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  1. @LittleJerrySeinfeld any word from your hire on the recruiting trail? They better batten down the hatches in North Knox. Is he building the Broadway to Bearden pipeline?
  2. Uh oh. Call the Comcast support line Coach!
  3. Some people would call me a troll but I’m an MJ fan who immigrated to Farragut and I need to know who hired the bookie with two plays in his playbook. I’m going to send them an edible arrangement from the West Rebels. It will be a blowout game one.
  4. Don’t feel the need to defend your resume on here Coach. Just make sure you bring the Powell manual for getting recruits squared away and you’ll be fine. While I’ve got your ear can I take the over in the Music City Bowl?
  5. Calling all youth league coaches! Don’t even have to weigh kids before the games!
  6. Jerry? I can’t hear you, you’re breaking up.
  7. You’re darn tootin. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  8. @LittleJerrySeinfeld what will the boy think about playing ramrod for the stout HVA inspired defense.
  9. Oh my. HVA coming off a hot year defensively.
  10. Shhhh Satty, the adults are talking.
  11. Little Jerry may be his name but posting about AAA basketball and Bearden QB play is his game.
  12. @LittleJerrySeinfeld are you happy with the hire? Should be good to have your son’s former all star coach running the show. Sorry about that OT loss to Farragut. Great game though!
  13. *Bugs Bunny Voice* what’s up Doc?
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