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    Oakland High School
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    band ( i joined to help out the band forum) and photography yeah an artsie kid who also kinda cares quite a bit for her schools teams... as of late iv become extremely addicted to some OAKLAND basketball its bizarre for me but i really love it
  1. oakland competed at HGI and placed 2nd in class A and 3rd overall. their drummajors were 1st in class and 3rd overall. percussion was 2nd in class. they were also one of only 3 bands to receive a superior. they will be competing at the following other competitions: sept 27 columbia invitational oct 4 lebanon invitational oct 18 MCI oct 25 COC they have the entire show on and they are ready to go!!!!!!
  2. oakland is doing a show based on motion.
  3. oh and for the girl comment, thats what drum corps does to you. gets you in shape...... like sports do, but even more so. i know a contra player... wait you dont know what that is. its a tuba, you know the big thing? he loses about 50 lbs in a summer marching corps. hes not a fat kid in general just tall (hes about 6' 2") , but when you move like day in and day out (rehearsals sometimes till 1 in the morning) your body sheds every ounce of body fat you could possibly possess. drum corps kids are probably in better shape than 98% of your high school football team. they LIVE in thier SPORT for months solid, dawn till freaking dusk, even hours after dusk actually. $uck it.
  4. yeah thats running you nim wit. its called jazz running. its running so freakin smooth that you cant hear a glitch (or their feet, for those who know anything about band) in their sound. and yes thats a 28 second clip, but what you dont know is how much they do that drill. its a phantom signature. its what makes their sound so pure (not that you care at all), but its hard as $hit. that was a certain push from their show that just happened to make it to the net.
  5. thanks for a kind comment nitro!!!
  6. drum corps and marching band do not share the same purpose. high school marching bands are there PARTIALLY to support the football team. drum corps have no school athletic affiliation. they exist strictly to promote music & marching education in a competitive format and to be one of the 12 finalists come august. once again, marching band is not a sport. drum corps is a sport. /thumb[1].gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":thumb:" border="0" alt="thumb[1].gif" />
  7. truely cannot wait for the season to start! even though it will be college football and band for me this year... :'(
  8. i still hold that marching band is not a sport. drum corps is. but i found this in an online paper talking about colunteer high school going to the sugar bowl last year.... ???If a nonmusician of average physical fitness simply walks down the street at the pulse of your average radio pop tune for about 3.5 minutes without slowing down or taking a break, he or she would begin to understanding the minimum demands of a Marching Band member,??? Sarver said. ???If you increase the speed to slightly under that of speed-walking, strap on a 30-pound sousaphone or a 60-pound drum, don a lined jacket, pants, gloves and hat, play the instrument??”which means controlling your breathing while varying your direction every 16 steps or so??”you will start to understand that Marching Band is a sport.???
  9. we dont know. wait untill band camps start. or even untill shows are announced.
  10. how about you look at the list of first band from all east. those would be the best musicians.
  11. i do not believe that marching band is a sport. drum corps is a sport.
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