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  1. UNITAS 19

    Fulton Falcons @ Pearl-Cohn Firebirds

    Eventually you people in mid tenn will understand.........the 3A gold ball stays in East Tenn as long as Region 2 wants it to
  2. UNITAS 19

    No one wants to finish 4th in 1-3A!

    Good Luck friday night the tigers have done some good things this year...amazing what a difference a competent head coach can make
  3. UNITAS 19

    No one wants to finish 4th in 1-3A!

    Think just a minute kev, I bet you could ask every player and coach for PF or Claiborne and they would all want to go to the playoffs, no matter who they're playing. In my opinion Seymour and Rutledge or whoever finishes 2-3 wont have it one bit easier than whoever finishes 4th. Its even big news when the 1 seed in region 1 wins against the 4 seed from region 2. you follow it just like the rest of us. No matter where your seeded from region 1 your probably going to get a whooping,, but it still beats sitting at home.............
  4. UNITAS 19

    No one wants to finish 4th in 1-3A!

    So did you start this thread to brag on the Tigers or laugh at them?
  5. UNITAS 19

    Any new coaches hired at PIGEON FORGE?

    It doesnt matter who he hires, when you refuse to run the ball you might win maybe 0 times out of ten.....King Michael proved that didnt he?
  6. UNITAS 19

    Sevier Co. @ Ooltewah

    Sevier Co 27 Poindexter 23
  7. Hey quick, are there any other former east tn coaches on staff at e paulding? A friend of mine was planning on joining coach Reid's staff. havent talked to him since and was just wonderin.
  8. UNITAS 19


    Think back a minute coach, the problems started when the team got back from camp. The majority of the defections happened after camp and I noticed a different attitude among some of the players. I dont know what happened up there, but things were looking pretty good until then.
  9. UNITAS 19

    Crockett County

    Can they match up with Knox Catholic or Fulton? Like always, to win 3A you've got to go thru region 2
  10. UNITAS 19

    Alcoa vs. McCallie

    Both teams have played killer schedules so far, with that being said, I cant see Alcoa losing 3 tight ones. Their luck, if luck has anything to do with it, has got to change and I think they are good enough to make it happen. Alcoa by 4
  11. UNITAS 19

    Carter at Pigeon Forge

    A "get lost look" ????? pot,........meet kettle
  12. UNITAS 19

    Carter at Pigeon Forge

    Some valid points have been raised by almost everyone during this discussion. I must admit that I am a PF fan so here comes my 2 cents... Leonard, I really enjoy your views. I feel like you see things in black and white much the same as I do. You're right in your talent assessment. At the skill positions we are woefully lacking. We have only 2 people on offense who are a threat and one of them is playing a position he cant play. (no hands) Defensively, I don't feel we have the speed at linebacker to play the 3-5. Most of the big plays we give up are outside the tackles. Although the long passes hurt us too. Look back to last year, 5 down linemen and 2 backers were reasonably effective weren't they? Why the change? Depth is also an issue, most of the kids are playing both ways and thats hard on everyone, especially the linemen. Getting back to the offense, when no running game exists, how can ANY team move the ball consistently? Brandon Guidry hasn't forgotten how to run and I assure you, Cody Fleming and Billy Wilson haven't forgotten how to run block. Once again, think back to last year. Brandon had over 1000 yards running behind these 2. Paul Harper is a good qb. good arm and smart. Think how much better the passing game would be if a running game was established and opposing defenses had to worry about the run and the pass. At this point, the pass is all that has to be defended. In short, the core group of seniors that have stayed deserve all the respect we can give them. Look at what the have faced in their 4 years at PFHS. The senseless loss af a teammate during their freshman year, The virtual carousel of coaching changes, the mass defections of players this year..it has not been easy for them. Circus type atmospheres are very distracting. But I bet they won't quit. Win or lose, they still have my respect
  13. UNITAS 19

    greatest 1A team of all time

    I realize I'm going back a few years and most of you never seen em play, but the 78 and 79 Alcoa teams were awesome. those of you who did see them would probably agree.
  14. UNITAS 19

    Pigeon Forge vs. Rutledge

    your unsolicited compliment is greatly appreciated from one end of pigeon forge to the other. will you be attending seymour or gp when you start high school?
  15. UNITAS 19

    Pigeon Forge vs. Rutledge

    thanks for your take, i personally am not crazy about it but i'm not going to rag the coaches (they dont come to my work and tell me how to do my job) on the rare occasion when we go to a 4 or 5 man line, we seem to tackle better....just an observation