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  1. Final Four in D1: MBA vs. MUS Ravenwood vs. McCallie/Farragut
  2. Friday Holy Innocents (GA) @ McCallie Lassiter (GA) vs. Ravenwood (@ McCallie) MBA @ Trinity (KY) Baylor @ Father Ryan Webb BB @ Brentwood Saturday Carmel (IN) @ Brentwood Greenwood (KY) @ Hendersonville Holy Innocents (GA) vs. Ravenwood (@ McCallie) Lassiter (GA) @ McCallie MBA @ Louisville Collegiate (KY) Baylor @ Centennial Farragut @ CBHS Franklin @ White Station Webb BB @ Webb Knox West Knox @ Father Ryan Sunday Carmel (IN) @ MBA Farragut @ Houston Franklin @ Houston
  3. Realax

    TN Lax Recruits

    Compiling a list from Laxpower and these boards, there are several TN players moving on to play lacrosse at the next level. This is great news for lacrosse in the state. Please add to the list if you know of others. MBA Connor Pagnani JR - Denver Matt Bracy SR - Whittier George Curtis SR - Middlebury Clay Adams JR - Syracuse McCallie TJ Kemp SR - UNC Zach Ward SR - Salisbury Charlie Graff SR - Vermont Praker Mincy SR - Presbyterian Ravenwood Brad Davis SR - Bellarmine CJ Shane SR - Mars Hill Alex Baird SR - Mercer
  4. Props to MBA for seeking quality out-of-state competition. The scores look pretty close. They did fairly well, and those games will only make them better when it comes time for the playoffs. The teams that seek out tough teams across the country are making TN lacrosse better!
  5. Ravenwood beat Westminster 10-8 today at noon. It was almost the same story as the MBA/Westminster game. Ravenwood was up 9-5 in the later part of the game and held off a strong Westminster Rally.
  6. Congratulations and best of luck to Chris Cahill, who seems to be doing quite well at a great program. Here are some other 2007 TN Lacrosse Graduates... Phillip Burke(Ravenwood), is doing well at Mars Hill. He is currently starting at midfield and has 10 goals and 1 assist for the 9-3 Lions. Matt Snider(Cookeville) is playing significant minutes at Wittenberg, and he has 4 goals and 2 assists on the season. Michael Kinsey (D - Ravenwood) is headed to the Air Force Academy this fall on a full ride to play lacrosse. How are these other guys doing? Chase Hayes (McCallie) at Bryant? Evan Rodgers at Lee's McRae?
  7. Realax

    Under the radar.

    Okay, I agree with Redtwin and Bank of Dad. Instead of "overrated", why don't we discuss who is underrated - someone who is doing very wel, but who might not get all of the attention. What about the LSM's, the faceoff guys, the poles, the goalies, etc. These are players who don't get all the points or stats, but do a great deal for their team.
  8. Realax

    MBA's Field

    MBA's field is regulation for lacrosse as far as length (110yds), but it is not regulation width for lacrosse which is 60 yds. or 180 ft. They play the football sidelines which are 160 ft (approx 53.33 yds). Most fields that have both will play out to the 60 yd. width despite the confusion of multiple lines. But, it is not really possible at MBA b/c of the high jump pit on the sideline.
  9. Ravenwood vs. Norfolk Academy - cancelled due to weather.
  10. per laxpower: McCallie 3/16 A Collegiate School VA 3/17 A Covenant VA 3/17 N Lafayette MO Ravenwood 3/17 N Norfolk Academy VA 3/18 A Boys' Latin MD 3/19 A Severn MD
  11. Realax

    Girls Lacrosse

    What are the big matchups this weekend?
  12. MBA - Brandon, Morgan - both solid MUS - Daniel Ravenwood - Barnes, Jennings
  13. What are some results of other games this week? 3/8 CBHS @ Father Ryan 3/9 Centennial @ Father Ryan 3/9 MUS @ McCallie 3/9 Franklin vs. Ensworth Others?
  14. Realax


    May is a long time from now. There are several good teams who could get it done. One big win doesn't make a season.
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