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  1. durdon

    RTC SOUTH Practice schedule and news

    Yes, all TN/Ga/Al coaches.
  2. When I first heard that our two state wrestling organizations, the TWF(USA) and TNAAU were going to go head to head I’ll be honest I wasn’t happy. I would much prefer that we had unity between both organizations and that they were working together for the betterment of wrestling in Tennessee. But over the past week, I’ve changed my mind and I now think these two organizations need to start competing against each other if we are ever going to be able to build a strong freestyle and Greco tradition in this state. This is kind of long winded but if you read below you will see why I now feel this way. For the past decade, both organizations have had an agreement in place not to compete against each other so that the TNAAU would concentrate solely on Folkstyle in TN and TWF would concerntrate soley on Freestyle/Greco and neither organization would go into the others seasons and they would support each other. And I had heard that had the TWF President Ben Bowers not announced in a private call to the TWF BOARD two weeks ago that starting this fall, the TWF would start running USA Folkstyle youth tournaments statewide in an attempt to try to take out the TNAAU organization, we would still have the unity between both organizations. I don’t blame TNAAU for deciding to start competing with the TWF IN FR/gr events this spring now at all. I 100% support them taking a stand. I’m still flabbergasted and aghast at the stupidly of the leadership of the TWF in trying to launch this Initiative to take out the TNAAU. The TNAAU over the past decade has put 10 of thousands of volunteer hours by hundreds of people with one sole purpose of selfishly improving wrestling in the state of TENNESSEE. The volunteer work that Barnett, Bates, Hernandez, Sutherland, Bosken, Kremmerer, Salter, Teaster, Kramer, isabell, Elsea, etc has been nothing short of miraculous. Today, the TNAAU is one of the most financially strong, extremely well run youth and middle school wrestling organizations in the US and most importantly they have the support of the entire wrestling community in the state including all of our high school coaches. The TWF on the other hand is completely broke, extremely poorly run with a tremendous amount of infighting and most importantly their current President at the head of the organization he has become a lightening rod so the TWF has alienated the entire wrestling community in the state and all of their customers. Crazy Issues like not being able to provide Ref’s at the TWF State Tourney which is there premier event and having to get high school wrestlers to ref other matches between their own matches they were wrestling is just one of many examples of the sad state that the TWF is in today. And, not all of this falls 100% on current leadership as the TFW had major issues before current President and vice President took over and the TFW was in almost as bad of shape then as it is today. So the reality is that this no “compete agreement” between the TFW and TNAAU while it prevented the organizations from fighting, it has actually been extremely detrimental to growth and development of wrestling in this state. That agreement has allowed an extremely poorly run organization to have zero competition to force them to improve to control all freestyle/Greco activities in our state. They have over the past decade done such a poor job of running those events that it now dramatically impacting the growth and development of our high school wrestlers and TN high school wrestling in general. This is even more impactful today as popularity of USA Freestyle/Greco has exponentially grown over the past 6 years and it will continue to be even more important in the years moving forward. Today, TN is extremely competitive at the YOUTH and Middle school level nationally but we are losing ground as the kids get into high school. WHY?? I personally believe that competing in FS/GR is the most important thing a high school wrestler can do in the off season to continue growing as a wrestler. Our TN kids haven’t been able to do that because the TWF offerings for fr/gr events have been so weak. So ive changed my mind, I now think its great that the TNAAU is getting into FR/Gr game. They are going to run better tournaments and provide real competition to the TWF. The TWF will either colllapse or they will improve. This is the beauty of competition. Just look at their first fr/gr tournament the TNAAU will run. They will have 3 man mechanics something that’ I’m not sure has ever been seen in TN and they are doing a free coaches clinic that day. This first event is being hosted by the strongest high school program in the state right now and has the full support of 8 of the top high school programs in the state. The TNAAU’s first tournament will end up being more competitive and bigger than any fr/gr tournament that’s ever been held in Tennessee. The TNAAU is also going to be offering free technique camps statewide. The TNAAU can do this because they have money, they are extremely organized, they have access to attract all of the youth kids who most probably aren’t even aware that fr/gr exist and they are just extremely good at hosting and promoting tournaments. I have no idea what the future holds for fr/gr and growth of our Hs wrestlers but I think that competition between these organizations is a really good thing!
