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  1. What are teams around the state doing this week? How are the fields? When will it ever warm up?
  2. Who is the genius who provided us with the magic number 100? Why not go down to 75 or 50? What is it about #'s? Pitch counts, at least the important ones, have more to do with pitches per inning than pitches per game. For example: 125 pitches in ten innings (12.5 pitches per) is totally different from 125 pitches in 5 innings (25 pitches per). Dads, be more worried about little Johnny learning to "work through it" when he struggles. Working out of a jam is one thing, throwing 40 pitches in an inning is another. It is interesting that so many people like to toss around the words "old school" and "when I played." For most of us, those are the days of no pitch counts (at any level), the four-man MLB rotation, and before Tommy John surgery was as common as removing tonsils.
  3. I don't know who "they" are, but it appears that someone wants to start talking about taking out of the hands of the players.
  4. Who is still in your tournament? How far have u guys gotten?
  5. WOW! Seven guys on the all-district team! When was that announce? I haven't seen anything about the all-district team.
  6. Knox Co. doesn't provide insurance for athletes who aren't "in season." This means that no athlete who works out with his team is covered when the team is not officially in season.
  7. No doubt that those "other baseball instructors" are decent coaches, but ask yourself a question: why are those guys involved with those young men? Like most intelligent humans, you will answer $. I am certain that Coach Pharr understands this, and he helps his kids because he's interested in their futures. Private instructors do that for a job. Coach Pharr is a teacher.
  8. Emphatic YES! Coach Pharr is a first-class human and the best baseball coach in Knoxville, if not the state. His actions are those of someone who has a clean conscience and excellent character. He has a plan, he executes it, and he teaches his players how to be men as well as players. I don't know what makes a coach in the eyes of the fan, but parents know that they give their children to coaches and trust them to teach them and mold them. He, like many other coaches in this world, does an excellent job of leading and training young men.
  9. What have the chiefs been doing this week?
  10. NIKEAIR is having a few issues today; forgive him. He also just posted that one of his teammates had 23 homeruns through 15 games. He must be a bit confused.
  11. I thought that it'd be interesting to hear about the weather that is fast approaching. Many of us are starting to see the beginning of what looks to be some weird weather for the next few days.
  12. How was the field at Halls? Could games have been played there? I am trying to see if Karns was the only place in town that didn't play due to rain? Conspiracy theory-they probably ran their sprinklers all night to avoid the wrath of Powell
  13. Definitely convenient; I imagine that the magnitude of two non-district games was too much for them to bear. I bet Rice hollered at God and had him turn on the heavy rains. By the way, how was Powell's field on Wednesday?
  14. I wonder if the CAK boys brought their pink helmet with them. What an organization.
  15. [ What do you mean "there"-I think you mean their-"coach has them going down hill?" I thought that guy was new? Any real thought process behind this comment, or is it just a normal "I hate that school/coach bias?"
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