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  1. Still trying to figure out how FV lost to Waverly after this one.
  2. They also had Chris Donald? I believe was his name. Massive sophomore tight end i think.
  3. Oh dang langley is at fairview now? Me and him had a good battle during that region championship game in 2004.
  4. Well thats not much different lol. Y'all should be well aquainted with Milan by now. Along with cpa and Covington and one brief game with huntingdon in 04. 04 y'all dustin Lindsay and brandon warren. 1st of many state championships to come in this millennium. Am i correct by saying yall have won 11 of the last 14? CAK won 2 and CPA won 1? I was a freshmen in 02 when Lipscomb beat Mitchell. 03 Huntingdon with terrence Bell beat lipscomb, and then the alcoa dynasty started in 04 over Huntingdon. And my senior year y'all beat goodpasture who beat us like a drum.
  5. The last good tight end I remember y'all having and that I played against was Brandon piper atleast I think i recall him being a tight end. Was on the team with Landon jones and chris langley? 2004 season.
  6. The majority? Have you seen what Fairview Middle as done to hickman county schools in recent history? Shoot in the past 30 years even. Y'all had one or 2 good middle school teams at east. Other than that Fairview kids have been marking a W on their calender for hickman or east before the season starts for the past 30 years. From peewees to highschool.
  7. Also riddle me this. District 12s bread and butter got beat by independence this year. Fairview beat them by 10. Fairview lost to nolensville by 1 pt last year. But yet your whole district is convinced of a sweep when ever like opponents your teams lose to fairvew gives a good loss to. So in your mind nolensville returned everyone who beat Fairview last year. Fairview isnt as good and nolensville is better. Well, shouldnt nolensville have beaten Indy since fairview did by 10? BUT they didnt. So theres that. Your facts are less and less facts by the min.
  8. Please if its a FACT show me where MC beat Fairview this year? They lost w games. One to Lewis County which they have totally redeemed themselves. And one to a school from kentucky. Where is ths 3rd loss to MC? You cant say "facts" without truly having the facts.
  9. Never said he does not live here. U had just said something about the QB. I know his family lives here so I'm assuming he is from here and lives here. Trust me i am not close to the team nor have i been to a single game this season. So. Hard to admit something when you dont even know who plays on the team. Just recognized the name.
  10. Tis the season for thanks! All i can say on behalf of this post is im thankful for all the young men playing the game. Living their dreams. For fairview and for stratford. I hope they learn from these situations and family of a team and apply them later in life win or lose. Both should be proud to have the opportunity to play this game. Go out Friday night and be competitive and have fun! I'm a fairview alumni and of course am pulling for my team. But win or lose from either team in proud of all of you young men!
  11. EastNasty! No harm no foul my friend. Your passionate about your program and have great confidence in your boys! As should everyone. We in fairview do the same. Please dont depart from the boards on behalf of an unforeseen loss. Your boys played hard and honorably. They lost but thays part of the game. Fairview has been there often. I do hope you and your family and the east nashville players have a wonderful thanksgiving and an even better christmas with family!
  12. I like you FireBird80! Class act my friend. Stratford kids deserve credit and you give them credit where credits due. Hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving and christmas my friend!
  13. Well all I can say is I'm born and bred from fairview. The family if the QB is too. His father use to coach with hughes at the middle school level in the early 2000s. His extended family lives her as well. So NO it is by no miracle that he just showed up here.
  14. He had 4 touchdowns one of them being a 77 yard reception. We were without our starting running back I believe.
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