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  1. Okay @littlejohnny, it is a free country, and you can say what you want. But, as a McCallie fan, I think we can do better. We are all thrilled we won. That part is good. The part about the Baylor kids--I did not like that part-- there but for the grace of God go I. This could easily be any kid at any school. And before any of you say, not my kid--fine, your kid is different. But on average, no. Finally, a couple things about winning. When you do it, it pisses people off. So, you don't have to try to piss people off more--WHICH you have already done. So, when you have already beaten people + talked $h!t to piss them off more, they have even more motivation--and it gives them more satisfaction when they beat you. Now, if you were on the field/mat and could defend your comments, that would be fine. But you are not. So, try not to give these guys any additional motivation, please. Learning how to win hard--it may be harder to keep winning. Potter and the football team have figured it out. They quietly take care of business. We have had some success. If our guys work hard, we may have some more. How we win is just as important and affects how much we win in the long run and who these kids become.
  2. We have some going. To you and yours as well.
  3. Your point to me was that Jake Yost needs to reign in parents because I made the comment "STALLING"? But it is possible I have ignored some trash talking.
  4. No. Pointing out that Father Ryan fans whine (a lot) is not a matter that should be discussed among McCallie's administrators and coaches. Father Ryan has some amazing wrestlers and coaches. I mean--these kids get after it. I see why year after year, Father Ryan is awesome. But you guys, the parents and fans--at least the obnoxious ones-- are not awesome. I have not seen anyone from McCallie trash talking about sweeping the duals and traditional state championships this year. Sure we are all thrilled we won--but we just witnessed our guys lose 12 of 14 weight classes. So, we have a lot to work on. So hats off to the Father Ryan wrestlers, your kids were impressive (5 individual winners)--even if some your parents and fans were not.
  5. Thanks. I hope McCallie is able to keep enough average wrestlers around next year to be competitive.
  6. I see your point and agree the stat is mostly useless based because of the Region placement/modified seeding format.
  7. I mean, I am sure McCallie would prefer to win every weight class if it could. There is something to be said about a program's progress and direction. Given where McCallie was last year--and the number of those guys you call "average" that are 8th and 9th graders that finished on the podium this year-- McCallie is headed in the right direction. Even in this event--McCallie seemed to be taking some steps. I have not looked at this stat before --but Seed to Place Differential (how the team performed relative to expected performance): McCallie +25 (the highest) Baylor +7 (#5 of 26) Father Ryan -14 (last - #26 out of 26)
  8. I think things may swing more in FR's way this weekend--although I am sure your math is better than mine.
  9. Close family friends--would love to introduce you tomorrow. Will you be wearing a 2024 State Dual Runner Up T-Shirt?
  10. I think someone should tell Cooper Gentle that @FR615 thinks he is too sensitive.
  11. I am sure if Cleveland came to Drennan or McCallie Invitational, Tyson could have added a couple more fourth and fifth place trophies to his list of impressive accomplishments. If Tyson wrestled Carson Gentle, it would ruin him. You would not be able to look at him the same.
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