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  1. I eat my words. Hats off to Maryville they deserved to win based on what I saw of the championship game. Some of the foul calls on Basile and Maples were terrible. Seems like they were targeted much like Omar was in the Science Hill game. So much for the TSSAA. Once Basile fouled out Clarksville made their run. Not having Maples and Basile in there at the end/OT and in foul trouble changed the game. Clarkville didn't stand a chance with them in there. Based on that , don't think Maryville will be the same team next year ,without those two defensively.Unless someone transfers in or is recruited? /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> That point guard in the second game from Liberty is what a point guard is all about. Maples is an incredible athlete and look forward to seeing what he can do for the Vols. He has to be one of the greatest all around athletes ever in East Tennessee history. Now there you see I ate some humble pie...was that classy?
  2. The difference is that Bradley is loaded with D1 Basketball players and Maryville with D1 football players. This game is over unless they decide to play on turf???
  3. I never expected the refs to effectt he games like they did. I can tell you this at the Boro there will be the best refs and you and Powell won't stand a chance. Wait and see what happens when Maryville faces Oglesby and his supporting cast. It won't be a pretty sight. Don't embarass yourself Maryville and Powell fans and stay home this time for sure. Mark my words and refs won't even matter this time. Add Lee Humphrey to Maryville and Lofton to Powell and you still lose.
  4. Don"t worry they are way over rated. Don't believe me just ask Powell. Besides with Mr Basketball (Oglesby) and your two big guys you should beat them easily. Good outside shooting will kill them like Powell. Don't think SH had any. Oglesby will carve them up and don't think they have anyone to guard him. Has anyone been able to guard him? Don't think they could beat you even if they added Lee Humphrey on their team /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" />
  5. SH will beat Maryville easily. As I said in my other thread too fast, too big and too much Omar for Maryville
  6. 92% pick SH to beat Maryville on Coacht. Maryville save yourself a trip and don't come. You will be sorry for the thrashing they give you. Too fast , too big and too much Omar. Powell 70% pick over Dobbins is a joke. Dobbins will win easily.
  7. hey bhdog07 By the way I am not a homosexual but I respect those who are so you won't get any trashing by me. Come on out and quit being so homo-phobic.
  8. MaxusHRKing

    Best fields?

    Agree with DB and Scince Hill is up there too Agree with DB and Scince Hill is up there too
  9. I will take DB or SH over Greeneville
  10. After much thought I think it is better not to judge someone else unless I want the same
  11. Bradleys loss to Soddy is a good example of what these posts are all about. Good team unselfish play and players are hard to find. Give me a guard who can pass any day over one who can shoot. Basketball is a 5 man game. Wake up
  12. Give me a good passing guard any day/ Read the posts on players that play "self ball" I think is the title. Too many teams are not playing as teams. When an individual player takes over , then the team is only as good as that one player. Case in point..........
  13. The "best players" are those that put the team first no matter where they fall on the totum pole. It has nothing to do with the best scorer. It has to do with the guy who is willing to take charges, screen to free his teammates, dive for loose balls, play good defense and yes make the open pass when his teammates are open. They could care less who scores the most points but most that their team plays the best possible. Selfish players who want to score all the points and jealous players who won't pass to open players is the best way to destroy a good team. I think that is what you were talking about Bradley Central?
  14. I think I follow your drift about Bradley Central--------- good team play is lacking.
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