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  1. Have you hada stroke? I have no idea what that means.
  2. Yeah, they do, they played a 3 game season. Played Oakdale, Sale Creek etc... I was just making a point. The plan is to beat up on RBS? I'm not seeing local teams they are beating RN.
  3. So basically, you want them to schedule easier opponents? They couldn't beat Harpeth... So, are they gonna schedule Pickett Co a few times?
  4. You want better quality, pay them better. You are the one whinging about old refs on here. Complaining about how old the refs are at Forrest games. Poor wittle you.
  5. Slow down, read the posts, get back to me. Read a few times if you need to.
  6. You take it literally about yourself. I mean of the thousands of parents, under 1% of their kids play on the next level. You are the one who needs to stop projecting, and maybe learn reading comprehension.
  7. Been around the game for decades now, for every 1-2 coaches pulling that nonsense, there are dozens of parents. Witnessed a Portland parent do it just a few weeks back.
  8. Spoken like a person who has never coached, or reffed a game in his life. People in the stands are as bad as they come, and it's simply not worth the abuse for these guys. Coaches don't threaten to follow you to a parking lot, some idiots dad or mom, does... Too many parents don't understand this simple fact... YOU CHILD WILL NEVER PLAY COLLEGE OR PRO BALL, no matter what you do or say..
  9. Totally, jealous of guys I never knew existed and who are dead super young. Ya got me. Straight green.
  10. Just some roided up TC kids who are idolized because what else ya gonna do in Hartsville?
  11. Who ya got, and what will be the TC excuse this week?
  12. Nobody outside of hartsville knows these fools, hence, not legends. Every small town has those people, they aren't legends.
  13. Yeah, nobody knows those guys. Not legends lol.
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