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  1. I feel bad for Milan. They just weren't up to the competition and they are overmatched across the board. I'm sure they have given it their all, but this one was over when it kicked off.
  2. No interference there. Milan avoids the mercy rule a little longer.
  3. Way to go CAK, don't let up. You guys are making this Alcoa fan proud. Proving once again the best football is in the east. On another note about Rankin and James saying Milan was second best, sometimes coaches and players are respectful. Never demeaning the team they just played. Milan just took second so courtesy says you call them second best in the class. Pretty sure last couple years at least CAK would have had a gold ball. Before that it is close. But none matters, because CAK is going to get theirs it appears.
  4. So is this official or still speculation.
  5. They are talking about 7 straight championships in their classification. Not comparing to maryville, relax. Congrats again CAK. Until you meet Alcoa next year, good luck! With that offense you may not need luck!
  6. Congrats CAK on a tremendous and well earned win. Take it all the way, this year is yours for the taking. Alcoa, heads up. Amazing run and it is never fun to see it end but it had to happen sometime. Couldn't come to a more worthy team. Regroup and make a run again. You set a mark that will never be beat in the near future if ever.
  7. How else is CAK supposed to practice that play in a real game environment where there is little risk? Grow up and move on. Don't wish ill on a team just because your team couldn't hang with them.
  8. Final: CAK 24 Alcoa 10 Congrats CAK. Alcoa, pull together and make a run to be remembered.
  9. According to twitter Alcoa has fumbled on the CAK 6 while trailing by 10 with maybe 2 minutes to go. CAK will take the region it appears.
  10. I heard CAK was up 14 to 0 at half. Hope Alcoa pulls it together.
  11. So I hear final score was 51 to 0 Alcoa. Anyone have details? Hope Alcoa stayed healthy tonight.
  12. Not sure why you would have "yield at" Rankin, but I assume you mean yell. In which case I did not know that the ticket in gave you the right to yell at the coaches because you think you know best. More so considering the coaches track record. Like it or not, he and his staff call the shots and some person yelling in the stands should not change that. Right call or not, don't do it in front of the team he LEADs and undermine him. He is the authority figure, he is the one that is up for blame in a loss. He listens to some person in the stands and they don't win, it is still his fault. I don't mind if you second guess the calls, but if you are doing it behind the bench, well you need to sit down shut up and support and address it like an adult at a later time. When we pay your ticket we can tell you what to say? Well when you devote your time, your effort, and all that Rankin puts in to the football team, you can call the plays. I bet he knows the team and strengths better than you.
  13. Congrats to Greeneville. I wanted to make it up to see my Tornadoes square off, but a very ill family member has caused a change in plans. Alcoa is beat up bad but what Greeneville did is still impressive. Would love to see them first of this year, especially last year. This may not be the Alcoa of years past, but I expect them to join together and show they can win state in hard fought games. Can't always steamroll. Good job Greeneville and heads up Alcoa, plenty of district and season left.
  14. A tropical depression spawns tornadoes and is much bigger. Not a downgrade. You are thinking of hurricanes. Just saying. However, there should still be an F5 watch that night, and odds are Rankin will have it set to a warning by kickoff. Just hope Alcoa mends quickly and adjusts as needed.
  15. You were off by 7 points turtle, but closer than we imagined. Enjoy the win, it was earned over a good team.
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