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  1. Does anybody know if Horst is still sick after a week of recovering? Would love to see a Horst vs Palmer and a Horst vs Cannon from Arlington matchup. Hopefully, Horst will take this trip with the team and is not still sick.
  2. Baylorfanwres

    Prep Slam

    I cannot seem to find where the Prep Slam is in the top 10 toughest tournaments. Where did you find this? I was looking on http://wrestlingreport.com/hs/ and do not see it.
  3. D1** college wrestlers, my apologies. Still an incredible job by Cody. I am not sure if TN has ever had a middle/ high school kid win a college open tournament.
  4. This is great for Cody and TN wrestling. I wish he could have wrestled in the Midlands or the Southern Scuffle to see how he matches up against real college wrestlers. Is this open tournament new? I can not seem to find past results on it.
  5. Baylorfanwres

    Prep Slam

    I will agree with the Prep Slam being top 10 in-season tournaments. With that being said, I am not sure why Flowrestling cut it from their Flo majors about six years ago. I am confused as to why the Flo guys went to the Doc Buchanan tournament and not the Prep Slam. However, I am happy that Flo is still filming it but with none of the Flo guys in attendance.
  6. Baylorfanwres

    Prep Slam

    I think they might be "sick" of getting beat after the KC Stampede.
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