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  1. TheBigRedDog

    ECS hires Ensworth DC

    Home run hire for ECS. They will be a force in D-II AA very soon.
  2. TheBigRedDog

    DII-AA 2017

  3. TheBigRedDog

    Losers and long travel travel....the playoffs are here!

    Across all EIGHT classifications, there are 47 teams with losing records in the playoffs. 6 of those teams won just 1 game, respectively. Another 27 teams with .500 records made the playoffs. 74 of the total 123 playoff spots went to teams with .500 or worse records. That's 60% of all playoff spots to teams with .500 or worse records. Absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing. What kind of message does this send to the kids?
  4. TheBigRedDog

    Ricky Bowers Ejected

    Totally agree.
  5. TheBigRedDog

    Ricky Bowers Ejected

    Well, this is certainly a shame, especially for the kids. What a distraction. The official clearly acted extremely unprofessionally and was the aggressor. Appears as though he was looking for a reason to throw Bowers out and says "you're bumping me!", when Ricky was relatively calm the entire time. The statement from the TSSAA was that Bowers was ejected for using profanity. I have watched the video and Bowers did not use profanity. How could the TSSAA not come to the same conclusion? IT'S ON VIDEO. I've been watching football for a long time and I've never seen a coach ejected. Ever. Very strange and made stranger by the manner in which it occured. Something about this entire chain of events stinks. I can't help but wonder if there is more to the story.
  6. TheBigRedDog

    SBEC is Northpoint Christian School

    Good move. I always thought SBEC was a terrible name.
  7. TheBigRedDog

    MBA - Siegel scrimmage

    Did this happen? If so, can someone provide a report?
  8. TheBigRedDog

    DII-AA teams need to leave TSSAA NOW!

    Wes, I like where you're going with this. Somewhat akin to the old Mid South league. In Texas, they split private schools. Most play in the Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools (TAPPS). They have their own governing body, officials, you name it. Some of the older and more academically-prestigious schools (ex. St. Marks, ESD, FW Country Day) are members of the Southwest Preparatory Conference. I could see Tennessee following one or both of these paths.
  9. TheBigRedDog

    Division II History Thread

    To suggest that MBA didn't schedule Ryan for fear of losing to a 4A school is laughable. I guess that is the Ryan spin on it. It was a big deal at the time, and we were all very disapointed that Ryan made the decision not to play up with us and BA. MBA certainly wasn't dodging anybody, as evidenced by our non-region schedule that featured CBHS and Gallatin (a power at the time). I was on the '94 team that beat Ryan and both the '95 & '96 teams that played them in the jamboree. I agree, the jamboree was a poor subsitute for the real thing.
  10. TheBigRedDog

    Division II History Thread

    I meant that our '96 team was better than our '95 team; our '96 team was evenly matched with BA that year. In some folks' eyes (mine) we should have won the game.
  11. TheBigRedDog

    DII Round 2 -- Now it starts getting good!

    Can someone provide some insight into what CBHS brings to the table/ Style of offense, top players, positions of strength, etc.
  12. TheBigRedDog

    Division II History Thread

    If not for Ryan dropping to 4A in '95-'96, the MBA-Ryan series would be #1. That decision still baffles me.
  13. TheBigRedDog

    Division II History Thread

    I played in that game. It was indeed quite the atmosphere. Traffic was such a mess, our (MBA) team buses were met by police escort when we got off I-65 and took us all the way into the BA campus. In the end, I think we were perhaps distracted by the enormity of the game and all of the pressure and it showed in the final result. Plus, I think that BA team was better than us. '96 was a different story. By the way, Wes, the '96 game had BA at #5 in the nation and went to 2OT. I also think Tito's TD was on 3rd down. Biggers fumbled, btw.
  14. TheBigRedDog

    D-II AP Poll. Why can't we get this right?

    Thanks, Wes. Well put.
  15. TheBigRedDog

    D-II AP Poll. Why can't we get this right?