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  1. More people would show if it were on Friday or Saturday night. But the TSsaA prefers the public schools to play then.
  2. Ralph Potter wanted that win so bad he could taste it. McCallie was not prepared for this game. For BA it will come down to Ensworth again. Coach Ricky will have the University of Ensworth ready.
  3. Tough to hear. He will recieve a lot of support from the BA family. How does this effect the team is the big question? Can they rally around the new QB.
  4. That's what the TSSAA wants. That is the reason why public HS playoffs are determined by the win/loss record.
  5. Agree 100%. The privates are not wanted in the TSSAA. So it's time to leave. Goodbye to public vs private bickering over "recruiting" and "full scholarships". Set up some games with surrounding state private schools to make things interesting. TSSAA will then have to figure up a new set of classifications so to continue to give out 10 to 15 state championship trophies.
  6. RHS Van Jefferson is a play maker and should be fun to watch this year.
  7. Dawson Knox will be just fine...comes from very good stock.
  8. Why not put him on the list? See if Ensworth can match the salary.
  9. Thanks to the T$$AA, MUS now drives back to Memphis on a Thursday night. Arrival time approximately 3AM. Student body should be alive and well at 8AM at 1st period and parents should have a Sleepy day at work......drive safe MUS fans (and EHS). Hey T$$AA.....how about scheduling the 5A, 4A or 3A game on Thurdsay next year and let Division II play on Friday or Saturday night!
  10. I played against Coach Ricky in HS. He was competitive, had self-confidence, and never was arrogant...that was 35 freaking years ago. People change, especially when successful which includes Coach Ricky. Multiple gold balls in basketball and footballs, your name being brought up for college basketball coaching vacancies can make you a different person than you were in HS at MBA. I've watched him from stands and bleachers now for many years, and lately he seems to me of showing an offensive attitude of superiority during games, which IMO (my assessment) is arrogant. I do agree with you KW on his work ethic, knowledge and ways to motivate 16-18 yr olds.
  11. Easy there Twisted Sister 1978......can you name the people you have been "talking to" or maybe it's the voices you hear.
  12. I believe you are exactly right....but what got under "white caps" skin was Rickey's demeanor during the game. He is known to give the refs an earful during games. Ricky probably was on edge being a rival playoff game, close score, multiple penalties, tuck in shirt blah blah blah. Instead of white cap calming Ricky down during game, he decided to let it go till the end when they met up.He is Ricky Bowers, the arrogant little kid in school that tested other kids until he gets his butt whipped
  13. I say bring back'em back........ Strawberry Bowl, Crockett Bowl, Walking Horse Bowl, Tobacco Bowl, Watertown Lions Bowl, Mountain Lions Bowl, Pioneer Bowl, Butter Bowl and Nurseryman's Bowl. Problem is the T$$AA does not want to share money with bowl hosting communities around the state.
  14. The more gold balls you give out, the happier people become.
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