  3. Here is the RTC SOUTH email that went out today! Practices start March 31, 2019. Sunday – 4:00 – 6:00 PM Tuesday – 5:30 – 7:00 PM Thursday – 5:30 – 7:00 PM Friday (Greco only) – 5:30 – 7:00 PM The RTC South will host a coaches clinic April 7, Sunday, from 1-3 PM to review some curriculum hand-outs, technical session for FR and GR, and review rules. RTC SOUTH is trying to get a head ref from the northeast to attend. More to follow. Please pass the word. The RTC South really wants a lot of coaches to come out April 7 for the coaches clinic, meet the staff, and get aligned. The practice will follow that same day from 4-6 PM. Pass message along, please. Gear must be ordered in the next week if you want any in April Qualification rules Projected practice outlines (targeting 3 FR and 1 GR a week) Recommended competition schedule(s) RTC SOUTH will use the website to share all pertinent information, to start with our practices days and times. Please stay tuned: https://rtcsouthwrestling.com/ Today, the UTC program is focused on finishing strong at the NCAA’s and planning for this Olympic cycle in the near term. Please pass this along to other high school athletes and coaches from your own network.
  4. Ed, heres the deal.. yes our junior teams have done sightly better the last 2 seasons but why? Right now, TN currently has 7 wrestlers wrestling in D1. 8 if we count Oliver as a TN wrestler. This year’s graduating class of seniors has 7 TN wrestlers that signed with D1 programs. That is a huge jump in the number of D1 wrestlers that TN inormally produces each year. This year’s Junior class is even better and looks to have about 10 D1 wrestlers and then it really starts to explode with this year’s sophomore and freshman classes as they looks to have about 15 to 20 D1 wrestlers for each class. Tn wrestling is exploding and we are starting to become very competitive at the national level. Go back and watch some of the matches from National Prep, Willie wouldn’t stop gushing about TN Wreslting. Now why is TN wrestling exploding right now and jumping levels and why did our USA Junior team do slightly better the past 2 years? The answer to that goes back a little over a decade ago, when Don Barnett took over TNAAU and slowly every year he improved that organization until it became one of the best run, most competitive, largest youth wrestling program in the country today. TN wrestling interest and numbers are growing as fast as any state in the country and the quality of our wrestling is exploding. Every high school coach in this state should call up Don and the current TNAAU board and tell them thank you! I would guess that almost every kid that stood on the TSSAA podium was a product of the TNAAU system and it is the TNAAU that has become the feeder program to TSSAA WRESTLING!!
  5. Silverkitty - There is just not that single problem from 2 years ago. There has been a multitude of safety issues with Bowers from just last year. There are numerous other ones like one of our top kids last year being forced to take a cab from the very Unsafe Junior Duals training site last year to the bus station in Memphis then taking a bus by himself back to Middle TN after Bowers lied to him and his family that Bowers was going to cover his cost for Junior Duals trip and then when this wrestler got to Memphis, Bowers demanded money from him and then forced him to leave. Bowers actions put that young kid in very unsafe environment. This is one of the many reasons why the wrestling congregation has lost faith in Bowers ability to run trips and to manage the safety of our kids.
  6. Just now reading this..and I’ve read through this several times.. correct me if I’m wrong purplewrestler but all fooseball said was that he would not trust any kid to travel with Bowers based off the stiries he has heard. I agree with fooseball and I don’t see how that is personally demeaning to Bowers at all. I think you took his comment to mean something much more Insidious than what fooseball actually meant. There has been a multitude of stories of kids on Bowers run trips being very unsupervised and kids being housed in very unsafe and unclean environments. Just ask any of the kids or parents about where Bowers had them stay last year for Junior Duals. Bowers has a pattern of cutting corners at the cost of the safety and well being of the kids to save money. There is a running joke with the kids that go on Bowers trips and the size of the cockroach army’s they will have to face. Plus, Bowers has a really hard time getting the volunteers that are needed to supervise the kids so there are stories of kids being very unsupervised on these trips since he alienates most everyone who he needs to volunteer. Also, nobody and I mean NOBODY trust Bowers with handling money so nobody wants to donate to TWA and parents question every dollar they give him. Coaches were promised lunches last year at Fargo because Bowers raise the price last year on all the kids for the very specific reason to help feed the coaches but not a single lunch or any food was provided for the coaches by Bowers. Last year’s Fargo trip even though Bowers has tried to claim it was a cluster mess and total disaster was not only the most successful Fargo preformance ever by TN but also after we surveyed the kids and parents that went and the parents that didn’t the most successful, safe and greatest wrestling trip that all of them went on according to them. Even coaches that have been going with TN for decades said it was by far the best most unified TN contingent that we’ve ever taken to Fargo and we did that inspite of Bowers and having to fight Bowers the entire time. Now after all that success we had last year, Bowers wants to change our very successful Fargo operations model so that we give him total control of the trip when he has clearly shown he is not capable of running safe and successful trips.
  7. What does this mean? Who is being sacrificed?
  8. durdon

