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  1. Both guys went the junior college route. Telvin James signed with Chattanooga State Community College, it may be Cleveland state. Jeremy Purvis has signed with Jackson State Community College in Jackson, TN. Both guys should have a productive two year career. Purvis turned down opportunities to play at Maryville, Trevecca, Bethel, among a few other community college looks.
  2. Lipscomb University has a great individual camp.
  3. What's the latest on this position? Are there any names that are surfacing as far as who has applied? When will they begin interviewing or name someone? Any info would be helpful.
  4. Send me your email, I'd like to chat with you because there are more than one middle school with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.
  5. mattdodge-What school will your son be attending in Clarksville, have you guys decided? Theres really no teams in the Clarksville area (which is surprising considering clarksville always has teams at every age group) this year for the 6th/7th graders. I'm working on a few things on that age group.
  6. I'm not disputing the fact that the Rutherford Co schools are really good in either girls or boys but they play other schools who are not as big as they are in size of enrollment. You can't take away what Central, Siegal, Blackman, and Lavergne do but the fact they have a Triple AAA size school playing some of the Double A sizes probably equals why they're so good. But I would take the Central team vs anybody in the state including Memphis.
  7. Top team honors probably went to Dyer County but Sycamore HS gave them all they wanted before falling by 1. It was a one possession game under 20 seconds and Sycamore missed a free throw box out which made them have to foul again. Sycamore hit a three as time expired to give them the 1 point loss. I think the most impressive team was West Creek. If I'm coaching in District 10-AAA, I'm probably scratching my head a little bit because West Creek really looked good. New school or not they're gonna win some games once they get it together. Sycamore is right up there, those kids really play hard and they seem to go fairly deep into the bench. Northwest didnt play for disciplinary reasons. I was not very impressed with Kenwood however, Dee Smith is a stud but undiscplined at times. Jackson Central Merry seemed to just blend in but Keneal Windom is really good.
  8. That is true, however there were plenty of scouting/recruiting services in attendence along with media from the southeast region. So I would say that it was a exposure tournament since people were reporting on the event. Wouldnt you call the Memorial Day Classic an exposure tournament that you guys hosted the last few years even though college coaches werent in attendence?
  9. Very impressed with Rossview's inside game. Just wish they had the guard that could compliment those guys. Not saying they have bad guards but with those three inside players they could really go far in high school bball. It'll be interesting to see how they handle teams who defends them the whole 94 ft. But as far as intensity goes, CHS-Rossview game had high level of play with both teams battling for the early 1st place lead. I wouldnt expect Clarksville to give the District championship up without a fight.
  10. Boy was I wrong..Rossview got a big win last night at Henry County. Congrats to those guys. It was good to see Jonathan Williams finally break out of his shell and play like he is capable. Clarksville beat NW in a game that may have been a little closer than the score indicated however Clarksville was in control of the game throughout.
  11. Gotta go with HC especially if they are at home..Rossview hasnt played anyone other than Northeast and they lost that game 20 at home. My thoughts are HC has played a much tougher schedule and been battled tested along with having some skilled athletic ball players. Rossview should win the war in the paint but guard play will be questioned when going againist HC pressure defense.. Clarksville at NW will be tough but experience may prevail but watchout for the new coach at NW as he has already worked wonders as the Viking head man.
  12. I havent had the opportunity to see Marion Co but its clear that the coach and players forget that Cody is the man..I dont think Alabama, Richmond, UTC, MTSU, etc... have came to the gym to see those other cats. Cant believe a 6'9 D-1 player barely touches the ball. Its pretty simple..If he doesnt get a touch everytime down the floor then you come out. As smart as he is, he passes out of double teams well and can shoot from 15ft out.. Freakin Unbelievable!!
  13. Yea, Wishful thinking. They probably have the athletes and talent to be in the top 4 but with a completely new staff and new system I just dont know if they will have enough time but when the tournament comes around I could see them getting to the region. But I'm not ready to count Clarksville out. They dont have much coming back but those kids know how to win...That carries alot of weight especially when dealing with a district that hasnt seen much overall success from any other teams but Clarksville.
  14. Just a rumor...He'll be one of the top players in this region. Not sure how much help he has this year.
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