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  1. WizardofKtown

    DB struggles early - pre season expectations to high?

    Now waco i dont see anybody bashing on girls softball, just give it time.
  2. WizardofKtown

    Big 9 confrence

    I'm no Central fan, in fact can't really stand their obnoxious students, but do you really think that Central is going to finish 6th behind Volunteer and TH? Come on now and drop the bias
  3. WizardofKtown

    Big 9 confrence

    Kingsport 2 THS 0 Enough said.
  4. WizardofKtown

    Sullivan South's Curt Phillips

    Any relation to Chad Jeffers who graduated about 10 yrs ago?
  5. WizardofKtown

    Big 9 confrence

    Frankie doen't have much chance at all of doing this since he is a sr
  6. WizardofKtown

    Dobyns Bennett @ Science Hill

    JOJO THROP 3 Picks
  7. WizardofKtown

    All state in 5A by position

    My homeboy JOJO THROP
  8. WizardofKtown

    Dobyns-Bennent, State Champs?

  9. WizardofKtown

    Dobyns Bennett @ Science Hill

    I hear you dawg. Looking forward to it myself. The wiz says look for the Tribe D to have a great game.
  10. WizardofKtown

    DB BullDawg

    Yea, i sure do remember you running your mouth about those tats not touching the mat. I thought i saw you get took down to your back in the opening seconds........ I guess that is what bragging gets you....
  11. WizardofKtown

    DB BullDawg

    The Bulldawg will be in action this saturday at the indian classic tourney.
  12. WizardofKtown

    Quiet in Etowah

    Were things ever loud?
  13. WizardofKtown

    Bradley Central vs Cumberland Co

  14. WizardofKtown

    sullivan south vs. db

    You need to get excited about those boys from Washburn...they are killer!
  15. WizardofKtown

    DB BullDawg

    The bulldawg is a Jr., and he also plays football at DB. He has wrestled since middle school.