest of the teams in TN.
  3. Dang nice Brad.. quality camp..
  4. Actually, now that Arkansas Little Rock is getting D1 wrestling, Memphis will have a D1 program within 2 hours. All the people in Memphis should push them to start an RTC.
  5. There have been a lot of Middle TN and East TN kids coming to the RTC South every Sunday and some coming down during the week once school got out. All of the RTC’s are tied to D1 programs. You have to have a D1 room to attracted the senior level guys to train there and you have to have senior level guys to get certified as an RTC by USA Wrestling. Unfortunately, there are no D1 programs in a Middle TN or Memphis or even near them. Upper East TN wrestlers have the biggest advantage of being able to go to the RTC at appy state and the southeastern RTC at VA Tech along with RTC South at UTC.
  6. For the first time ever TN gets 4 Double Fargo All Americans in one year for the first time ever!! Today, Cody Chittum (Blair) finished 2nd after 3rd in freestyle. Trae McDaniel (Cleveland) finished 4th after 8th place finish in free James Howard (McCallie) finished 3rd in both styles Copper Flynn (Mcdonogh) made the semis in Juniors today so he has AA after finishing 7th in Free lets go win this tomorrow Coop!! couple of facts - 3 of the 4 live in Bradley County which is amazing considering the size of Cleveland area. All four have trained extensively at the RTC South since it opened. Well coop had since he came home for the summer. Ga had a ton of Fargo AA’s too and most of them have been coming up to the RTC every Sunday. What a huge resource to help build wrestling for this state that is already paying dividends for us.
  7. In Juniors Emma Walker finished 4th In 16U Cadets Avery Kibelbek finished 7th.
  8. After day 1 of 16U Fargo(cadets) Team TN has 3 Greco All Americans Trae McDanial (Cleveland) is in Semis Cody Chittum (Blair) is in the semis James Howard (McCallie) is in conso-semis All 3 are 16u Cadet Double AA’s Tennessee High School wrestlers also have 3 16U Cadet Fargo AA as Garrison Dendy (Baylor) is in the semis also along with McDaniel and Howard. Interesting match up as Chittum (Blair) meets up against Dendy (Baylor) in the 138p semi final tomorrow morning!
  9. Trae and Cody are definitely the first double double All Americans
  10. By getting to the semifinals tonight in Greco, Cody Chittum (Blair) and Trae McDaniel(Cleveland) have become Tennessee’s first 4x Fargo All Americans! Cooper Flynn (Mcdonogh) has won three and is a favorite to get his 4th also once Junior Greco starts tomorrow.
  11. And we have Cooper Flynn(Mcdonogh School) 7th in the Juniors. So for Freestyle Team TN ended with 5 total Fargo AA’s and TN ended up with 4 total Tennessee High School Fargo AA’s. What is the One thing that all 6 wrestlers have in Common? RTC SOUTH. 5 of the 6 have been training at the RTC South full time since it opened this spring and Cooper started training there as soon as he came home for the summer. All were also training with there respected clubs outside of RTC South practices too. Trae and Ashton with Higher Calling, Harper with Baylor Wrestling club, James Howard with McCallie Wrestling Club, and Cooper and Chittum at Boom Ranch but the one thing that all the wrestlers had in common was that they were also training at the RTC South and training with Dan Dennis and Kyle Richelle.
  12. I was just going by what Cleveland posted on FB. I assumed that they had already confirmed it. Oh well, Still one heck of accomplishment.
  13. Day 2 of 16U is in the books: Cody Chittum -Blair will be wrestling for 3rd James Howard - McCallie will be wrestling for 3rd Trae McDaniel - Cleveland will be wrestling for 7th Ashton Davis - Cleveland will be wrestling for 7th So we have 4 16U Team TN Fargo All Americans - All 4 live in Bradley County btw. We also have David Harper -Baylor who is wrestling for Team Ga who will be wrestling for 3rd too. So 4 TN residents or 4 TN HIgh School wrestlers who AA. Depending on how you want to count it. Also, Cleveland, this is for the first time in history that any one TN HS has ever had 2 Fargo AA’s. But, I would say there is a 99% chance that Baylor will match them this year as they still have Reinche wrestling in Juniors. Also, I would have bet money that McCallie would have had two this year also with Withworth had he not gotten hurt tonight. For the Juniors, TN has 4 wrestler who made it to day 2. All four are in the wrestle backs Brooks Sacharczyk - Blackman Mason Reinche - Baylor Cooper Flynn - Mcdonogh Garrett Bowers - Christian Brothers and wrestling for Team Ga in the wrestle backs if he wrestles tomorrow Alex Whitworth- McCallie
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