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  1. HighSchoolFanatic

    Elizabethton Job

    Tony Gordon is the new basketball coach at Elizabethton. There will be a press conference Wednesday.
  2. HighSchoolFanatic


    Any word on who Central will hire?
  3. HighSchoolFanatic

    Hose Job on Warrior Hill last night

    NFHS, NCAA, and NBA rule is that a player cannot get a shot off with 0.3 seconds or less on the clock. The only thing they can do is tip it in. I do agree on the clock operator part. The TSSAA should provide a clock keeper in basketball as they do in football. I mean you have more games that come down to the wire in basketball than in football. I would like to see proof of the clock, but I don't.
  4. HighSchoolFanatic

    Hampton vs. Cloudland

    The Alliance is "Overrated" (clap clap clap clap clap).
  5. HighSchoolFanatic

    Unaka at Cosby

    Lol, thats ur dad, isnt it?
  6. HighSchoolFanatic

    Reclassifications in 2009 in 4A and 5A statewide

    From the way things look 4A might have to do what 2A is currently doing. Just count from Knoxville to Bristol the teams that could potentially be in 4A. Thats alot. But best scenario is that only time will tell.
  7. HighSchoolFanatic

    Dobyns Bennett out of conference games in the future.

    Play Hoover, AL and Graham Clark will say "Were on MTV you know." I got a betta 1, Red Boiling Springs.
  8. HighSchoolFanatic

    Best QB's in East Tennessee

    He played QB in high school, but Shawn Witten from Elizabethton was all-around good. He was QB, S, P, PR, KR, and sometimes lined up @ WR. Just cleary a great athlete. He was good, but the poor guy couldnt get his team past the 1st rd.
  9. HighSchoolFanatic

    best kickers in east tn

    Christian Prudomme from Johnson County. Kicked a 51 yarder this year, and hes just a Jr. He does everything for the team. He is the P, K, PR, KR, and WR. Really good, and I think he attended a kicking camp @ LSU this year. Last year the K from King's Academy was kicking the ball cleary THROUGH the endzone on kickoffs. Definitley could play for a D-1. He was soccer style.
  10. HighSchoolFanatic

    Unaka at Cosby

    I dont think East played as good as they wanted to last week, but Unaka was just a few plays away from making it close. But it was closer than I expected. At the same time, I serously think Hampton is the best team in NE TN. The only way TN High, DB, or South would beat em is because of depth. So Unaka has played some tough competition recently, I think theyll be fired up. Anybody know what status is for Taylor? Unaka 24 Cosby 3 But as far as the fans, all small schools has their fair share of fans. I know Cosby has tha 50 yr-old man that sits in the student section.
  11. HighSchoolFanatic

    Daniel Boone @ Volunteer

    Where's Cherokee in that equatoin lol?
  12. HighSchoolFanatic

    Hampton Vs. Creekers

    If you guys dont appreciate the way Tim and Wes run the Star, open your own business. Call it "The Butler Times" or "The Hampton Gazette".
  13. HighSchoolFanatic

    Hampton Vs. Creekers

    According to WJHL and coacht.com, Pittman beat HV 28-14.
  14. HighSchoolFanatic

    Elizabethton vs Sullivan central

    Central surprised me a bit taking VA High into OT. I thought they would beat North, especially after Crockett manhandled North. From the way it sounds Boone dint totally dominate Central that bad, and Boone is the only big school left undefeated. If Betsy lose this game, I bet they dont make the playoffs. 'Clones by 2 scores.
  15. HighSchoolFanatic

    Dobyns Bennett @ Jefferson County

    Cant wait til Graham gets on 11 and says another foolish quote. "Well you know were going to Dumpling Valley you know. I guess we will eat Chicken n Dumplings you know."