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  1. It's OK Trollin. You can still go to the championship game. You'll just have to ride with me. Lol. Hold in tight and dress warm. It gets cold. Lol
  2. I should've said by 5 touchdowns. Butt whipping
  3. East Nashville by 3 touchdowns. The weather may be a bigger obstacle than Waverly. They have a really good quarterback but the size and speed of East Nashville will be too much.
  4. White House by a lot Could go either way. Both are pretty good. If Cheatham can control the ball they'll finish with a win. Big if there. Sycamore has had the worst defense in the region for two years. Jo Byrns should win.
  5. Lol. What number was your boy? Mine played at Cheatham when all three coaches were here. If your boy played then you would know who called the plays. Eric and Langley are good coaches. Hated to see them leave.
  6. Lol. That's the same guy that called plays for Cheatham back when we could put points on the board. It's been hard to watch since he left. I like the more hard nosed game plan they've went to but still not exciting to watch. Worked Friday night but the next game will be a different story
  7. You're right it was even. Cheatham just pulled away in the second half. Sycamore doesn't have a good offense but their defense is really bad. The corner backs aren't bad but I just don't get that defense at all. Cheathams offense dominated the second half. I think their last drive took the entire fourth quarter. Good to see those seniors get that win.
  8. Sycamore has given up a lot of points and haven't scored much. If they couldn't slow down White House Heritage I don't think they can beat Cheatham tonight. If they use the same game plan I think Cheatham wins 28-7.
  9. He's a grown man talking about a teenage boy on a high school football forum. I haven't spent much time in Waverly but in most places that's considered low class and trash.
  10. It was a high school football game. They're all little boys. I assume you guys calling 5 out are adults. Way to represent your community.
  11. A sophomore threw a touchdown to a freshman and a kid who has never played football before. 5 hasn't played since July. 44 is a starter and played in the final quarter. You are still complaining about a clear win.
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