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  1. 13-AAA Boy’s Regular Season 1. Brighton 7-1 2. Dyer County 6-2 3. Liberty Tech 5-3 4. Hardin County 2-6 5. Munford 0-8 Play in game between Munford at Hardin County 2/15 Brighton Plays the winner of Munford and Hardin County at 6:00 on 2/17 at Hardin County Liberty Tech plays Dyer County at 7:30 on 2/17 at Hardin County 3rd/4th place 6:00 on 2/19 Championship 7:30 on 2/19
  2. Congratulations! 13-AAA Regular Season All District Team Taélyr Gatlin (MVP) -Brighton Nathan Caldwell -Hardin County Zachary Lewis -Brighton Antonio Davis -Hardin County Aaron Alston -Brighton Caleb Ball -Dyer County Alex Malone -Brighton Rico Quinton -Dyer County Kelan Ivy -Munford Walker Adkisson -Hardin County
  3. Great analysis! Bolton, Bartlett and Cordova all beat Brighton this season. Arlington didn't have a game against Brighton. I truly believe it's going to be a battle regardless of who we play. All the teams are talented and well coached in my opinion. If we play our best basketball it will still be a tough task but I like our chances better when my team has been switched on me before jump ball. lol
  4. Thank you. Indeed it's gonna be a battle in the region tournament. Very good coaches and teams.
  5. Taélyr Gatlin of Brighton as of 2/6/17 18.6 PPG 5.0 APG 4.1 RPG 4.0 SPG He was awarded, by a committee, two Most Outstanding Player awards this season in the Larry Ransom Classic and the Hotbed Classic. He currently maintains a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
  6. Taelyr Gatlin of Brighton High had an outstanding district game last night with 19 points, 13 Steals, 4 rebounds and 4 assists to lead his team to lock up 1st place in the district. This title has been owned for 11 straight years by Dyer County. He averages 17.1 points, 5.3 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 4.3 steals.
  7. Conrad has unbelievable shooting range! Very accurate shooter from that far out! Their entire team shoots it deep though. Guards are super quick!!!
  8. They are my favorite to win it all in A. Extremely talented and their coach's style of play is up in your face and running and gunning. Very fun to watch.
  9. Great update! I saw Tim last week while visiting my brother and he is doing great! He wrote a book and has graduated with his Master's in sports management. He is currently a fireman (which he loves) and he goes around speaking to middle and high school kids. He plans to use his degree that he just earned but he loves being a fireman. Here is a link to his page with his book on it! He is in excellent shape too! https://www.facebook.com/TheBattleOffTheCourtTKCH/
  10. @kwc Taelyr Gatlin had a good match up vs Brentwood and Garland. He had 25 against them after we had a very poor 1st half offensively. We took a 41-35 lead with about 2 min to play and then we went brain dead against their press and forgot how to run our press break. We shot terribly that day as a team missing about 15 free throws and several layups. Made a ton of young mistakes as a team and loss 48-41. Brentwood is too good of a team to make those mistakes and think u will win. Well coached and seasoned talent.
  11. Exactly! I don't get caught up in that. I realized early that it's all political. A few of them deserve their ranking but a lot are ranked mostly on their size. Some of those kids can't play their way out of a wet paper bag but have 3 stars on their profile. Lol. Hopefully they won't continue to be set up for failure like that.
  12. Good to hear from you too wingman! It's been a long time my friend.
  13. Yep that's him. Time flies! Lol. Just wasn't in God's plan at the time but I do appreciate the offer then.
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