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  1. I’m from the county, let’s just say that. Maybe I was a bit harsh on my last message, I wasn’t meaning to come across that way. Just don’t think it’s right what Comer did to those boys. No problem with him leaving at all, but taking all the assistants also. All I was stating was that I heard the coaches are staying now which is a good thing and that I bet comer is upset. Sounds like you took it a little personal for some reason. At the end of the day It doesn’t really matter about coaches honestly, when you got Surber and crew this year and then after he leaves you’ll have Arline that will dominate and will def be in Mr football talks. They’ll have other good ones around him as well like the Melton kid.
  2. Well well well, I’m hearing that all of Comer’s assistant coaches are staying in McKenzie now and won’t be going to Milan with him. I also hear they were a huge part of Comers success. Bet Milan isn’t happy about that. Now all they get is Comer and his goofy son who causes him more problems than good. Bet Comer might be somewhat second guessing his decision. Milan isn’t the Milan of the 80s and 90s, those days are over. Betting Comer will retire in 3 or 4 years after not being able to satisfy the Milan peoples. Just my opinion.
  3. Do you think that’s who it will be? Hodge? I’ve also heard Frost from Riverside’s name too.
  4. It is Hodge from what I’m hearing and announcement sometime this afternoon. That will be a big time hire for the rebels.
  5. McKenzie had no trouble with Huntingdon.
  6. You have no idea what you’re talking about. They said that about McKenzie this past season too. Also, had McKenzie been in 2A this past season, they would have won the gold ball. Period!
  7. I initially thought it might be the coach Carr guy that’s going to Lexington but I think he’ll stay there to keep his image. Since there’s been a week or so for things to transpire, I think it’ll be Hodge which would be a good hire for the rebels
  8. It’s going to be Carr, just watch. Why would they hire someone that is working for a concrete company now? Makes zero sense.
  9. I don’t think Brown boy is the same age as Arline is he? Isn’t Arline older? I was thinking Arline is going to be a junior this coming up season.
  10. yeah, I may have went a little far with that LOL. Gotta try to get an edge somehow. I guess I was just going off of what he did in middle school. He was the best of the three at that age, Rushing and passing yards. I know you can’t use that, but it’s fun to be positive for their team, right? He was just a freshman this past season. I would have liked to have seen him play QB a little more this past season He had a broke wrist or something l part of the season and then the other part where he did get to come in at QB we were up by 50 so no pass plays were called. But he can run. Melton will be special too. People don’t realize how fast he is. The Arline kid has been hitting the weights hard. This season will be his breakout season which will only be his junior season. This is fun talking some football and having opinions. Don’t mean to come across as argumentative, just my opinion and having some fun.
  11. I respectfully disagree. Yes, they’re losing Surber, Nordon, Fornara, and the Cunningham kid after this year that are real impactful players. There are three or four other seniors, but they are average at best. I promise you the QB coming behind Surber will be just as legit as the last two. They’ll have Arline and the Melton kid the season next season back. The 8th grade group coming up this next season has a couple of stud lineman. In a couple years, they’ll be ready. Watch out because the Brown kid can fly and throw the crap out of it. He’s just an athlete. Started both ways last year as a freshman. Melton can fly and Airline can be a beast. Just saying…..
  12. They said that crap this past season and look what happened. Have you seen the Melton and Brown kid? Im telling you they will be legit. Just wait for that duo.
  13. Reeder is not going to be the head coach. That won’t happen.
  14. Who the heck would run a wing T at McKenzie the next handful of years? With having Surber one more year and then the Brown kid following him and I don’t think most people realize how good the Brown kid is.
  15. McKenzie’s QB was just bad off and may have even been hurt but it was kept quiet. Worst game he’s ever played I assure you. If he was half way on, McKenzie would have won by a couple of TD’s. In all seriousness, their QB played so bad that they probably could have put in their backup QB and probably won. They keep a QB factory over there. I’m just keeping it real!
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