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  1. it isnt a tryout you have to go to the camp normally unless he just knows u personally. the camp is usually in the fall i think. he takes the best he sees in his opinion i guess. i played on it 2 years. and its not 16u or anything like that there is usually just 2 teams: an older team and a younger team. the older team is usually upcomin seniors and juniors.
  2. who did we pick up that game? we picked up the catcher but he didnt even do anything really. everybody else still plays with us
  3. are u on the mississippi all stars team?
  4. i dont remember what happened that game but it was one of our first so it wasnt our best. but i can remember the game at carson newman when we won by 10+
  5. I have never played D-B but what from I hear they are pretty good this year. Catapano is a good pitcher but I beleive as soon as you start getting hits against him that he will begin to shut down. We (Oak Ridge) has beat him the past 2 years and im sure not many people will look at OR as a good team. So i think if D-B keeps the bats going that Catapano wont even pitch the whole game.
  6. i dont think it matters i think we will play yall first round no matter what
  7. sorry to hear about that ankle lock. i sprained mine bad right before christmas junior year and i could barely run when season time came. so i dont know how these people say they had bad sprains and they were back in 2 weeks. but im sure urs isnt that bad. graham....i told you i had 2 Ks in 1 inning so by the average im better...lol keep it up man
  8. Give lockwood and lucas credit. Actually give all the halls team credit...they can flat out hit the ball. Im at my senior year and i havent once seen froning back down and pitch away from anybody. we dont have strong pitching but they will throw strikes for the most part. lockwood did pitch a good game but i also think our team gets nervous while facing good pitchers for some reason. just like against Lee Henry from Karns. Hes nothing special but we never seem to hit him well. keep it up lockwood but we got you next time ;P.
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