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  1. They have trucks lined along the fence beside the home stands. When the team gets ready to run out the trucks rev up. The y do it throughout the game as well.
  2. Jo Byrns. Revving trucks and creative signs about the opposing team. Then there is the food. Concessions never disappoints at a Red Devils game.
  3. This is a good job for someone looking to go to a small school that has been doing things right for 29years. You won't have to worry a lot about work ethic or kids that play hard. Coach Adkins did a great job and his teams were always prepared to play ball. Perks: Small School, great rural setting, revving trucks and creative cheer signs to help create a great football atmosphere. Hard working kids. And maybe the absolute best concession stand in high school football.
  4. Both of these coaches are class act guys who are doing great thing with their programs. I feel like Frost is the better coach and has done an amazing job at Riverside improving the program and these young men's lives every season. Friday night though I feel like the Chargers may have just a little too much speed for the Panthers. Westview also has one of the biggest advantages in high school football; the ability to pass the football efficiently. Although the game has changed over the years, and more teams pass than 10 years ago, being able to throw the way they do is a huge advantage and I feel will be too much for Riverside to overcome. I will say this though... Frost and his Team never lay down or quit. They will battle the whole game. Good luck to both teams.
  5. District 11A 1. McKenzie 2/3. Houston/McEwen 4. Big Sandy District 12A 1/2. West Carrol/Perry Co 3. Clarksburg 4/5. Bruceton/Frank Hughes
  6. Class 2A - Andrew Meadow - SR - Houston County - QB/RB/SS 2,458 Total Yards, 20 Total TD - 9 games played. 141 carries 1,459 yards 10.35 ypc 16 rushing TD 31 of 82 passing 514 yards 2 passing TD 19 kickoff returns 395 yards 1 return for TD 73 total tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 2 interceptions, 1 interception for TD.
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