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  1. Any word on a boys coach for McKenzie?
  2. Word on the street, John Wilkins is going to Brentwood. Rebels basically losing 2 head coaches in one move. Will they hire separate boys and girls coaches or hire one person for both? Preston or Drew or a combination or do they go outside the system. Should be an attractive job.
  3. Went to Camden’s play day Saturday. Bruceton was impressive. They beat Camden and Riverside. Scored runs galore in those games. Pesky hitters up and down the lineup. Pitcher is the real deal. They lost to Henry County but only 1-0. Henry has a freshmen pitcher that can hum it. Riverside looked pretty good. Seems Camden is down some.
  4. Bruceton, Huntingdon, South Gibson, Lexington, Westview, Waverly, South Fulton, Henry County Dont Know much about the bigger schools all of these teams had pretty good pitchers last year
  5. Never realized it was a rule. Guess cause every coach in Carroll, Weakley, Henry, and Gibson Counties practices from the time school starts. Saw a girl in a restaurant yesterday afternoon decked out in full practice uniform. Plays for a red and blue team about 25 minutes down the road. Talked to her a bit and she said she had just left practice. If coaches are going to cheat, TSSAA should do something about it or just allow practice 365 days a year
  6. WestTN, not fishing this time. LoL. Somebody asked me and I told them yes but I really don't know. Seems like if it is a class then it's okay. Most schools around here do it. I don't have a kid in the fight anymore. So I really don't care.
  7. Can schools practice now if they have an athletic period during the school day?
  8. Sorry for the late info, but Ive been somewhere on a beach, sipping something strong. My understanding was he really wanted the job, but they didn't want to pay him enough to do both. Could be a Wilkins headed there.
  9. Also hearing Hart will coach both teams at Trenton.
  10. He was spotted at Henry County today. Done deal from what I'm hearing.
  11. Some rumblings in Trenton of Wes Miller to Henry County
  12. Heard he resigned too. The rumor at the state tourney was the Henry Co girls coach is interested. His son will be a 9th grader.
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