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  1. Dyersburg-1 USJ-3 Pathetic calling was enough to bring down the Trojans. I like to think of myself as a fan who can see the good and bad calls and not be biased about them, and I thought tonight was a disgrace. While USJ did have good ball control, all three of their goals came off questionable calls which gave them two free kicks and a penatly kick. Okay, Okay, I guess you could just tell me, "That is how the game is played." I will tell you what. I will give you those goals. Lets look at the Dyersburg's offense. They hammered the USJ defense time and time again. Unforunantly, this did little good because USJ was allowed to throw, trip, and tackle the Trojan offense whenever they got close. If you tally the 2 or 3 penalty kicks Dyersburg should of had, it makes a big difference. USJ is a good team, I will give them that. They made some great plays, and I hope they do well in their upcoming games. Tonight, however, I thought a better Dyersburg wasn't even given a chance to win. Looks like the Trojans will just have to work a little harder to make it to state.
  2. The Sheffield - Trinity Christian game was 8-1 not 8-0
  3. Are yall still gonna play tonite or has it been raining alot there to
  4. It would take all of Brazil to beat the top tennessee high school team. Ronaldinho is overrated, Eddie Yah would kill him. Robinho would get run over by the best tennesee has to offer. In my opinion, Bryan Lowder would eat Dida for lunch. I think the US National Team should be replaced by an all-state team from tennessee.
  5. it wasnt the real goalie his leg is broken
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