    The RTC South free Fargo training

    Ok, the RTC South is about to release their practice schedule and they are looking to start up the first of April. Looks like they are going to go 4 days a week. 3 nights during the week and on Sunday’s. When they finalize the practice schedule days and times I will post it here. The RTC South is free to all participates but USA Wrestling has very specific rules as to which College and High School wrestlers are eligible to apply to attend an RTC practice. And, I should point out that even if an athelete is eligible to attend an RTC practice, they still have to apply with the RTC to be able to join an RTC and the RTC has the right to restrict any one from practicing at anytime I.e. room size, bad behavior in the room, distance, etc. 1st and most important USA RULE to practice at any RTC. 1. Wrestler has to have an current active USA MEMBERSHIP CARD ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS - Even though RTC’s are open to HS and College wrestlers I’m only going to list the one that apply to prospective High School wrestlers (PSA’s) Below is the Eligibility requirement that All High School prospective student athletes (PSA’s) must meet before they can apply to practice at any RTC - a. Won at least one match at a USAW World or Olympic Team Trials d. Placed top 8 at UWW Junior/Cadet National Championship c. Placed top 8 at USAW Junior/Cadet National Championship (Fargo) d. Placed top 4 at the High School State Championship e. Placed top 4 at the Prep National Championships f. Placed top 4 at USAW State Junior/Cadet freestyle/Greco-Roman Championships All PSA’s participating in the RTC practice must meet the above criteria before they can apply with an RTC to attend any RTC practice. An RTC has to turn their rosters into USA Wrestling so this is why every PSA has to meet the above criteria! Obviously, for the vast majority of the PSA’s that will attend the RTC South they will meet the criteria by placing top 4 at their HS State or USA Freestyle/Greco state. I doubt there any PSA who has placed at National Prep, Fargo or UWW who didn’t place at their HS OR Freestyle state so I’m not sure why those are even in there. Now not only does PSA: have to meet the above criteria they also have to follow these rules too. a. A PSA must live within 250 miles of an RTC to participate in practice. If there is no RTC within the boundaries listed above, the PSA may join the closest RTC to his residence by applying for an exemption through USA Wrestling. This 250 mile rule covers every High School Wrestler in TN because it’s air miles and not driving miles so all the Memphis HS wrestlers are eligible. b. A PSA may belong to more than one RTC. c. Only the PSA or USA Wrestling can pay for a prospect to attend RTC practice. d. A PSA may not practice at a regional training site during that PSA’s traditional high school wrestling season f. Once a PSA has signed a National Letter of Intent, the 250 miles radius rule is no longer applicable and that PSA may attend the RTC of their choice. Here are some of the USA Rules that RTC’s must follow that apply to PSA’s. 13) An RTC may limit the size of their roster based off safety (facility size) Behavior or Distance (example – fewer than the 250 mile radius). 14) An RTC may NOT pay travel expenses or fees associated with competition for the PSA. 15) An RTC coach, who is employed at a college or university, may NOT coach a PSA at any competition unless they are on coaching assignment by USA Wrestling.
  9. durdon

    The RTC South free Fargo training

    Oops that’s for corrrcting that for me.
  10. The new RTC SOUTh is now officially formed. The official schedule will be released shortly. The RTC South like all RTC’s are 100% donation based so there will be no cost to TN wrestlers to train there. They are planning on having a free Fargo Training camp this summer for all TN wrestlers who want to compete at Fargo. This will be a chance for TN wrestlers to work with 7 NCCAA All Americans. an oylimpian and D1 coaches. Check out their website. www.rtcsouth.com for gear packages, qualifying rules and competition schedule.
  11. Bowers is telling people that he is going to charge $1500 this year...
  12. durdon

    Any updates on the National Preps?

    Here is all the 2019 TN High School All Americans. This was the most AA’s TN has ever had and this was one of the toughest National Preps ever. Kudos to all the kids that placed at this tourney as it’s legit. 2ndPlace Mason Reinche 3rdPlace Garrison Dendy 4th Alex Whitworth Andrew Pace Noah Horst 5th Emory Taylor Thomas Sell 6th Connor Duffy Jackson Bond Garrett Bowers 7th David Harper 8th Gavin Cagle Aidan Bowers Montana Doty
  13. durdon

    2019 132lb Mock Grand Championship

    I wasn’t there:)
  14. durdon

    2019 132lb Mock Grand Championship

    Dude Palmer is one of the top seniors in the country.. he is very legit.. Palmer and Mason are a whole different level.
  15. durdon

    2019 132lb Mock Grand Championship

    I’ve been watching Garrison for 10 years now.. I’ve never seen him beat anyone good by more than 1 or 2 points but I’ve also NEVER seen him lose... he just wins and he always wins..