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  1. There are 62 teams this year. It's the largest tournament in the state 12th Annual Commando Classic Participating High School Teams Pool A Hendersonville Riverdale St. Benedict Dickson County Pool B Gibbs Brentwood Goodpasture Father Ryan Pool C Beech Brentwood Academy Friendship Christian Ravenwood Pool D Oakland Hunters Lane Davidson Academy Decatur Pool E Blackman Bolton Buckhorn Greenbrier Pool F Creekwood Cookeville Coffee County Boyd Buchanan Pool G Columbia Central Hixson White House Science Hill Pool H Walker Valley Wilson Central Houston Dobyns Bennett Pool I Hickman County Giles County Karns Lebanon Pool J Lewis County Millington Siegel Tullahoma Pool K Franklin County Cordova Columbia Academy Springhill Pool L Pope John Paul II LaVergne Cumberland County Sycamore Pool M Bradley Central Gallatin Powell Houston County Pool N Springfield Heritage McEwen McMinn County Pool O Anitoch Portland White County Clarksville Northwest Smyrna Clarksville
  2. So True about the Tennessean soccer coverage for girls and boys. The only time they write an article is during the region playoffs through states. Most of the coverage is written by Jessica Hopp who tends to write only about teams south of Nashville. I cancelled my subcription also due to the fact that the soccer coverage was terrible. As far as other sports I would give it a 4 on a scale of 10 unless it pertains to the Titans or Vols then they over do it.
  3. Do you apply for one of the 10 scholarships or are they nomintaed
  4. Rossview lets up 6 goals all season and then Hendersonville scores 5 in one game. Any thoughts this?
  5. Thanks for the support HHS51
  6. Why does everyone think the MVP has to come from the team with the most wins. Why does it seem that only pitchers or seniors get the award. Again it's not the best player from the best team!!! District 9AAA is so tough. Any of the first four teams in the regular season could have represented the district in the regions...they were that close. So I can only guess that choosing an MVP was just as difficult a choice. Congrats to Teal for a great year.
  7. Because the award is not "Most Valuable Player from the team with the best record"
  8. FRA 7 Harpeth 0 Check the scoreboard on Coach T for all the scores
  9. go to the tssaa.org web site and all the teams are listed for each region
  10. Not sure why the cnange in the top five since they continue to win in their Districts onto Regions. Tullahoma 3rd from 5th ???? Swapping Brentwood ???? IF all these team have not lost since last ranking I'd expect no changes at all.
  11. I agree on falling but players running into each other or not in the right position or slipping doesn't constitute a fluke. Maybe players slipping (non-weather) related because the offensive player just beat them (that is not a fluke). If your players are making "boneheaded" plays than they are not well coached. I guess if your on the losing end then most of the goals against you are flukes and when your on the winning end they are not.
  12. Well Said, I believe Clarksville is starting to feel the effects of another High School like Franklin - Brentwood Riverdale - Oakland and Hendersonville - Beech that will eventually spread the talent. It will be coaching that continues to make the difference.
  13. Sooner so Mt. Juliet can start their summer vacation.
  14. What is your definition of fluke? The Mt. Juliet goal was a fluke since the other team put it in for them. All of the so called Hendersonville goals were at least kicked in with their own feet. Maybe you mean fluke because your defense has some holes in it and Hendersonville found them for easy scores.
  15. Same opinion here. Mt. Juliet has let up 10 goals in their last 4 games. They only allowed 4 in the first 10 games. They will need to keep this a low scoring game to have a chance.
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