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  1. This is what's wrong with the Mr this and Misses that....someone asked to vote on players never seen and looking at stats only. Why not just input stats into a computer...you know ole BCS stuff. How juvenile.
  2. Not really…I just think this is all a bunch of nonsense….Miss This and Mr. That voted by sportwriters that only saw a handful play and would only be marginally capable of discerning talent if it hit them in the face….which leads to focus either mostly or only on individual scoring stats. And we wonder why some players and parents have turned into monsters….ladies and gentlemen...my I introduce the mother of selfishness and division in team sports, all brought to you by would be adults.
  3. Yes South Central Association is just bad…Ray Moffitt and his bunch of father/son clowns.
  4. Unless a mugging takes place, fouls in a tie game with 2 or 3 seconds are really misguided….how many times do you see fouls called in college or pro in those circumstances. Yes this is just high school but because the TSSAA voids itself of any responsibility here, there will never be any improvement.
  5. I've never liked the Mr. This and Misses That or "best of preps"especially when it involves a team sport…all it does is add disention with teammates to what should be a team sport. How on earth could anyone ever legitamatley measure any of this….E=MC squared kinda stuff. If you want an individual award run track or play golf or chess. Otherwise..this is all nonsense designed to make money for charletons like those clowns at the TSSAA. Anybody want a six figure job…I heard the Association is hiring.
  6. The appeal would have never been granted let alone heard had it not been an affluent school. TSSAA was indimidated.
  7. Below are statements by the NCAA and the TSSAA. I don’t know which one is worse. That the NCAA is so caviler about deferring any responsibility that it was specifically organized to accept or that the TSSAA is so quick to advertise its safety cause based on one tragic case out of millions that it decides to consider. Certainly shame on the ladder for using the case to gain favor by preventing to be involved. "Number one priority" who are these clowns kidding. Unfortunately, Both organization have long ago lost their purpose and now only serve those not and never in the game. NCAA Well, at least until the next court filing: “The NCAA denies that it has a legal duty to protect student-athletes,†the court filing stated, which was obtained by The Washington Times. “But [the NCAA] admits that it was ‘founded to protect young people from the dangerous and exploitative athletic practices of the time.’†TSSAA Childress said the details of Garstin's case is being turned over to the National Federation of High Schools. The Sports Medical Advisory Committee could make recommendations for high school wrestling rules based on the case. "It's a major concern for us anytime we've got a student athlete that's injured," said Childress. "Our number one priority in all of our sports is to keep our athletes safe."
  8. Hermitage TN, TSSAA “ the Association†(AP Newswire December 4) The Association today announced the formation of a new classification (DIII) in secondary athletics in Tennessee and nicknamed the “havesâ€. The “havesâ€, which consists currently of Ensworth, will join all the current classifications in the Association that going forward will be collectively named the “have notsâ€. The criteria for inclusion in this new division will be that you cannot be a rural or title one school, you must have an attorney on staff and have as fans some sort of celebrity. The benefits of the new division DIII of haves will be the careful review of all calls to ensure that justice and equity are served. Schools in this division will have dedicated Association Executives to after the fact to review all calls for maximum effectiveness. Additionally every attempt will be made to interpret the rules to benefit the deepest pocket. Regarding the have nots, they and their student athletes will continue to experience the same apathy and pilfering that they have experienced in the past. And just so there is no misunderstanding, the Association does not review judgment calls (which include all calls) regardless of their impact to game outcome or player safety, because the by laws for the have nots do not allow that. Additionally, as a reminder, the Association for legal reasons has no jurisdiction over officiating for this Division for that responsibility continues to reside in Emerald City and overseen by Oz.
  9. ADs, coaches and school principals can become more informed. I got $100 bucks thats says not one AD, coach or school principal that is not on the Control Board understands how well this Association does financial and if they do, shame on them.
  10. In other situations that I've seen where there was post game theatrics it was the police or high school administrators charged with managing things. I've never seen the officials as part of that process because of the possibility that a fan or player might take out frustration on them. Ludicrous is a little harsh as it seems to happen all the time and had it happened here at least one coach and official would be working next week
  11. The foul was a dead ball foul on the defense which was behind so the game was technically over with the referee indicating such. I agree that 00 on the scoreboard doesn't mean that the game is over but in this case even the referee indicated such. Most crews (unless they are looking for drama) leaves it there. No way justice is served by a coach sitting out a state championship game from all this while an official just sits one out. If players can be cut or benched, coached fired, why can't officials too be held accountable?
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