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  1. This was good. LC did not lay down for us. They battled the whole game. It was good preparation for the Tide. I actually think that LCs running back is better than Taylor. He is strong, elusive and fast. No disrespect to Taylor but I think LCs and Peabody's star backs are better. Just saying
  2. To quiet for me Pride. Im just ready to talk junk man...................But I have too much respect for Shocker and the rest of the LC posters. I think there is a great amount of mutual respect. These 2 have won 4 State championships in the last 3 years combined.
  3. Ha, Ha. You could be right but I beg to differ. Yes Mc beat the Mustangs by 3 tds and we lost by 3 tds. That's what has the Mc people so excited. That's exactly the way we need it to be. But you have the right to your own opinion. 3 peats are hard to come by which means 4 peats are harder. With that said, Peabody will defend its crown and win it's 5th title in 8 years.
  4. Very slow Cornersville team. West Carrol could beat them. Would be a very competitive game. No disrespect but those teams are not on Mc, City or Peabody's level.
  5. I watched that game. Upperman did not have a chance. No matter what they did, the refs would not allow them to win. I could be wrong but I saw what I saw
  6. I do know that Cornersville has a good history. They were nemesis to the Huntingdon Mustangs in recent past. And they have a State Championship or 2. So no disrespect to this program. I just noticed how slow they are on both sides of the ball. Cant wait to see this Fayettville, McKenzie game. Instant Classic. Then next Peabody! But we got to take care of LC. That will be a challenge also but honestly, LC can not play with Trenton for 4 quarters. If they had more depth, they would be very dangerous
  7. Im watching Cornersville and McKenzie right now. Cornersville is the slowest playoff team Ive seen in several years.
  8. But City had trouble with Cornersville and McKenzie destroyed them. This will be interesting.
  9. The quote dealt with teams copying teams that have beaten us in the past. I know Mc is good and complex. That complex stuff will get you beat sometimes.
  10. Yes you are more complex. You guys are the real deal. We all know that but teams that want to beat Peabody usually copy from teams that beat us and that is few, far and between.
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